Honey facial mask : tested recipes from wrinkles and acne at home

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be always "on high" is given to very few people without much difficulty.But the good news is that you can correct almost all the unpleasant moments.And suck not necessarily refer to the professional beauty - in the role of the doctor is able to perform a perfect honey face mask.Making it possible to home, saving a lot of time and money.

  • honey strength of health and beauty
  • Simple recipes for solving complex problems
  • Matting and deep cleansing
  • clarification and alignment tone
  • Humidification very dry skin
  • Return fading youthskin
  • Important points to best effect
  • Video procedure of honey massage the face

strength of honey for health and beauty

Bee delicacy contains many vitamins and almost all trace elements, fruit and amino acids, glucose, volatile.The product has anti-inflammatory, healing, antiseptic and drying effect, therefore, solves the problems of a completely different orientation:

  • moisturizes the skin, smoothing out facial wrinkles and age;
  • cells with vitamins, giving the face a luxurious velvety texture and beautiful color;
  • removes inflammatory lesions, reducing the amount of acne (and eventually allows you to completely get rid of them);
  • pulls out the subcutaneous layers of excess fat while cleansing every pore;
  • accelerates blood flow to the surface of the epidermis, stimulating the production of collagen and elastane;
  • improves metabolic processes.

simple home treatments will allow to forget about age-related skin changes and a long time to enjoy youth and beauty.

Simple recipes for solving complex problems

Honey face mask is easy to do at home.Use only the main product or by adding additional ingredients.

Matting and deep cleansing

dry oily skin, reduce the number of acne after one or two treatments honey mask with lemon juice.The components are mixed in equal amounts.

you can do with a scrub.To cook it you need to lightly grind oatmeal, add 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of grape seed oil (olive is possible).The mixture was applied in a circular motion to skin peeling effect received, then left for 15 minutes as a mask.

deep clean the pores, get rid of blackheads can help honey and soda mixture to the face.In 1 tablespoon of honey must add 1 teaspoon of baking soda.When flushing the face should be rubbed, then lubricate with oil or cosmetic cream.

Neutralize bacteria and helps reduce redness honey mask with aspirin.3 acetylsalicylic acid tablets crushed and diluted with a little water to form a uniform slurry.Then combine 1 tablespoon of honey and mix well.This procedure is the best remedy for acne.

To narrow pore mixed egg white and 1 tablespoon of honey.After removing the mask, you can lubricate the face of the beaten egg yolk.It moisturizes and refreshes the epidermis.After 5 minutes, wash.Honey-egg mask will make your skin very soft and velvety.

clarification and alignment tone

Well lighten the skin and remove dark spots honey mask with grated sour apple.For best effect is to add ½ teaspoon of lemon juice.This procedure is only suitable for oily and rough skin.

To rejuvenate dry as a basis should take cosmetic oil (1 tablespoon), add a little less honey, and 2 drops of lemon juice.

cause the skin to tone and get rid of wrinkles helps blend with the addition of orange juice.In summer, be sure to use fresh pureed berries and herbs

Humidification very dry skin

Moisturizing Mask is prepared on the basis of sour cream or heavy cream with 1 teaspoon of honey.The procedure not only supplies water to the cells, but also fills their whole set of vitamins.

Returning youth aging skin

Will give elasticity and tighten the contours of the face mask with honey cosmetic clay (white, blue, pink).The clay must first be diluted with warm water until smooth.

Incredible effect has honey mask with massage supplement.After the distribution of goodies lightly with his three middle fingers to do Clap movement.During the procedure, disclosed all the pores, increases blood flow to the upper layers of the epidermis, improves metabolism.It's a great anti-aging procedure that allows for a few sessions to get rid of wrinkles appeared.After removing the mask must make a warm compress of broth of herbs.It calms the skin and improve the result of the procedure.

notes for

better effect to the result was positive, and the mood beautiful, be sure to heed the advice of professional beauticians.

  • can not carry out this procedure on a very thin skin and the close proximity of vessels - may appear bruised.
  • mask is only suitable for liquid honey, but to the effect of peeling procedures can also be used candied.
  • delicacy melt in a water bath is necessary, but the temperature should not rise above 70 degrees, otherwise some useful components will be lost, and their skin does not get it.
  • Cooking mask immediately before use is necessary.
  • conduct therapy sessions 2 times a week, preventive - 1 every 10 days.

This is interesting!In any mixtures is to add 2 drops of essential oil.The pleasant scent will make the procedure of desirable and relaxing, and the skin will receive an additional charge of vivacity and energy.

Through simple home recipes face will always look young, to attract admiring glances and welcome kisses.And this is the best reward for all their efforts.

Video procedure of honey massage the face


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