What can whiten your teeth at home : simple recipes available products

Category Dental Care | August 12, 2017 18:00

Beautiful white teeth are considered to be one of the essential attributes of beauty and success, and in the struggle for a white smile in the course are all means - from a professional dental care to a variety of proposals the cosmetic industry.But these ways of solving the problem, with all its performance usually require considerable financial investment.So the question is - what you can whiten your teeth at home is simple and effective, it remains important to many.

  • Why tooth enamel yellow and whether it can lighten house
  • Pros and enamel whitening cons baking soda
  • delicious and safe whitening
  • Strawberry for white enamel
  • bleaching lemon juice and apple cider vinegar
  • Toothpaste from banana peels
  • home kit for the snow-white smile
  • tea tree oil whitens and disinfects

why tooth enamel yellow and whether it is possible to lighten the house

Before home bleaching, is to understand - and why do theresuch a need?The color of enamel depends on many factors - both external and i

nternal, and if an external influence can and must be fought, it is not so simple with endogenous factors.

In fact, the snow-white color of the enamel from birth very rarely given.Usually it has an ivory hue - a little yellow or cream.The older the person, the darker his teeth.This is due to the fact that the dark inner layer during the life of the enamel becomes thinner gradually, through it all the more noticeable - dentin, and in this case, to get white teeth can only be in the dentist's office (building up the enamel, veneers or dentures).

Homemade recipes whitening effective if the yellowing of the teeth caused by lifestyle and habits.Some drinks and foods (blueberries, red wine, coffee, cola, tea and soy sauce) left its pigment particles in the microcracks of enamel, and regular cleaning is not always effective to cope with them.Smokers also noticeable yellowing enamel due to nicotine and tar deposited on the teeth.

remove such raids intensive cleaning using different mechanical and chemical abrasives and optical brighteners.But do not be afraid of loud terms - in fact, the funds have in every home in the kitchen or in the home medicine cabinet.So the answer to the question - what can whiten your teeth at home depends on your preferences.

Pros and cons of bleaching the enamel baking soda

Plain baking soda, available each family - is not only a means of making cakes fluffy and pans - clean.Soda can be used to bleach the enamel, but it must be used with caution.The undoubted advantage of this material is its ability to chemically dissolve the dense coating, and due to its structure - small dense grains - a substance also mechanically scrapes color film.

But in this lies the danger of using soda - together with a touch of her claws and teeth enamel, which means that new lesions appear, the protective layer of the tooth is destroyed faster.Besides soda - it is alkaline and, in concentrated form, it can cause burns oral mucosa.So remember that the abuse of bleaching with soda can lead to serious dental problems.

Soda whitening teeth used both in pure form or in admixture with other substances.The easiest way - cleaning with baking soda.On a damp brush with stiff bristles get some powder and brush your teeth in the usual way for 10 minutes.Then rinse your mouth with warm water.

Such cleaning is categorically not suitable for people who have sensitive teeth and thin enamel or bleeding gums - the procedure will only aggravate the problem and will not benefit.Even with healthy teeth whitening this method can not be used more frequently than once every 7-10 days.

more gentle method of bleaching with soda - this is her mixing with toothpaste or powder in a ratio of 1: 2.The use of this mixture is simple - a small amount of the resulting funds to conduct routine cleaning.This whitening paste can be used more often - once every three days, and for sensitive teeth - once a week.

delicious and safe whitening

little to lighten the enamel is possible with the help of simple products - strawberries, lemons and bananas.This is not only safer, but more enjoyable.

Strawberry for white enamel whitening

with strawberries can be called the most delicious means of snow-white smile.Due to the high content of fruit pulp and organic acids, active enzymes, plaque on teeth loosened, and colored pigments fade.The only warning - this method is not suitable for those who are allergic to strawberries.

Apply whitening berries in two ways.In the first case, fresh strawberries should be cut in half and rub the teeth cut berries.You can for a few minutes to leave the mass in the mouth, and then brush your teeth.

also well whitens teeth special weight of strawberries and starch: 5-7 fresh berries knead until puree, add the potato starch and knead stiff dough.This mass is applied to the teeth of a dense layer and leave for 15 minutes.Then berry-starch mixture is removed and scraped off the remains of an ordinary toothpaste.

bleaching lemon juice and apple cider vinegar

Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar - products which have acidic properties.A great acid decolorized vivid pigments of organic origin.Therefore, the lemon juice and citric acid solution, and apple vinegar can occasionally be used for whitening teeth and removing plaque.

lemon juice (or citric acid) should be mixed with a little salt and pasta and just brush your teeth for 5-7 minutes.This "acid peel" for the enamel can be carried out once a week.By the way, a slice of lemon, chewed after consuming products that can be painted in a dark color of the tooth enamel, helps to remove unwanted pigment quickly.

also whiten the enamel can apple cider vinegar.It should be with a cotton swab apply vinegar to the teeth, and 2-3 minutes to clean them with a stiff brush.The good effect is to brighten it gives vinegar as a rinse aid: 50 ml of natural apple cider vinegar diluted in 150 ml of water.Use after each meal mouthwash.

Attention!Acid method is not suitable if the enamel is thin and the teeth are too sensitive.

Toothpaste from banana peels

Bananas - tasty and healthy treat, and their rind was also excellent "toothpaste" with whitening effect.The banana peel contains active enzymes, organic acids and tannins.In addition to the cleaning effect of the application of this method strengthens the gums and prevents them from bleeding.

suitable for whitening the fresh peel - cleaned with a small piece of the teeth 2-3 times a day, then you need to rinse your mouth with warm water.The effect is noticeable after prolonged use - at least a month.

Home kit for the snow-white smile

Find things to whiten your teeth at home, not only in the kitchen.The home kit each have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide or packing of activated carbon, which can be advantageously used to lighten the enamel.

After cleaning the coal should be well rinsed mouth

hydrogen peroxide - a real oxygen bleach.In high concentrations it is used for washing and bleaching of linen, it is a part of bleaching hair blends.Regular use of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution cleans and gives the desired pure white enamel shade.Apply peroxide to the teeth can be a soft brush or cotton swab, taking care that the solution did not get to the mucous.After 5-10 minutes, the mouth must be rinsed well.

Activated carbon - excellent abrasive tool for mechanical cleaning of the teeth.Gleanings powder, resulting crush tablets, soft, they do not damage when cleaning the tooth enamel.The brush is better to take an average stiffness, carbon can be used daily.The main thing - carefully rinse your mouth after such a cleaning, to wash away all the black grains.

Tea tree oil whitens and disinfects

When from the variety of recipes you choose, the better to whiten your teeth at home, do not forget that overly aggressive techniques can greatly damage the enamel, and then to correct the situation have to the dentist.But there bleaching method, which is not only dangerous, but also useful.Tea tree oil - known antibacterial, antiseptic and wound-healing agent.In addition, it can bleach the tooth enamel.

You can use it in its purest form - just a drop in the brush and 2-3 drops of oil after cleaning paste to treat well the teeth.Also a paste may be mixed with a small amount of tea tree oil and used for normal daily oral hygiene.

Such a method - the perfect solution for people with sensitive teeth or gums bleeding, because the oil is not only whiten the enamel, but also strengthens it cures gums and removes bad breath.