From black to white - technique and reviews of teeth whitening activated carbon

Category Dental Care | August 12, 2017 18:00

Coffee, tea, cigarettes, colored drinks and drugs eventually deposited on the tooth enamel in the form of an ugly yellow plaque.This causes discomfort and inconvenience: you need to hide your teeth, try not to open his mouth wide, less smiling.Meanwhile, the situation is completely remedied.Certainly in the home medicine cabinet has activated charcoal - a tool that will help restore whiteness.And no wonder: everyone who has already mastered the tooth whitening active carbon, reviews convince others to try this method.

  • How does activated carbon
  • How effective and safe procedure
  • techniques the procedure
  • Walkthrough
  • How to reduce the risk of injury to the enamel
  • Positive and negative feedback

How does activated carbon

little black pills embody immense power.Coal - a natural sorbent absorbs it like a sponge metal salts, toxins and other detrimental substances, and helps eliminate them from the body.

Another feature - abrasive properties, devotees can grind and polish the surf

ace by removing from it the smallest particles and making it smooth.It was on this property and established a simple method.The substance has a heterogeneous structure and in contact with the enamel off her grains plaque.

How effective and safe procedure

Argued that teeth whitening activated carbon harmful.This statement makes sense, since the composition affects the enamel hard enough.After the procedure, you may receive mikrotreschinok, which, although invisible to the eye but in the future may lead to enamel thinning and increased tooth sensitivity.

Home teeth whitening with the help of activated charcoal may also have a negative impact on the gums.This method of bleaching is not suitable for people with weak and often bleeding gums - getting on the wound, it means even more annoying and hurts shell.

On the other hand, numerous reviews of teeth whitening with the help of activated carbon, and pictures before and after the procedure, proving the efficacy and relative safety of this technique.Even after a single application of the enamel becomes several shades lighter.The maximum effect can be obtained after 3-4 treatments.

After procedure teeth look much brighter

Unlike other more aggressive means such as hydrogen peroxide or baking soda, natural powder is completely harmless, does not damage the mucous membrane of the mouth and does not cause harm to the body if swallowed.And of course an important factor in favor of this method of lightening the enamel is its accessibility.

Methods of

procedure Teeth whitening activated charcoal in the home can be done in several ways.This requires to take one tablet or two black, and depending on the chosen method, to carry out simple manipulation.


  1. Prepare a powder from a tablet, add a little water and stir.Try to make the tool as homogeneous as possible, without particles and aggregates.The lower the resulting composition a soft brush and massage the tooth surface is not more than two minutes.
  2. When cleaning sprinkle brush with a paste of carbon powder.Alternatively, you can pre-mix the powder with paste and brush your teeth as usual.
  3. Simply chew two black tablets for four to five minutes, and then rinse your mouth.This recipe whitening activated carbon is considered to be the most aggressive, so its use is not recommended for people who have hypersensitive enamel.

How to reduce the risk of injury to the enamel

To avoid negative consequences, it is important to take precautions:

1. Do not perform whitening more often than once every ten days.

2. Use a soft bristle brush, and do not press hard on the teeth.Alternatively, you can make the procedure using a cotton swab or just fingertips.

3. To reduce the aggressive influence of abrasive powder in the manufacture of tablets carefully rub without leaving large particles and grains.

Positive and negative feedback

Svetlana, 32 years old: "As a teenager, I had white teeth.Three friends were jealous, and the guys did not stint on compliments.I think that there was a yellowing enamel coffee.Please do not believe that the black pellets can be cleaned enamel from plaque.The results surprised.The teeth become lighter.The procedure was repeated every 10 days. "

Igor, 45 years old: "Clean coal teeth made his wife.Under her leadership, she took a full course, but the special effects were not observed.I have the nature of enamel is slightly yellowish.Apparently, this method is for those who from birth had a snow-white smile. "

Natalya, 21 years old: "I tried to whiten teeth by various methods, including strawberries and lemon.Charcoal tablets have helped the most.I liked that we should not be afraid to swallow the powder, because it is drunk in cases of poisoning. "

Now that you understand how to whiten your teeth with activated carbon.But do not go overboard in their desire and do not forget about safety, so in the end instead of a snow-white smile, do not get new problems.