Prevention of late toxicosis pregnant

Category Gynecology | December 12, 2017 00:14

In the prevention of toxicosis of the second half of pregnancy, the maximum coverage of pregnant women with advice from early pregnancy is important and systematic monitoring of them( see the diagnosis of toxicosis).

Early diagnostics of late toxicosis makes it possible to hospitalize patients in time, timely start treatment and thus prevent most of them from developing more severe forms of toxicosis with all the adverse consequences for the mother and fetus. According to the observations of AA Lebedev, eclampsia was noted 7 times less often in patients with late toxicosis, which were placed in the hospital long before delivery, in comparison with those who had the same complication and who was placed in the hospital shortly before the birth.

From the first visit to a pregnant woman, a consultation should begin psycho-preventive preparation for childbirth, which reduces the incidence of late toxicosis. N. I. Beskrovna observed after psycho-preventive preparation of pregnant women for childbirth,
a 2-fold decrease in the incidence of eclampsia.

It is important to get at least an elementary idea about the features of the nervous system of a pregnant woman. With instability of the nervous system, it is useful, with a preventive purpose, to administer small doses of bromine, bromine with caffeine or luminal.

It is necessary to take on a special account those pregnant women who are especially predisposed to the occurrence of late toxicosis. Particular attention should be paid to the timely treatment of chronic diseases. Pregnant women need to follow the correct regimen, avoid shortened sleep.

A great preventive value has a rational diet of pregnant women. Food should be full, containing enough vitamins and proteins. Admission of the latter, as well as fats, liquids and table salt, should be limited in the last 2-3 months of pregnancy. In winter, with a lack of natural vitamins should use synthetic vitamins. MA Petrov-Maslakov( 1955) recommends the following formulation: nicotinic acid 0.005, ascorbic acid 0.1, vitamin B1 0.02, glucose 0,5 per 1 powder 2 times daily before meals.

Improvement of working conditions is important;in this respect, all the legislative provisions aimed at protecting the labor of pregnant women must be strictly observed.

Physiotherapy, well developed by scientists, should be widely used.

The fight against abortion must be strengthened. Trauma of the peripheral parts of the nervous system during the operation of scraping the uterus or with other intrauterine interventions creates conditions for the emergence of pathological reactions of the mother's body to irritations from the uterus( the fetal egg).Hunter, Howard and McKormick are recommended for prophylaxis of postpartum eclampsia and for faster decrease in arterial pressure to produce in cilia, patients with toxicosis, curettage of the uterus. The authors substantiate their activity by the greatest concentration of pressor material in the decidual membrane. With this proposal, however, you can not agree. Curettage of the postpartum uterus is a serious exercise, permissible only on strict indications.