How to whiten your teeth at home quickly, safe and effective ways

Category Dental Care | August 12, 2017 18:00

Open truly charming smile works wonders: is the sympathy of others, has to communicate, it gives confidence and contributes to business success.However, even perfectly aligned teeth can hardly be called attractive if their color is far from perfect.Correct the situation is simple, see your dentist, who will propose an appropriate way to lighten professional enamel or give advice on how to whiten teeth at home quickly and is harmless to health.

  • Features professional and home teeth whitening
  • Clinical ways to restore white enamel
  • Household chemical brightening
  • Benefits folk whitening recipes
  • Most folk remedies for flawless smile
  • Baking soda
  • Activated carbon
  • Lemon juice
  • Strawberry and wild strawberry
  • Pulp eggplant
  • tea tree oil
  • reviews at home teeth whitening

Features professional and home teeth whitening

human teeth are protected by enamel - the most durable fabric in the body.With age, the hard layer becomes more porous and prone to the formation of cracks and scr

atches.Coffee, strong tea, fruits, vegetables and other foods contain pigments that are absorbed into the surface of the teeth, gradually change their natural color.

Clinical ways to restore white enamel

Professional procedures are in demand in the dental clinic and provide a significant and lasting effect.It is important to understand what a clinical whitening (however, as the home) assumes that you have dental treatment.No doctor would brighten unhealthy teeth - this will not result, and in caries can cause the spread of infection and the development of complications.

dental clinics offer a wide range of teeth whitening methods:

  • Mechanical;
  • ultrasound;
  • laser;
  • photopolymer;
  • chemical and others.

Mechanical Whitening - abrasive method of restoring natural color of teeth with the cleaning powder and a nozzle through which pressurized water is fed and compressed air.

ultrasonic method - cleaning and whitening of the tooth surface under the influence of high-frequency sound vibrations.The procedure includes an additional polishing enamel.

laser and photopolymer whitening involves applying a special gel on the teeth.Under the influence of laser light or a catalyst, he releases the active oxygen eliminating plaque and stone and enamel visibly brightening.

Chemical bleaching - the most common way.For cleaning and restoration of teeth whiteness using saturated carbamide peroxide, hydrogen, urea, and chlorides.

Household chemical brightening

Home bleaching the enamel is carried out by lightening composition filled mouthguard that fits over the jaw and allowed to act for a certain time (usually at night).

Noticeable results also give whitening toothpastes: «President White Plus», «Lacalut White», «Blend-a-med 3D White», «Colgate», «Splat extreme White» and others.They contain chemical components and microparticles have a cleaning, abrasive and polishing action.They effectively neutralize the surface coating and pigments, brightening the tooth enamel, however, such pastes is not recommended to use all the time.

Benefits popular recipes whitening

Traditional methods of teeth whitening at home are different from the professional advantages.

Natural substances have a more delicate effect on tooth enamel, it gradually brightens.Home bleaching can be performed as often as necessary, without compromising health.

Professional formulations contain chemical components.Given that they easily enter the bloodstream, they can hardly be called completely safe through the oral mucosa.

is a more natural, as close as possible to the natural At home teeth whitening shade.The dazzling white "Hollywood" smile often looks unnatural.

Professional whitening is contraindicated in some cases.When using folk remedies risk of allergic reactions and other complications is minimal.

dental clinic services are not cheap.Products which are required for home bleaching simple and accessible.Traditional methods help to maintain whiter teeth without significant costs.

Most folk remedies for flawless smile

Tooth enamel is necessary to prepare for bleaching: clean using conventional pastes, remove dirt and plaque from interdental floss and rinse your mouth thoroughly.The most popular folk remedies for safe teeth whitening at home are presented below.

Baking soda

whitening soda - sodium hydrogen carbonate - a simple and effective way.Soda has antibacterial, abrasive and neutralize active acid.

in soda powder added dropwise warm water to get a little wet slurry.Then the mixture was applied onto a toothbrush and carefully spread over the surface of the teeth on both sides.

Movement of the brush in the processing of the upper jaw is directed strictly top-down, and in bleaching the bottom - from the bottom up.Clean the tooth enamel should be careful and gentle movements, so as not to injure the gums.

Activated carbon

This porous material produced from ordinary charcoal.At the heart of its whitening effect - the ability to highlight the interaction with moisture active oxygen that dissolves dirt and color pigments.Also, the activated carbon has absorption properties - absorbs and removes plaque.

to enamel whitening three tablets activated carbon pulverized.With dipped in warm water brushes or other convenient way it is applied to the tooth surface.After 10 minutes, the mouth is rinsed thoroughly.

Lemon juice

Effective folk remedy for rapid home teeth whitening - a lemon.Useful citrus is rich in organic acids, vitamin C and pectin.Interacting with the plaque, the material it lightening active enamel is dissolved and removed.

For procedures from the juice of half a lemon squeezed.Prior to this, it is recommended for one minute pour boiling water citrus.Then use a cotton swab dipped in lemon juice, tooth surface is treated on both sides.After 15 minutes, rinsed thoroughly mouth.

even easier to whiten enamel gently wiping the teeth with a slice of lemon.Essential oils contained in the peel of citrus, a beneficial effect on the gums, strengthening them, and providing nutrients.

Strawberry and wild strawberry

Despite its bright color, strawberries, strawberries help to significantly lighten the tooth enamel.It is the most "tasty" way to quickly whiten teeth at home.Aromatic berries are rich in folic acid and ascorbic acid, to provide active cleaning and bleaching action marked.These compounds are also useful for the gums, they reduce inflammation, and have antibacterial properties.

berries mash with a fork and richly flavored mass is applied to the teeth from the outside and the inside.After 20 minutes, clean brush teeth and rinse your mouth with warm water.

Pulp eggplant

Many do not know that dazzling smile helps to get and eggplant.Contained in the vegetable organic acids, pectins and biologically active substances are bleaching and antibacterial properties.

for whitening one eggplant baked in the oven or in a microwave oven until soft.The pulp is kneaded with a fork and using a moist warm water is applied to the toothbrush to the teeth.After ten minutes of exposure to the mass of wash.

Safe and delicate bleaching tooth enamel using eggplant makes a noticeable result.It is used even in weak, prone to bleeding gums.Whitening procedure can be repeated as often.

Tea tree oil Tea tree

- recognized as a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent.Contained in its bark medicinal substances help to gently clean the surface of the teeth and efficiently whiten the enamel without damaging the gums.

procedures for convenient use of the finished product of the essential oil of tea tree.1-2 drops of the means is applied to the moistened toothbrush and treated cautiously with teeth on both sides.After 15 minutes, a large amount of warm water rinse his mouth thoroughly.Bleaching is carried out every two weeks.

Comments about teeth whitening at home

Valentina, 33 years old: "My teeth have a yellowish tint from childhood.I wanted to make a bleaching in the clinic, but it is contraindicated me: damaged enamel and gums bleed.When the doctor asked how to whiten your teeth at home, he suddenly suggested eggplant.Very surprised, but after the first cleaning saw that they were whiter.Other methods have not tried. "

Alla, 38 years old: "My first experience with soda was unsuccessful.I carefully scrubbed brushing teeth that injures gums.Later he bleached lemon and strawberry.Teeth become just a little bit lighter.I decided to try again soda, but now cleaned carefully and gently.Everything worked out.I am sure that it is better not to soda whiten no means. "

Svetlana, 24 years old: "Try tea tree oil.The result, of course, is not noticeable from the first time.I use a third month.Teeth whitened significantly.I do whitening couple of times a month, and every day just rinse your mouth after eating a solution of 15 drops of oil per cup of water.I really like this recipe.Now I began to smile more often. "

Early treatment of teeth whitening and simple home will help to feel more confident and enjoy socializing freely and naturally, giving interlocutors charming smile.