Furuncle and abrasions, symptoms and treatment of boils

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Furuncle - deep folliculitis is a strong presence of perifollicular infiltrate and necrosis in the center.

Etiology and pathogenesis .Pathogen boil - gold, rarely white or other Staphylococcus species.In the occurrence of boils, staph addition, play a role even change the overall reactivity of the body, weakening its resistance under the influence of a variety of harmful operating factors, among them the great value has a cold.

In explaining pathogenetic factors in a patient suffering from boils, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of the state of his body, in particular to investigate the blood sugar to a load (100 g glucose) for the construction of a sugar curve, since a single blood test for sugar can not identify the primary,hidden forms of carbohydrate metabolism disorders.

Boils often accompany various itchy skin diseases, and they are due to scratching.Their rise also contributes to the overall change in the reactivity of the body (skin), due to the underlying disease.

customary to distinguish: a) single boils, b) multiple in) abrasions.

clinical picture .Boil usually starts as an acute deep folliculitis with powerful perifollicular infiltrate and necrosis of the fastest growing in the center.However, the boil can develop gradually from sycosis by the spread of the inflammatory process in depth by the follicle.In such cases ostiofollikulit turns into a deep folliculitis, then boil the typical forms with an increase in inflammation in the connective tissue of the follicle.

Within a few days the boil "matures", then opened, and the allocated relatively small amount of pus, the main mass of the boil is in the form of necrotic yellow rod and surrounding the rod nondecayed infiltration.By rejection necrotic rod exposed gaping deep channel which gradually filled with granulation and healing scar.

Subjective symptoms.Complaints of pain, sometimes very intense, especially in the localization of furuncle in the places where the nerves and tendons, as well as in case of boils on the skin area tightly welded to the underlying tissues or bone (in the ear canal, on the sacrum, and so on. N.).

General symptoms.Single boils are not usually accompanied by general symptoms, they are expressed with the appearance of multiple, boils, thus, as a rule, the temperature rises to 37,5-38gradusov and significantly deteriorating health.

Localization .Furuncle can be localized in any part of the skin, except the palms and soles.Particularly dangerous localized on the face such as the nose, upper lip.As mentioned, the ground boil can cause life-threatening complication - thrombosis of the cerebral vessels.However, in any part of the boil is a serious threat in debilitated subjects and the elderly.Especially it is necessary to warn of a bad habit to squeeze the boil after the opening, as this may lead to the development of sepsis.

flow .The average duration of the development cycle boil 7-10 days, but the disease is often delayed due to the emergence of new boils.Sometimes the disease goes on for months, even years due to relapse.Such a chronic relapsing form of the disease called furunculosis.It is usually observed in patients weakened by diabetes or other common diseases.

Treatment boil

1. The best results of treatment for boils and abrasions obtained by intramuscular administration of penicillin.For single boils sufficiently 5-6 injections of 200 to 000 units per injection for 2 days.In more stubborn cases, it is necessary to bring the total dose and 2 000 000-4 000 000 units of penicillin.Tetracycline or terramycin into 200,000 IU 3-4 times a day in a total dose of up to 5 000 000 units.

2. From immunobiological preparations staphylococcal toxoid administered subcutaneously, starting with a dose of 0.2 ml.Adding following each injection of 0.1 ml dose was adjusted to 1 ml;Injection is done once in 3 days after the disappearance of the reaction to the previous injection.

3. Good results are obtained also autohaemotherapy to be employed as a stimulant medication from 5 to 10 ml of blood per injection every other day;for the entire course of 8-10 injections.When abrasions autohemotherapy can be combined with tetanus toxoid.

4. When persistent abrasions recommended exposure mercury-quartz lamp erythemal doses for all areas of the skin.

5. Upon detection of disorders of carbohydrate metabolism should be prescribed an appropriate diet and insulin treatment, the dosage is determined depending on the extent of these violations.

External treatment boils is of secondary importance.Basically it boils down to prevent the spread of boils on other areas of the skin.For this purpose it is necessary to make the surrounding skin rubbing 70 ° camphor or salicylic alcohol, especially at a time when the boil will reveal.Do not assign a hot compress on boils, as it may contribute to the dissemination piodermity.Small folliculitis, out of which may develop boils, you must open the sterile and lubricate 1-4% solution of potassium permanganate or 20% solution of silver nitrate.

On some have not yet revealed the boils recommended to impose ihtiolovye cakes (cotton wool moistened with clean ihtiola, applied to the boil, Ichthyol thickens, dries and sticks to the skin cotton wool).

Attention!We do not recommend self-medicate, consult a doctor.Article outdated methods of treatment can be given, which are not used in modern medicine .