Teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide : reviews and opinions of people and dentists

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Question attractive smile is often painful, especially for those who have unhealthy habits - smoking, excessive chocolate or coffee.The teeth are then quickly darken due to deposits colored pigments and resins plaque.Fix it can help teeth whitening hydrogen peroxide reviews which claim that it is a harmless and effective way.However, there is an opposite opinion, proves the destructive influence of peroxide on the enamel.

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options recipes for white teeth on the basis of hydrogen peroxide

is not known when and who first thought of to lighten the tooth tissue this way, but today there are several ways to whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide in the home, namely:

  • rinse the mouth with 1% solution of hydrogen peroxideafter normal tooth cleaning paste for a few minutes;
  • mouthwash 3% solution, diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 2;
  • wiping the enamel with a cotton swab dipped in peroxide, the same concentration;
  • cleaning a loose brush, which previously applied a few drops rastovra.

10-15 minutes after the procedure is recommended to rinse the mouth with warm water to remove residues of the active substance.

If spending whitening teeth soda and hydrogen peroxide, the effect becomes noticeable for a short period of time.This is due to the abrasive properties of baking soda, which removes plaque by rubbing tiny particles of enamel.

  1. K 1 hour. L.sodium peroxide added in such an amount as to form a paste.Cotton swab to put it on the enamel and hold 1 minute.Then rinse with water and brush your teeth fluorine-containing toothpaste.
  2. equally mixed toothpaste, baking soda and 3% solution.It is recommended to apply the dentifrice soft brush.
  3. half teaspoon of baking soda mixed with 20 drops of hydrogen peroxide and 2 drops of lemon juice.Rub the tooth enamel resulting mass with the help of a cotton swab and leave for 10 minutes.After that, be sure to remove the remnants of dry brush and rinse the mouth with water.

According to some reviews, teeth whitening baking soda and hydrogen peroxide helps to get the desired result almost immediately, while others argue that began to notice changes in enamel colors only after months of use (with the regularity of the procedure 1-2 times a week).

Opinions dentists reviews and fans method

One of the most common arguments in favor of the use of hydrogen peroxide solution is its presence in almost all the means to lighten the enamel shades in a dental clinic.However, there is a difference between the home and professional approach to the preparation of bleaching compositions.

look at whitening teeth with hydrogen peroxide dentist eyes

Specialists negative attitude to attempts to improve the color of the enamel in this way.This is due to the fact that peroxide by contacting a tooth cloth exhibits oxidative, and hence the destructive properties.In addition, the solution can cause burns and drainage of the oral mucosa, which opens the way for the development of pathogenic bacteria.

laser and ultrasonic technology reduces exposure time the teeth whitening systems in

repeatedly Professional compositions do contain a significant amount of aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide, but its negative effects are limited additional ingredients, softening oxidation.It has the meaning and application of technology product that provides protection against gum bleaching agent.

Those who still dare to home procedure, dentists are reminded of the precautions to reduce the risk of unwanted side effects:

  1. Before you whiten your teeth with peroxide, you should ask your dentist degree of thinning of the tooth enamel and check their general condition.
  2. Do not use the concentrated solutions of hydrogen peroxide (3%).
  3. not recommended to manipulate more than 1 time per week and for more than 1 month.
  4. Rinse mouth should be immediately after the application of funds, rather than wait for 10-15 minutes, as suggested in the recipes.
  5. feel a strong burning sensation in the gums during the procedure can not be tolerated - if it appears necessary to wash peroxide with plenty of water and, if possible, seek medical advice.

There are certain contraindications to bleaching: pregnancy and breast, diabetes mellitus, smoking, multiple caries, enamel thinning and cracks on the surface, up to the age of 14 years and an allergy to the substance used.

stories about their own fans methodology results

people for various reasons, prefer home teeth whitening dental office visit: some are afraid, others are not satisfied with the cost of the service, someone else did not trust the doctors.So thousands of people already use hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth and to evaluate the effect of:

If you do not eliminate the factors that led to the staining of enamel, the result of its whitening will be short

Sergei, 28 years: "I smoke 16 years, soteeth become dark brown.On the advice of friends began to add to the toothpaste a few drops of hydrogen peroxide.The teeth are brightened, in some places completely gone yellowness.I continue, when stop smoking.Among the shortcomings - an unpleasant metallic taste in the mouth after the procedure. "

Elena, 18 years: "I always wanted to have a smile, like Katy Perry.Unknown to their parents became to wipe the teeth with hydrogen peroxide.At first everything was fine, but then my teeth began to react badly to hot and cold.Now the method does not use and do not advise her friends. "

Kira, 26 years old: "Periodically, peroxide bleach the tooth enamel - it helps especially before an important meeting.Just I breed it in some water and rinse your mouth after morning hygiene.It is unlikely that this is useful, but the teeth become more beautiful, and from once a month do not worry, do not think it will. "

Any bleach (hydrogen peroxide or without it) is not harmless.Therefore, these procedures should be to minimize the time and frequency, and the achieved whiteness is protected, providing a good teeth hygienic care.