How to find out why the spell did not work ?

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Regardless, whether you are treated to the magician, spell, or carried on their own, it may not happen.The reasons are very different.

proposed below method will allow you to understand why it happened.

House, the four corners of the room light a thin wax candles.It sits in the middle of the room bareheaded, barefoot on the floor.Take your favorite ring better without pebbles, tie a string to it.Take a clay bowl with water.Above the water three times read the "Our Father".Then take a right hand ring on a string, you get the pendulum, thread should be ten centimeters.Hold the pendulum over the water, five centimeters from the bowls.Stop it with the left hand.Then hold it and ask questions:

- I do not care, because it is cute and so close to me, but I do not see it?
If the pendulum stands or walks in a circle, then no, if from side t
o side shaken, then yes.If it was not, ask further:

- I do not care, because I will soon be sick?
If the pendulum stands or walks in a circle, then no, if from side to side shaken, then yes.Then ask further:

- Can I withdraw from the disease itself?
If the pendulum stands or walks in a circle, then no, if from side to side shaken, then yes.
If the pendulum responded no to the question of disease, ask further:

- I do not care, because I'm going to die soon?
If the pendulum stands or walks in a circle, then no, if from side to side shaken, then yes.Then ask:

- Can I withdraw myself from death?
If the pendulum stands or walks in a circle, then no, if from side to side shaken, then yes.

After you have learned all that you need, quickly Blow out all the candles and throw it in a bowl with water, cover it with a clean linen cloth, double-cross and say, "Jesus Christ, you're behind all molelets, the sky is our predstatel forgivemy sins and transgressions, on your mercy and ever virgin Mary, I trust, your feet washed by Vlasov their wipes, forgive your sinful servant (name of rivers) in sirosti and stupidity, and my misery, let go of my sins. "Then she crossed herself, take the bowl, how to eat, barefoot and bareheaded, bring it out and pour out of the house.The towel, which her laying, emissions.A bowl of boiled itself and never out of it and do not eat the food it is not ready.

how to clean, if the pendulum showed illness or death

If waiting for you illness or death, but to tell you that you can take them away from you, you have to clean up.To do that it is necessary here:

1. Three days Postovan, then confess to the church at the priest and
2. Remember all the people who have caused offense, and ask for their forgiveness.If there are none, ask mentally.Write letters.Those who are near, and even small little presents given.
3. Deal all debts, if any.Even if someone took the ruble, remember, and give the ruble.
4. exchanged for metallic money a hundred rubles, and give to the poor.
5. Buy different simple food and feed stray dogs and cats.
6. Buy a loaf of bread and feed the birds.
7. Bake pies and treat all neighbors.
8. Disassemble your clothes, bring on the street all the unnecessary and leave it to all who should be able to take it.
9. A week does not drink wine, do not smoke, do not eat meat, do not swear (I mean not only the foul, but any explanation of the relationship, the manifestations of discontent).
can also go through the cleansing of the damage and the love spell.

How do I know what to do after cleansing

like last week, go to bed and bedtime tell by looking at a lighted church candle:
"Jesus Christ, Son of God, the Light of the wonderful, life has taught, from adversity Preserve,accept repentance, thought in his head put it, as I, the servant of God (name), by itself, napast sorrow-sorrow-take the bitterness of death, I do like her trouble allowance. Now and ever, and unto ages of age, Amen. "

Then drink a cup of herbal tea (brewed in a mug of herb valerian and thyme, and a sprig of basil, and three dried berries rose hips), lie on your right side, put his right hand under his cheek and read the "Our Father", until you fall asleep.In the dream, you will be the path to healing and disposal of trouble.

What if I told you that the assistance provided is not

If the pendulum said you that help you do not have to wait to clean and do the following.Take a vacation at work, if you work for a week or two at best, and go to any monastery.Arriving there, from morning till night, pray and ask the monks to pray for the salvation of his soul and the extension of your life.And when will distribute alms, beggars ask all to pray for you.And ask all their friends and relatives to put in the church for your health on a candle.Perhaps, and you otmolit world.

Author: Nina Gray