Banana Mask : recipes and reviews

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banana - extremely useful tropical fruit, rich in vitamins, bioflavonoids and minerals.Caring procedures based on it to help even out skin tone and smooth fine lines.Banana Mask qualitatively moisturizes the epidermis, nourishes it with nutrients and acts as an effective anti-aging remedy.Product Availability - not the last, plus inexpensive component for home beauty treatments can be bought in any store.

  • Useful than a banana skin
  • Tips cosmetologists: how to make a mask out of a banana
  • Secrets efficiency banana transformation
  • Masks of banana: the best recipes
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How useful bananaskin

Banana - a real treasure of natural elements.It consists of:

  • vitamin C, which slows down all processes associated with the aging of the skin and acts as a natural, a natural antioxidant;
  • vitamin B3, which allows the epidermis to breathe and get the required amount of oxygen;
  • vitamin B6, which protects against the negative influence of the environment and provides full protection ag
    ainst UV radiation;
  • vitamin E, providing a bright anti-aging effect;
  • potassium, normalizing and supporting cells in the desired moisture level;
  • magnesium, making the skin more elastic, smooth and attractive;
  • sodium, soothing and relieving puffiness.

cosmetologists Tips: how to make a mask out of a banana

Do not think that for a banana mask enough to knead the pulp and apply on face.To get the maximum effect, you should follow some important rules and recommendations.

Secrets efficiency banana transformation

  1. Making banana mask at home is only fresh and ripe fruits.No need to use the spoiled fruit and Musty.They can provoke a negative skin reaction, and even cause redness or itching.
  2. The pulp can be ground in a blender or mash with a fork in the usual soft homogeneous slurry.
  3. for mixing natural ingredients only suitable glass, porcelain, ceramic or enameled ware.Metal containers are prone to oxidation, so not suitable for the preparation of homemade cosmetics.
  4. Before applying the mask is necessary to remove makeup and thoroughly cleanse your face.With dry skin natural contamination clean or gentle skin tonic without alcohol, and fatty - gel cleanser or lotion.
  5. course recovery banana procedure usually lasts from 1 to 1.5 months.Then beauticians advise to do 2-3-week break, the person gets used to the same drugs.
  6. The recipes are usually given as needed to keep the mask on the face of a banana.If such data are not available, it is recommended not to exceed a period of 30 minutes.
  7. Rinse domestic drugs is desirable with plenty of water a comfortable temperature.Upon completion of the beauty treatments, the skin must be protected moisturizing or nourishing cream, and for 40-60 minutes, do not go out.

Masks of banana: the best recipes

Home banana mask for dry skin effect is very delicate and has a pronounced anti-aging effect.Due to its delicate structure, suitable for use in a day.To prepare means ripe banana mash with a fork into a soft pulp and pour heavy cream (50 ml).If the composition is too liquid, add potato flour and bring to a thick sour cream home.

Mass applied to the forehead, chin and cheeks, carefully avoiding the eye area.When the first coat is completely dry, apply the second, and the top cover with gauze face cloth.After 25 minutes, the mask was removed using a cotton pad moistened with lukewarm water.After the procedure, the skin becomes smooth, shiny, silky and acquires a healthy look.

Lemon banana facial mask removes excess sebum and provides the epidermis nourished.This combination of ingredients is ideal to owners of normal, combination and oily skin.Do means of half a medium banana, whipped in a blender into a homogeneous puree.For fruit weight add two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and everything is very well mixed.Applied to the skin with a thin layer and allowed to stand 15-17 minutes.Then wash your face with cool water and put a moisturizer.

Banana Mask for face and starch perfectly tones, tightens and refreshes the skin.Prepare it from ripe banana pulp pulverized into soft (50 g) and potato starch (50 g).The ingredients were combined and thoroughly mixed in a separate container until, until the mixture becomes homogeneous.Then the composition is covered with cling film and allow to infuse for 10 minutes.

prepare the masses gently applied to the face, and after 23-25 ​​minutes, wash off with warm water.Remains removed cosmetic cotton pad and wipe the skin with a fresh juice from young leaves of aloe.Recipe promises visible results after only a week after application.


Banana mask almost no contraindications and suitable for all skin types.However, in the preparation of homemade cosmetics should pay close attention to the additional ingredients in the recipe.It is among them can meet the active and aggressive allergens irritants that can provoke a negative reaction of the skin.To avoid these unpleasant moments, to visit a practicing cosmetologist and consult with him concerning the application of certain home remedies.


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