Fashion Spring-Summer 2013: five of the best collections of the season

Category Fashion Trends | August 12, 2017 18:00

What promises us a fashion season Spring-Summer 2013?What we are going to please fashion brands ?!Should we once again thoroughly shoveled grandmother's trunk, or it is better to go to a boutique for new clothes ?!As always, all very ambiguous and variegated.The undisputed hit of the season will be refined feminine silhouette with an emphasis on the waist and stylish retro images with savory innovations.Today we offer you to get acquainted with the five best collections of the spring-summer season according to have tried to select only the most "delicious» ... Enjoy!

  • Video of the trendiest areas in 2013
  • Five of the best collections of the season 2013
  • spring-summer offers from Vera Wang
  • Retro spring 2013 with Bottega Veneta
  • Glamour collection Z Spoke by Zac Posen
  • trends in the spirit of Versace
  • Bright spring style Ralph Lauren

Video of the trendiest areas in 2013

Five of the best collections of 2013

spring-summer offer by Vera season Wang

Like many other designers, creating anew spring-summer collection, Vera Wang drew inspiration from the culture of India.However banal copying the clothes she did not Hindus, borrowing only exotic textures, patterns and colors.Opened the show access to the catwalk models in the "weightless" white ensembles: simple cotton jackets, jackets, tops, skirts muslin.Interesting game textures achieved by combining in a single ensemble of white jacquard lace, lace and openwork embroidery.

Absolutely stunning looks simple summer dress straight silhouette with a V-neck, his zest - exquisite embroidery soutache technology.Dilute the monotony also help floral prints in the form of leaves.Inspired by India, it is impossible to avoid bright colors!Colored dresses from Vera Wang for spring and summer 2013 are designed in navy blue, blue, yellow-green, emerald, amethyst tones and cypress.Closes show luxurious ensembles in gold tones.

designer is not afraid of bold non-standard combinations: fine golden tunic with elegant embroidery combined with a patterned skirt, a simple-shirt in the style of boyfriend embroidered with beads and complemented Bermuda shorts brocade.Pet public steel elegant lace sleeveless dress, with spectacular decor on the waist or shoulders.

Feminine flared skirts of medium length, flirty short skirts style "tulip", textured dresses and jackets, wide long trousers pajama style, plenty of lace, transparent and translucent textures - an ode to romance in the collection of Vera Wang!Playing with textures and styles uniquely good!Hits of the season: medium-length sleeveless dress with straight silhouette and flared bottom, narrow pants and jackets with the Basques.The perfect complement to romantic images of steel shoes and sandals beige color with abundant lace and flirty bows.

Retro spring 2013 with Bottega Veneta

Thomas Mayer, chief creative designer brand Bottega Veneta, remains true to himself and his creative credo, continuing to delight their perfect mature creations "women who do not wish to be described in two words," andit is once again possible to make a bang!Coming spring, Thomas offers a true lady to don the elegant little fishnet dress length just below the knee.They opened the show retro dress in the spirit of the thirties and forties of the last century with pretty floral motifs of vanilla, caramel, graphite and smoky colors.

No sooner had the audience to plunge into pure retro as podium wave of bright and unexpected innovations: false flower chains, sleeves butterfly, ribbed hems, folds with strips of snake skin, shiny snake border, strict silhouette dress patchwork withvarious prints, dresses of light fine wool with a "stitched" in the neck cutouts necklaces.

Short evening dresses with pleats in spectacular style of the legendary Madame Grès supplemented by loose bands of soft tissue with the effect of blackout that gave them a completely new bow.Popular among designers geometric prints in the spring collection of Bottega Veneta are presented similar to stamp drawings silver diamonds, decorate dresses and shirts, tunics muted tones.

perforated transparent outfits, which were filled with almost all the fashion shows of the season, in the interpretation of Mayer totally devoid of any hint of vulgarity and perfect for those who are not eager to bare naughty body.Winged butterfly, a symbol of Bottega Veneta home, this time adorned buckle thin straps that emphasize on the waist, shoes with thick heels, tiny clutches, handbags, Tote and flat rectangular bags, folders, according to the latest fashion trends, must be wornpressed his elbow to the waist.

Glamour collection Z Spoke by Zac Posen

Spring-summer collection Z Spoke by Zac Posen - the embodiment of refinement, luxury and elegance.Here you will not find anything revolutionary and innovative, extravagant and avant-garde, only favorite to clients frankly glamorous chic sophisticated, feminine garments in the masterful performance.Flirty dresses and suits fresh catalog of well-known brands are perfect for special occasions or for a glamorous shake monotony of everyday life.

Clothing, sustained in pastel colors, conveniently adjacent to the spectacular and bright contrasting ensembles monochrome outfits.Achromatic black and white dresses and skirts with fashionable floral print supplemented by impressive black and white clutch with fringed sandals and high-heeled striped.Whether it is a luxurious evening dress or a flirty little dress made of light material for warm air of a sunny day - all the emphasis on the waist and perfect cut!

The decor is actively involved ruffles, frills, restrained pleating, floral design and other attributes of femininity, but all this without any strain and over-ornate.At this time a luxury brand rather tends to brevity and minimalism ... only pristavochkoy "luxury."Not without popular geometric prints.Glam design in the spirit of Hollywood stars and gamma muted look sophisticated, elegant and very sexy.

fabulously beautiful dresses strapless necklines dazzling, elegant jackets and skirts with high waist from the collection Z Spoke by Zac Posen will allow every woman feel like a star!Makeup and hair model is also designed in the spirit of Hollywood glamor - another fashion trend for stylish stuff, who like to make a dizzying experience.

Trends in the spirit of Versace

Unlike last year, the new spring-summer collection from Donatella Versace turned out more light, airy and relaxed.All models, as must the label of Versace, defiantly shocking, but this time changed several Donatella yourself, do not include the collection of tight clothes, diminished and Gothic motifs, which were abundant displays of past seasons.The focus placed female body beauty and frank bleakness in the most savory places.

models appeared on the catwalk in draped over her naked body free crumpled dresses, shirts and dresses, shirts with flowing sleeves and a belt at the waist, jeans and shorts with decorative lace inserts, in the skirts of the connected pieces of lace fabric.Salvation from prying eyes, the wind and rain promise long black jackets.Raisin collection: lace, transparent textures, neckline with lace, asymmetrical sleeves, cut-outs on the shoulders, bags, messengers, high sandals, gladiators, glamorous shine and bright colors.

Bright spring style Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren often draws inspiration from exotic countries.From his new spring-summer collection breathes the spirit and temper temperamental Spain.Models toreadorskih suits, skirts, handmade, knitted dresses and cute dresses with collars in the style of Mary Poppins looked extremely feminine and elegant.

as bright chips involved berets, hats, shawls and ponchos from the fringe, "pioneer" ties, leather bags with studs, long colorful glass beads and belts with round buckles.

designer boldly experimenting with combinations of black, white, red and turquoise, and the suede leather complemented with elements embossed.Ralph Lauren Day offers women put on an elegant dress in the spirit of the 40s with tapered hem or fringe.

interesting everyday ensemble can be composed of striped or black trousers classic style, a bright blouses with ruffles, lace bustiers, short jacket or colorful Mexican shawls in multi-colored stripes.

In its spring-summer collection of Ralph Lauren has used cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, jersey, crepe, organza, leather and suede.The decor is involved tulle, beads, embroidery, soutache, floral and ethnic prints, crocheted motives.Complete the images of sandals decorated with embroidery on the platform, high heels, bulky bags and miniature clutches, berets, hats and belts.