Teeth whitening lemon at home: on the application of the recommendations

Category Dental Care | August 12, 2017 18:00

Lemon - a storehouse of important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.Due to its unique properties, it is widely used in folk medicine for the prevention of viral diseases, strengthen the immune system, treatment of beriberi.This fruit is also an excellent bleaching agent, so in cosmetology it is often used to remove age spots and lighten the tooth enamel.Teeth whitening lemon - simple and effective way to achieve a beautiful snow-white smile.

  • useful and harmful properties of tropical fruit
  • As a self whiten teeth lemon
  • Lemon peel for snow-white smile
  • How to prepare a whitening toothpaste
  • Using lemon pulp
  • Preparation of lemon solution
  • Use essentialoil
  • reviews teeth whitening lemon

useful and harmful properties of tropical fruit

regular teeth whitening with the help of a lemon can be obtained:

  • fresh breath,
  • white smile,
  • disinfection of the oral cavity,
  • reductiontoothache.

Using a similar method of bleaching can practically everyone, except for those who are

allergic to citrus fruits, and - increased sensitivity of the tooth enamel.

In any case, no one is recommended to resort to the procedures too often, as a part of the fruit contains a large amount of acid that destroys tooth enamel and makes them overly sensitive.

abuse aggressive acids could be one of the causes of dental caries, as well as irritation of the gastric mucosa, which is fraught with pain and heartburn.

How to whiten your teeth yourself lemon

There are many different ways to use citrus fruits as a bleaching agent.After reading about how to whiten your teeth with lemon at home, will only have to choose for themselves the most appropriate method and use it no more than once a week.

Lemon peel for snow-white smile

Teeth whitening lemon peel is the most gentle - with this method the most aggressive acids reduced impact on the oral cavity.Should rub the surface of the inner tooth enamel to lighten the crust (white) part of the peel, then hold your mouth open for a few minutes.

can try another way: to chew on skins for 30 seconds - this will clean the tooth enamel in the most remote places.It is not recommended to use this method for people with hypersensitive teeth, as this can cause discomfort.

How to cook whitening toothpaste

Whitening Toothpaste - a simple and affordable way to make a snow-white smile.To cook pasta at home, you can use the following recipe:

  1. Mix the paste with the usual pounded tablet of activated charcoal and a little lemon juice.
  2. For any toothpaste dripping a little lemon juice.This simple method can be used in each brushing.
  3. in half teaspoon of baking soda to add 15 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and squeeze a few drops of lemon.Citrus gives freshness, soda cleans the tooth enamel from plaque and peroxide having disinfectant properties.

Using lemon pulp

slice of lemon should be separated from the rind and hold in your mouth for a few minutes.In the process you will notice discomfort, so do not get involved in this tool.This is the most aggressive method of bleaching, as contained in the fruit Citric acid is active.If discomfort is worth trying more sparing techniques.Not recommended for people with sensitive tooth enamel, as well as problems of acid-base balance in the stomach, as in this case to avoid heartburn.

Preparation of lemon solution

To minimize the negative effects of citric acid on tooth enamel, you can try the lemon rinse solution.Lemon juice must be mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 1.The resulting mixture needed to hold in the mouth for several seconds and then rinse the mouth with water.This method of bleaching is not aggressive, but at the same time it is less effective than the previous ones.This method is suitable for people with impaired acid-base balance of the body and sensitive teeth.

Benefits of essential oil

Lemon essential oils have antiseptic, anti-aging, whitening, and other useful properties.Applying a small amount of oil on the toothpaste helps to freshen breath, lighten the enamel and prevent tooth decay.Essential oil of lemon for teeth whitening - the most secure way, since oil, unlike most of the fruit, can not cause damage to the enamel strong and suitable for almost all people (exception - the presence of an allergy).

To ensure that aromatic oils will not cause an allergic reaction, you need to apply 2-3 drops of the product on the wrist.Perhaps tingle, but it's a natural phenomenon.However discomfort while retaining more than 5 minutes, it is best to refrain from potentially hazardous procedure.

reviews teeth whitening lemon

Natalia, 37 years old: "All my life I was embarrassed of her smile.It seemed to me that she is not snow-white.I was advised to use such means: each time brushing your teeth added to the paste 3 drops of lemon juice.The result was visible in two weeks, the front teeth are noticeably brighter. "

Oksana, 22 years old: "I decided to try to wipe the tooth enamel of lemon peel.A little discomfort, but for the sake of beauty can tolerate.I use every two weeks.Little of it is, but it is far from the Hollywood smile. "

is important to know the contents of the excessive use of citric acid products will not benefit.Observe moderation.If you have any allergic reactions you should consult with your doctor.