Whiten teeth at home without any harm to the enamel and gums

Category Dental Care | August 12, 2017 18:00

snow-white smile can charm anyone.And in order to remove the plaque and tartar, return Zubkov old snow-white luster, it is not necessary to make an appointment to the dentist.You can whiten your teeth at home without harm - the effect is sure to please!You do not have to spend a lot of effort, time and money.Virtually all of the ingredients are already available in the kitchen.It remains only to choose the appropriate recipe and take the time for his own beauty.

  • Familiar tools for snow-white smile
  • Folk remedies for teeth whitening
  • When you can whiten your teeth at home
  • most secure means of whitening
  • aggressive methods give white
  • Who should not self-medicate

Familiar tools for snow-white smile

Smoking, drinking coffee, tea, oral low-quality cleaning over time lead to yellowing of the teeth.Are you interested in how to safely whiten your teeth at home?Everything is very simple!

  1. Purchase a quality toothbrush and dental floss.It is this tandem will gradually remove plaque an
    d restore natural shade.
  2. Buy abrasive toothpaste.It contains enzymes and polishing agents, that will not only remove plaque from the teeth, but also penetrate into the enamel dissolving stubborn browning.
  3. Use mouthwash.Hydrogen peroxide, which is a part of these funds, helps to whiten the enamel on the 2 tone.
  4. sometimes use whitening tooth powder.Keyword - sometimes.The powder is an aggressive tool that can not be used on a daily basis.Apply it is desirable in emergency situations when a quick result is required.

When unreasonably prolonged contact with industrial bleach with snow-white beauty you get increased sensitivity of enamel.The optimal duration of one course - two weeks (mix the paste and rinse aid).Then buy toothpaste with fluoride and fix the result.

Folk remedies for teeth whitening

If you are interested in how to safely whiten your teeth at home, try using proven traditional remedies.Just be careful: not all the proposed methods are completely safe.Evaluates the results and side effects - and to make informed decisions.

When you can whiten your teeth at home

Before you do bleach, do a simple test.Brush your teeth, tongue swipe enamel.If you feel the roughness of the toothbrush you enough.It should be clear enamel from plaque more effective means.

Bring to the mouth of the white paper.If her teeth look yellow background, you can whiten your own.If they have a grayish hue, should see a doctor.This suggests that the coating formed on the inner side.In such a case on their own to solve the problem will not work.

most secure means of whitening

These recipes prompt as harmless whiten teeth without damaging the enamel.

  1. Tea tree oil.Apply a small amount after each tooth brushing procedure, using a toothbrush.To press and rub it should not be.You just need to gently massage.This oil has a bleaching and germicidal effect.
  2. Lemon zest.Before going to bed, wipe the teeth of fresh lemon peel 10 consecutive days.It contains oil and fruit acid, which act on the enamel very carefully.

aggressive methods give white

  1. Soda.Put a little baking soda on the wet finger, gently rub the teeth only, without affecting the gums.The fine powder particles act as an abrasive agent, removing plaque from the tissues rather rudely.Firstly, you can damage the gums, if rubbing the teeth for a long time and very carefully.Secondly, the enamel can be formed small cracks that eventually lead to an increase tooth sensitivity.Therefore, use this method in the most extreme cases - when an urgent need to whiten your teeth.
  2. Activated Carbon.Crush tablet coal into powder without lumps, pour onto a toothbrush, rub the enamel.After rinsing may remain gray shade - he quickly washed away.Note that coal has the same effect as the soda - do not hurt yourself.

    pound activated carbon should be as finely as possible
  3. Rinse with hydrogen peroxide.Clean teeth paste with a high content of fluorine.Dilute with water 3% hydrogen peroxide is 1: 1.Rinse mouth first producing means (just 1 minute), then with clean water.Half an hour do not drink and do not take anything for food.
  4. soda with peroxide.Connect the hydrogen peroxide (3%) and ash to obtain a thick slurry.Apply a little money on your finger, brush your teeth so.Try not to touch the gums, so as not to hurt her.Rinse mouth.
  5. Pasta with peroxide.Apply a little toothbrush toothpaste with fluoride.On top, add a few drops of lemon juice and 3% hydrogen peroxide.Brush your teeth, rinse.This method is not as aggressive as the previous one, as it involves a smaller number of "dangerous" components.

Who should not self-medicate

Even the most gentle whitening teeth at home without harm is complete and has contraindications.It is not necessary to resort to this procedure the following people:

  • pregnant women;
  • people with sensitive teeth;
  • those who have a tooth decay;
  • while wearing braces and immediately after its removal;
  • in the presence of oral mucosa diseases.

Remember, almost always comes increased sensitivity in self-bleaching.With continued use of aggressive components of the enamel can be thinned so that the process is irreversible.Against this background, demineralization may occur (white spots appear on the site and that there is decay).Therefore, do not overdo it: better to have no white, but healthy teeth.

If you came during bleaching tooth sensitivity, you should immediately discontinue the procedure.Soreness disclose a violation of the enamel - do not destroy it even more.It is best to visit your dentist and use a safer way to bleaching.