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As was right, Christian Dior, who said that every eaten piece remains in the mouth for two minutes, two hours in a stomach, and two months on the hips ... and how difficult modern woman to get rid of the extra kilos, not only on the thighs, and onother parts of the body, and even more difficult to save the results.How debilitating diets, exercise facilities, miracle drugs tried, but kgs come back ... In such cases, you should consult a specialist - a doctor, a dietitian, who will take into account the individual characteristics of the organism and develop a suitable menu for a successful weight loss.Of particular note is the diet Queen Margaret of 9 days.

  • Queen Margaret of proper weight loss
  • Power Principles for Queen
  • ¬ęThree whales' diet Queen Margaret of 9 days
  • Rice three-day (1-3 day)
  • Chicken three-day (4-6 day)
  • Vegetable three-day (7-9 day)
  • principles of food from Margarita Queen

well-known specialist in the field of dietetics, director of aesthetic medicine clinic, PhD

, Queen Margaret is the author of the original weight-loss techniques.Its effectiveness has been tested on personal experience after giving birth a woman gained weight, but sticking to your diet 9 days, could lose it and fix the result for a long time.

According appreciated her diet was evaluated and stars of modern show business, including those who have achieved the desired results known names: Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Anita Tsoi, Hope Babkin Andrey Malakhov.Margarita V. itself does not like the word "diet", because it believes that more accurately call it a diet developed by "way of life", a kind of noble ideology.What is the secret popularity of Queen diet 9 days?

Queen Margaret of proper weight loss

Power Principles for Queen

  1. The basis of weight loss - the principle of a separate food.In the eyes melt extra weight, improves the general condition of the body.
  2. excluded debilitating starvation and physical or psychological stress, as the menu dominated by familiar to each of us products.
  3. Proper combination of 3 mono-diet rids the body of unnecessary strain that occurs in the digestion of different composition of products.
  4. Diet Queen resembles essentially a nine-day marathon, which consists of 3 different "distances": rice, meat and vegetables.
  5. Alternation rice mono-diet (carbohydrate), chicken (protein) and vegetables (rich in fiber and vitamins) in conjunction with the use of a large amount of still water or green unsweetened tea will not only reset the "unnecessary burden", but also cleanse the body, strengthen the immune system.
  6. All the necessary products should be steamed or boiled without spices, salt and sugar.
  7. not recommended to change the rules of the diet queen 9 days, by introducing into the diet of other products, then all efforts to "ustroyneniyu" figure will go on "no".

¬ęThree whales' diet Margarita Koroleva 9 days

As mentioned above, the nine-day diet implies that during the first 3 days, you will enjoy only boiled rice, the second three days - chicken, and others - vegetables.How to properly prepare meals for the three mono-diet, so that the result was successful, and the benefits for the body - the obvious?

Rice three-day (1-3 day)

For it will need 250 g basmati rice (white long grain), wild or gold that you want to rinse well under cold water, then soak overnight.In the morning it should be poured into boiling water without salt (1: 2) and then cook for 15 minutes.For breakfast, eat a cup of cooked rice, and the rest divided into 6 portions and consumed for 5-6 receptions for up to 19 pm.

This product is selected first in the weight loss regime a reason.Rice three-day "marathon" - a period when carbohydrates are contained in rice, can help rid the body of toxins and excess fluid.A favorite Chinese herb is rich in B vitamins, which strengthen the nervous system, has a positive effect on nails, hair, skin.Enveloping the stomach wall, rice cereal gives a feeling of satiety, so fast you will not be.Allowed to use 2-3 teaspoons of honey, though it can not be mixed with rice.During the day, it is necessary to drink 2-2.5 liters of water.Rice three-day - a kind of preparation for the protein mono-diet.

Chicken three-day (4-6 day)

In the next three days you need to stock up on chicken meat.The day will need about 1-1.2 kg.To begin, remove the skin, fat layer and cook poultry in water without salt.The meat is divided into several portions and eat it during the day, but not later than 19 hours, drinking water or green tea.

Why chicken, you ask?Queen Margaret competently approached the selection and alternation of food to the body even during the special diet was not deprived of vital micronutrients.Chicken meat can effectively replace any other meat - veal, beef, pork.It is low-calorie and easily digestible, but it is rich in phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins C, A, E. The protein chicken meat promotes brain activity and bone formation.

Vegetable three-day (7-9 day)

last stage "race to tame the extra kilos" - vegetables.Their one day need 800 grams - 400 grams of fresh, 400 g of steam or boiled without salt.The only exception - potatoes, it can not be used.It is strictly forbidden to replace fresh or cooked vegetables pickled, salted, steamed.The daily ration is usually divided into 5-6 meals and used up to 19 hours.You can sweeten the water three spoons of honey.On the day it is required to drink 2.5 liters.

rich in fiber, beneficial vitamins and minerals vegetables heals the body, cleaned of toxins, accelerate metabolism, beneficial effects on the intestinal microflora.

Power Principles of Queen Marguerite

to Queen 9 days diet has been effective, and the resulting weight loss results pleased as long as possible, it is necessary to adhere to the basic principles of a healthy diet by nutritionist stellar.

  1. Do not make a meal of the cult.Eat consciously.
  2. frequent smaller meals, which is terminated after 19 hours, will help to improve overall well-being, the gastrointestinal tract.Fat will not be delayed for a "rainy day."
  3. Eat right: do not take the time to chew and do not overeat (to be able to stop in time), get pleasure from the flavor, the type of food.
  4. Strictly adhere to the water balance.Drink 2.5 liters of still water or green tea a day, at the same time keep in mind that you need to drink the liquid for half an hour before meals or one hour after.Otherwise, the quality of food digestion deteriorates.Morning should begin with a glass of still water.
  5. from the diet gradually to exclude sugar, white flour and cereals.These products should be replaced less processed.
  6. salad vegetable salads must be no mayonnaise, and olive oil in conjunction with a variety of herbs, spices or lemon juice.
  7. mint, parsley, garlic, bay leaf, cinnamon, sage, fennel, cloves should definitely be in your diet, as these herbs help burn fat.
  8. never stay without breakfast.That is, it provides 25% of the caloric content of your daily diet.Depriving yourself breakfast, the risk of getting an extra fold of fat, because the body is experiencing stress, and energy in the form of fat will accumulate in store during lunch or dinner.
  9. Eat where acute hunger is still there, because that's when you will not be in a hurry and do not eat too much.
  10. Even if you fry foods, use cold-pressed oil, and not necessarily just sunflower.You can add pumpkin and flax, and corn, and sesame.But it is better to use water instead of oil.
  11. foolish to completely give up the fat, because then your diet is unbalanced.If you lose weight, it will be a source of fat lean meats and fish.They can be boiled, steamed or grilled.
  12. If after 19 hours, when to eat is already contraindicated overcomes the feeling of hunger, you can outsmart the body without eating extra calories.We need to eat a spoonful of honey, and wash it down with a glass of water or eat half a cup of yogurt with a teaspoon.This will be enough to feel full.

Adhering to the rules of the Queen of diet can cause the figure in the order, at the same time to enjoy what you're doing.


Have you ever tried to lose weight?Judging by the fact that you are reading these lines - the victory was not on your side.

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