Carbuncle , symptoms and treatment of carbuncle

Category Dermatology | August 12, 2017 17:57

Carbuncle arises acutely.This is a major infiltration formed by the merger of two or more boils with multiple necrotic cores.A carbuncle is usually accompanied by severe general phenomena - fever, violation of health.

Etiology and pathogenesis .Carbuncle is caused by staphylococcus, much less - streptococcus and occurs more frequently in malnourished, debilitated subjects: in patients with severe infection, or with reduced power, in the elderly, patients with diabetes, as well as after quenching.

clinical picture of carbuncle .As a result of the merger of several boils formed a strong infiltration with pronounced edema, spectacular skin and subcutaneous tissue.Due to the swelling infiltrate the border is not an abrupt transition in normal skin.On the surface there are several carbuncle genital pustules or black necrosis starting centers.Hence the name of the disease - carbuncle (carbo - coal).Soon all phenomena attain the highest degree, the carbuncle is opened, exposing the necrotic tissue, which is
visible through the holes revealed the individual follicles.Later, when the prosperous development of the process, necrotic tissue torn away, exposing a vast deep defect, sometimes reaching fascia subcutaneous tissue.The defect is gradually filled with granulation and healing deep drawn scar.

localization carbuncles same as boils.Of particular danger, as described above, carbuncles are localized in the head and neck.

course and prognosis.The usual cycle of evolution carbuncle 3-4 weeks.Weather is always a serious (the possibility of sepsis), particularly in elderly and debilitated patients, as well as the hazard location.

treatment carbuncle .In mild cases, you can restrict the introduction of penicillin, as well as using the methods recommended for the treatment of boils.In threatening condition is an urgent need to resort to surgery, which is cruciform in a wide dissection of tissue necrotic foci, while the introduction of penicillin in large doses - 200 000-300 000 IU per injection several times a day until the disappearance of threatening symptoms.

recommend to treat bacteremia in hospitals and not to self-medicate .