Echinococcus liver , Symptoms and Treatment

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The man echinococcus liver damage occurs in 55-75% of all cases of echinococcus.Echinococcus is a bubble stage of the tape worm that lives in the intestines of the dog.Dogs become infected by eating the insides of isolation and animals, and people infected with the dog.

In some countries Echinococcus is common (for example, in Iceland, we have - in the Volga region, Ukraine, in the Crimea, the Northern Caucasus).Echinococcus usually affects the right lobe of the liver.It looks like a large bubble containing a clear liquid in which float hooks and subsidiaries bubbles.Around the bubble formed connective tissue capsule in the liver.Such echinococcus is called single-chamber.Less commonly observed Echinococcus multi-chamber, in which the liver are numerous yellow knots with cysts the size of a pea.

Symptoms .Echinococcus in most cases does not give any symptoms of disease.With the growth of the tumor, patients complain of a feeling of heaviness.Occasionally the toxic effects of the parasite occur in urti
caria, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

Diagnosis is based on a slowly growing solid tumor.When multicamera echinococcus is jaundice;liver dense and hilly.With the penetration of Echinococcus infection can fester, it is accompanied by fever and chills.In general, recognize the echinococcus is not always easy.

recognition Helps blood tests.The increased number of eosinophils in conjunction with other features may indicate Echinococcus.In addition, it is necessary to do a skin reaction Katstsoni.

tumor diagnostic punctures contraindicated on the one hand, because they can lead to infection of the abdominal cavity, and on the other - can cause irritation of the peritoneum Echinococcus liquid containing succinic acid, whereby the shock can be.

the differential diagnosis should be borne in mind the non-parasitic cysts and liver abscess, dropsy and empyema bladder, pancreatic cysts and hydronephrosis.It should be remembered, and Gunma liver.

Treatment operative.The operation is performed in one or two points.At first, the abdomen was opened and the tumor sewn into the abdominal wound or the wound is filled with gauze and wait for fencing off the abdominal cavity;for the second time (a few days) the cyst is opened, the bubble is removed and the bag is drained, it heals by granulation.For faster healing sewn bag or sack and immersed into the abdominal cavity or fixed in the abdominal wall.For more information about treatment with article Treatment of echinococcosis