The plot on the toad for a refund of duty

Category Plots | August 12, 2017 17:57

If you want to you quickly returned to duty, try this plot on a toad.By itself, the plot is very strong, the debtor simply twisted inside out, yet he will not return the debt.Very often, debtors begin to hurt and to wither and so long as the obligations he is not satisfied (known cases where the debtor did not survive, but it happens very rarely).

For the conspiracy need a live toad, which you have to catch yourself.Toads, bought at a pet store or catch other people will not do, you have to catch it yourself.The process of catching toads - is the primary stage of the conspiracy that you have caught a toad - is gaining power over it (it is necessary to further impact on the debtor).In addition you will need a toad natural clay jug, they are on sale (in hardware stores as well as online stores).And still need milk, natural from a cow, not boiled.

Spend a conspiracy when the moon went in growth in the first week after the new moon.

Carrying conspiracy debt return

evening, when the sun begins to set,
put in a jar toad.Then wait for the evening milking and pour into a jug fresh, just nadoennoe milk.But do not pour to the brim, the toad should not get out.And put a pitcher in the cellar or other cool place.

morning, at dawn, stand, with a jug of it to the street exit, turn to the rising sun, and three times on the pitcher say:

"The servant of God (name of the debtor) owes me a servant of God (his name), it's time to debtspay, or else you will become like a toad milk, and as long as the money I will not return alive begin to rot, but the pieces of meat rotting on you to fall off will be. and'll die in agony wild, if not with me sochtesh. and it will be so, otherwise there will be no. Amen. "

And then go to the back yard and there is milk with a toad pour on the ground somewhere.Once the toad rot, a conspiracy begins to work.

What I want to say, such plots are mainly influenced by the debtor, but the debtor return the debt to you, and you can roll back a bit.Although terrible especially nothing happens, maximum arm or leg break itself.

Especially for Galina Glinkova