Fashionable bags spring -summer 2013: the best collections of the season in the photo evidence

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stylish handbag - one of the most important accessories in women's locker room, capable of an original way to emphasize your style, place the right accents and make the image complete and perfect.Therefore, it is important that the handbag was not only comfortable and functional, but also spectacular.Fashionable bags spring-summer 2013 can boast both the first and the second - a stunning spectacular and practicality.The main thing - to approach the selection of a new handbag with ease and do not be afraid to experiment with bright colors, shapes and textures.Buying a new handbag - is always an event, and a good choice - it is a holiday that the whole season will be with you!With delightful novelties of the actual collections create a festive mood will be easier than ever: reserve rigorous winter models and dipped in floral-fruity ocean juicy summer colors!

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  • 2013 Fashion offers from popular brands
  • Spring-summer extravaganza from Dolce & amp;Gabbana
  • spring collection of handbags in 2013 by Fendi
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  • luxury evening bags by Anteprima

Video details relevant in 2013 bags

Fashion offers 2013 by popular brands

Spring-summer extravaganza from Dolce & amp;Gabbana

soul asks holiday and bright colors ?!I would like to quickly shake off the winter with its snow, frost and black-and-white aesthetics ?!With enchanting, fancy handbags from the spring-summer collection of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana spring in your life will come much earlier than the calendar!Funny accents, intricate shapes and details instantly cheer up, leaving depression, boredom, sadness, despair, despondency and dullness no chance to take possession of your soul!

Conservative styles, materials, practical and versatile dark colors faded into the background.In the foreground of creative, fun, rainbow pattern, emitting light, warmth, enthusiasm and positive.The entire collection is designed in the spirit of freedom and a bright personality.Be bold!Experiment!Give a chance fyuzhenu enchanting and colorful eclecticism!

Many famous brands and fashion houses in their spring-summer collections have relied on catchy, bright prints and sweet couple from Italy, meanwhile, has decided to play around with textures and three-dimensional effects.Bold color combinations, original design motifs and colorful Sicilian enthrall, captivate, entice, captivate.Colorful decor organically supplement various types of weaving, embroidery, appliqué, woven inserts and original buckle in the form of a small padlock.The variety of styles and sizes is also pleasantly pleased: bulk shopping bags and Tote, stylish briefcases, elegant clutches and shoulder bags.Catchy option you think is too bold and extravagant?Look for more restrained but no less spectacular models of bags.

Just do not try to find in the spring-summer collection of Dolce & amp;Gabbana something simple pattern or pastel gray - just wasting your time!Sun with face, pestrokrylye butterflies, flowers, bags, hedgehogs ... this time the ball is ruled by luscious colors, the joie de vivre, fun details, unexpected textural effects.Even relatively simple in form and practical bags are designed in a bright tone, but on the background of eye-catching styles with intricate decoration they look very modest.Most importantly, what all the fireworks of colors and an abundance of southern completely devoid of any kitsch and cloying.

Spectacular luxury handbags from the Italian brand will not leave fashionistas indifferent!Signed accessories are able to save the worst ensemble, without major innovations to refresh and modernize wardrobe, change style direction!The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment and choose from the widest range of truly worthy things, which without hesitation include branded handbags Dolce & amp;Gabbana.

Spring Collection 2013 bags from Fendi

Trendy handbags spring from Fendi - the perfect accessory for the forced to adhere to strict dress codes of a business woman, and for lovers of creative vivid images.Universal models bags organically complement and light spring dress and business suit.Together with Karl Lagerfeld specially for spring-summer season Fendi brand bags produced original puzzle with geometric motifs, reminiscent of either a cube-Rubik, or mosaic.

The decor prevails color blocks in the form of large colorful fragments.Mandatory element of the decor - brand logo of inverted bukovok F (Fendi forever).In its current collection of the brand included Tote roomy, elegant moldings, original bags, baskets, gourmet clutches, miniature handbag in the shape of a cube, businesslike folders made of leather, fur, transparent plastic and neoprene.

Fashionable bags spring-summer 2013 by Dsquared2

No brand Dsquared2 collection has not gone unnoticed.It was no exception and current spring collection of bags.Dean and Dan Caten have decided to approach the design of their new creations with full responsibility and thoroughness, making their bags recognizable not only the company logo, but also bright, unique author's chips.Cheerful, unbiased opinion on fashion and willingness to experiment allowed the talented designers nakreativit a lot of interesting and very attractive styles handbags that will certainly find its rightful place in the wardrobes of the most sophisticated and discerning fashionistas.The key to success lies in a new collection of eye-catching design and practicality.

Dsquared2 offers a rich palette of attractive options for spring: bright monochrome bags, exquisite quilted clutches, styles in a fun contrast range.Effective design and bright accents - that's what makes these bags so beautiful and desirable.The most interesting element that sets the tone for the Dsquared2 collection, has become a decorative trim with pearls, which gives cutting-edge design, luxurious glamorous charm.Romantic flair pearl models is obvious, but at the expense of displacement "sweet" decor from the center in the area, cloying sensation arises.

As can be seen from the new collection Dsquared2, is not the first season are very popular bags with chains in the near future are not going to give up their positions.With respect to texture any hard and fast rules and no restrictions.Immediately eye-catching full of bright spring mood Multifacture bag combo - the perfect accessory for the stylish lady who loves to be the center of attention.Colourful patterns alternate with acid shades more restrained shaped in muted tones - one for the beautiful spring of expression more than enough.

If you want to move away from the hackneyed standards, maximum diversity of their way of something sort of, a couple of interesting, fresh and most importantly, the alternatives will certainly be found in the collection of bags Dsquared2 Spring-Summer 2013. It will than be inspired and fashionable women who are not willing to sacrificefunctionality for the sake of style.Practical models with extravagant notes to help refresh the image, without sacrificing comfort.

luxury evening bags by Anteprima

most original evening accessories for Spring-Summer 2013 - gold and silver bags by Anteprima, lavishly decorated with large metal beads and stones.Noble shine of precious metals more than ever urgent, so intricate design reminiscent of chain mail creations of metal wires fall into the category is not just fashionable, and trendy evening accessories that can transform even the simplest ensemble.

to look stunning enough to supplement the little black dress, fashionable sharp-nosed black high heels and a gold handbag Anteprima!In addition to the exquisite models of evening and cocktail clutches, in the spring collection and the brand entered Tote with metal braiding for everyday luxury.Thanks to the original design, styles and textures, each bag Anteprima - is a masterpiece, but masterpieces will never go out of fashion!