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Newborn pyloric stenosis , treatment

Pyloric stenosis - frequent and easily diagnosable disease.It features associated with the narrowing of the pylorus long, spewing a strong jet - "fountain" - vomiting, slow gastric emptying, and - as secondary changes - exsicosis, alkalosis and degeneration. Morphological basis of the diseas...

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The most important physiological factors affecting cardiac function

In a healthy human heart activity is regulated by the combined action of the whole body and the changes occurring in it.Here are the most important neural, hormonal and chemical factors, the effect of which the most immediate and which are most important for everyday practice. autonomic nervo...

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유아 순환계 장치 의 기구

adaptation to increased problems .At high load the original minute volume of blood pressure is not able to meet the body's need for oxygen.Consider, for example, physical work.If a child for a long time is walking, playing or running, it increases the need for oxygen in its muscles and in tiss...