Echinococcosis , symptoms and treatment

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Echinococcosis - helminthiasis chronic, characterized by lesions of the liver, rarely lung and other organs, the causative agent - the larval stage of the tapeworm Echinococcus Echinoccocus granulosus.Sexually mature forms parasitize the intestine of dogs and wild dog family representatives.

infected people echinococcosis may occur through direct contact with an infested dog, where the wool is often found hexacanth and entire segments of echinococcus mature, as well as with food or water.Possible ways of infection from a dog echinococcosis colorfully describe Skrjabin and RS Schulz.They write: "The dog is compared to other pets in the privileged position: it is available not only to the courtyard, but very often, and internal human habitation space, up to the bedroom and kitchen.Let us remember at all that all the primitive dog toilet;We recall how much attention she pays the anus and anal area, which is very carefully cleans the tongue;it is understandable that in this procedure pollutes dog muzzle
invasive material, and it collects and crushes it and extending segments of echinococcus.Itching in the anus, the dog often rolls back part of his body on the floor or ground, and likewise its cards on the wall, legs of tables, chairs and even the clothes people.Constantly losing segments extending on the floor or on the ground, in his bed, in his litter, the dog all the scattered material may again itself well to collect on their fur on the legs, on the face.Everyone also knows that the favorite way of greeting other dogs is a dog mutual acquaintance by sniffing snout and anal Pick your znakomki.From all described it is clear that ehinokokkoznaya dog is always a big threat to others, in fact - each uncontaminated dog, but not isolated from contact with others is also a danger.Turning now to the process of transmission of infection to man, we first imagine, like a dog - very often a common family favorite - caressing, rubbing against clothes of their masters and all household items;how, finally, the man does not remain passive to his favorite, petting it and playing with it collects on his hand with hair, muzzle, paws all those elements that shortly before the dog isolated from the anus.With my own hands soon enough clean person of disseminated invasive began on around him, and contaminating the surrounding and forwarding specific dose hexacanth itself directly in the mouth. "

Virgin speaks in the sense that "Ehinokokkoznaya dog is less dangerous to their direct contact, which may escape than its unavoidable proximity."Eynarson "process echinococcosis in Iceland infection draws thus: stray dogs on hexacanth pasture in significant quantities adhere to the wool of sheep, when they fall to the ground;thus bringing the sheep home invasion with pasture and primarily reward hexacanth those women whom they surround and pen in close to deal with them during milking.Next is the responsibility of women and sheep shearing, as well as processing of wool - thus the chances of infection in women has increased. ""In Australia and in Argentina we have an inverse relationship, ie, a large infestation of men..;Eynarson it explains those differences in living conditions, that there are more sheep business has a man than a woman. ""The above factors explain the prevalence of echinococcosis in middle age (20-40 years) and less contamination of children, despite their closer contact with the dog."

Sh.M. Buzhanashvili and EK Tsitelova and a number of other authors suggest a link with a high incidence of echinococcosis abundant eating vegetables, fruits and green stuff.According to some authors, in arid and semiarid areas of dispersal of eggs contaminated with echinococcus and vegetables contribute to the winds.It is also believed that the oncosphere can get into the mouth and respiratory tract of dust.

echinococcosis to infection may contribute to the lack of water, so indicate that in some areas, hydatid disease is prevalent in pastoral areas, where there is a lack of water, so that the people, especially children, rarely wash their hands.

Some researchers compared the extent of echinococcosis with the number of sheep, dogs, climatic factors, household characteristics and skills of the population.In Australia

factor in the spread of echinococcosis, according to the climate and the intensity of livestock.In arid regions, where possible larger percentage hexacanth death echinococcosis less.In Kazakhstan, the uneven spread of echinococcosis linked to the landscape zoning, but several contradictory findings.Thus, in the East Kazakhstan region was the largest infestation of sheep in the steppe zone - 22.7%, followed by -9.7% in the mountainous and semi-desert-1.1%.(. I960--1962 years) Cattle infested the most was in the semi-desert zone - 38%, -35.5% in the steppe, in the mining - 13.7%, in the foothills of -8%.RS Schulz convincingly demonstrated dependence spread of echinococcosis in Kazakhstan on the density of sheep.Some authors correlate the incidence of echinococcosis of the population infected with the number of stray dogs.

Infection echinococcosis people from wild animals (wolves, jackals, etc.) Recording and processing of hides of these animals, when collecting and eating wild berries and edible grasses.In all cases, there is a possibility of infection through raw water from small ponds or water, prepared from melting snow and ice.Considerable danger, especially for staff, are infected with echinococcosis fur animals fur-farming sovkhozes.

Symptoms echinococcosis .When liver echinococcosis first signs of the disease are weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, diarrhea, itchy skin, dull pain in the right upper quadrant.You can discover a cyst on palpation.Often there is a festering tumor, severe allergies, liver cirrhosis.

When echinococcosis of lungs can be detected incidentally during radiological examination.

treatment echinococcosis .Strictly surgery.Spend as conservative treatment with mebendazole;with festering used antibacterial agents.Self-medication is not possible!