How to soda whiten teeth at home: recipes and opinions

Category Dental Care | August 12, 2017 18:00

On the nose an important event, which wants to show off dazzling white-toothed smile, and the time to write to the doctor, and the expectation of receiving no?A few tips on how to whiten your teeth with soda, will help solve the problem quickly and efficiently.Means for bleaching are likely to already have in the kitchen, and if not - you can buy it in a nearby store.Just a couple of procedures - and shining white teeth eclipse camera flashes at the festival!

  • Simple recipes create dazzling smiles
  • use bleaching soda solution
  • Instant whitening using lemon-soda mixture
  • whitening without harm: the rules of soda application
  • Home teeth whitening: the views of users
simple recipes

creating dazzling smiles

principle of the bleaching action of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is banal simple: her abrasive particles "grind" the surface of the tooth, removing the fat, giving yellowing enamel.With this, the result from using some simple tools noticeable almost immediately.

There are several options how to soda whiten teeth at home.The most popular - using a soda solution or using soda lime mixture.

use bleaching soda solution

The most common way to return white-toothed smile is the use of a concentrated aqueous solution of soda.To determine the desired concentration level during its preparation is simple: the powder to be added to the water as long as it does not redissolve.

The resulting detergent moistened toothbrush or gauze and thoroughly treat each tooth, paying special attention to hard to reach places where plaque accumulates most.

For one procedure would be the only two tablespoons of solution.If you do not want to spend time on his cooking, you can just dip into the powder thoroughly moistened with water toothbrush.

Instant whitening using soda lime mixture

These two components together have enhanced cleaning effect

most effective formulation for rapid clarification of yellowed enamel - baking soda with lemon juice.The result of its application will be pronounced even after the first procedure.

For such fast enough into the powder mixture before applying a few drops of lemon juice, causing its abrasion and even intensify the bleaching property citric acid.

An important point that should be remembered - brightening teeth with baking soda and lemon juice can be practiced very rarely, since both of these components greatly erode tooth enamel and their uncontrolled use can lead to irreversible consequences.

whitening without harm: the rules of soda application

Drawing attention to the fact that whitening teeth with baking soda - a procedure that can bring not only benefit, but harm in the event of improper use, conduct should be strictly adhering to a few rules.

• The most important rule - moderation.Do not perform the procedure more than once in ten days.The desire to quickly achieve good results is understandable, but completely unnecessarily.Frequent use of this tool will result in thinning of the tooth enamel, and then have to worry about white, and about getting rid of tooth decay and restoration of damaged coating.

soda solution, the treated tooth surface, trying to avoid its contact with the soft tissue of the gums

• The second thing you should pay attention to - the natural color of teeth from birth.If they are yellowing due to genetic and inherited from parents - it does not help here.The abrasive particles just chased enamel and no more.

• Before you whiten your teeth using baking soda, make sure whether the gums gingivitis or periodontitis affected.If the mouth has the slightest inflammation, the procedure should be postponed so as soda further corrode the affected area and cause bleeding gums.

• Home bleaching - a rather risky business.Therefore, if you have the opportunity to take advantage of to address this problem in services Dentist - it is better not to risk it and trust the professionals.

Home teeth whitening: the view

users is very much useful to know about home teeth whitening baking soda reviews from people who have already benefited from this method.Here is what they wrote:

Katya, 23 years old: "The institute's hostel girls taught to whiten teeth using baking soda.First, good and fast help.And then suddenly everything was jaw ache even from inhaling cold air mouth.She came to the dentist, and he explained that I have a very thinned tooth enamel.I suspect that it's all because of the constant use of soda. "

Marina, 29 years old, "baking soda to lighten used a couple of times, but the effect is striking.I even did not expect.It is said that often make such a harmful procedure, but recently noticed that almost all toothpastes with whitening effect contain soda.It turns out, then, and these pastes can not be used often. "

Kirill, 32 years old: "I have experience in dentistry and want to warn all of the mindless use of soda and other products based on it, which promise quick results.They all operate on the principle of sandpaper, so each time you shoot more tooth enamel, making the teeth vulnerable to all pathogens.Interim white effect is not worth the problems that you have to fight later. "

As with any home teeth whitening procedure, in soda can find pluses and minuses.To protect yourself from problems, it is advisable to consult with a specialist.