How to whiten your teeth banana peel : exotic whitening at home

Category Dental Care | August 12, 2017 18:00

For 30-40 years, even those who are born with a white smile may experience yellowing enamel.Among the bleaching recommendations are sometimes found very strange procedure.The list is headed by the strange ways of advice on how to whiten teeth banana peel.For all the strangeness of an exotic method has the facts to prove the effectiveness of this method.It's time to find out, what is its essence and how true rave reviews.

  • Myths and truth about the amazing tool for white teeth
  • Technique whitening tooth enamel banana
  • Real reviews about the method
  • Secrets whitening effect - opinion dentists
  • Results: Is it possible to whiten your teeth peel from a banana

Myths and truth about the amazing tool for white

teeth whitening Being accepted to, you can not focus on the glossy pictures - natural healthy teeth always have a yellowish or grayish shade.Do not hope for a miracle, choosing domestic methods.

Technique whitening tooth enamel banana

First of all, it is necessary to learn all ab

out how to whiten teeth banana - or rather, a strip of his skin.For the procedure, you must choose a ripe fruit with a bright yellow color.Banana should be washed and cleaned as follows: turn it down the stem, firmly press the top part between the fingers, seeking cracking skin.This method prevents the appearance of filamentous fibers, which can interfere in the process of bleaching.

For once will be enough wide strips about 1.5 cm Remains better not shoot with a banana -. So they stay fit and on the following day.Actually the procedure consists in the daily wiping the enamel interior of the skin.Thus on the teeth as it is applied to the banana "paste."It is recommended to leave the vehicle for a few minutes, then carefully remove it with a brush dipped in warm water.The results should be expected in 10-14 days.

Real reviews about the method

Irene, 24 years: "The fact that you can whiten your teeth banana peel, learned from a friend, which boasted little white teeth.I have just one hand darkened teeth, and I could not wait to something to clean this stain.The fruit on the teeth I held up his darkening, and then clean off the usual paste.After two weeks, the speck descended, and the teeth are noticeably whiter.Considering that a banana I have enough for 2 days, got quite inexpensive. "

Julia, 32 years old: "Bananas are very fond of, often they replace eggs in baking, and as a healthy snack - great.Not yet learned that banana skin whitens teeth, always threw it.A process like low cost and convenience - no need to buy special ingredients and cook them.I must say that after a few days the enamel has really become fresh but boast significant bleaching can not. "

Secrets whitening effect - opinion dentists

Dental professionals have traditionally skeptical.Among the disadvantages of the method they call the risk of insufficient removal of residues of banana, which, like all sweet foods provoke proliferation of abnormal microflora.As a consequence, there is a risk of acute inflammation.However, a sharply negative way home whitening experts do not consider this procedure, calling it a futile effort and a waste of time.

no denying the fact that the banana peel has a whole range of nutrients, so in contact with the enamel is able to enrich it, like cream, elements such as potassium, calcium, manganese and phosphorus.Perhaps this exposure leads to improvement and clarification of the tooth enamel.Natural oils and waxes composed of skin can also help soften and remove the plaque that accumulates on the surface, no matter how carefully clean the teeth.

Results: Is it possible to whiten your teeth from a banana peel

Potential natural remedies to restore health and attractiveness so huge that modern medicine, famous for its strict evidentiary approach simply does not have time to process them.

It is possible that soon the home teeth whitening banana peel is deemed effective and safe.And until that happens, it is reasonable to approach the problem comprehensively:

  1. be screened at a dental clinic for healthy teeth and gums.
  2. if necessary to completely cure the underlying disease.
  3. Making sure that all the teeth are healthy, you can start to test different methods of bleaching by most of them harmless.

Only when combined approach can be regarded as the assertion that the peel from a banana whitens teeth, though.