Folk remedies for whitening teeth : how to quickly get rid of the darkening of the enamel

Category Dental Care | August 12, 2017 18:00

Sparkling white teeth at all times was a sign of a healthy and successful person.According to statistics, psychologists, people are 60% more likely to trust the owners of a snow-white smile, do not hesitate to show it.On the contrary, far from the ideal hue it causes problems with self-esteem and difficulties in the relationship.To solve the problem in two ways - to use the services of professionals or use of folk remedies for teeth whitening, time-tested.

  • main causes of changes in hue enamel
  • Who should not bleach teeth yourself
  • Traditional methods to achieve white-toothed smile
  • mechanical way to lighten the enamel
  • Chemical bleaching and disadvantages
  • Combined tool to remove yellowness

main causes of changes in hue enamel

basic factor, which determines the initial color of the teeth, is a set of genes, resulting person before birth.In total there are 28 shades - from yellow to gray and pearl milk.However, during the life of even the happy owner of an ideal tone can face it

change for the worse.This occurs when the surface layer of the tooth becomes thin, transparent, and out emerges an inner, darker layer - dentin.

If you have bad habits (smoking, constant use of colored drinks, sauces) tooth shade changes due to the penetration of colorants in the enamel and dentin.

Excessive sweets contributes to erosion of the enamel products of microorganisms.Yellowness also observed in the case of medication tetracycline group.More dull color are depulpirovat teeth with lead-sealed channels.All these points repeatedly aggravate irregular oral hygiene, which leads to the formation of stable plaque.

Who should not bleach teeth yourself

should not be equal to US standards, idealizing an unnatural white smile.To achieve a similar result using a home teeth whitening folk remedies, it is impossible.Houses can eliminate plaque staining and whiten the surface layer up to 1-2 tones.These methods are useful for people who quit smoking, give up coffee and tea, but it will not help if the darkening is caused by other, deeper, reasons.

Despite myths about the complete safety of whitening sessions at home, there are a set of restrictions and precautions, which necessarily need to know before they start.In particular, the contraindications for home lightening tooth surfaces are:

  • their high sensitivity - event only worsen the intensity and frequency of pain;
  • age to 14 years - children's teeth are still forming, and attempts to change the tone may lead to disturbances in their development;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding - any bleaching agents can not solve the main cause of the stains and yellowing (excessive loss of minerals);
  • caries and other diseases - penetration into the cavity of the patient's tooth whitening aggressive components of the mixture is unacceptable;
  • presence of fillings, veneers, crowns on the visible part - artificial dental tissue does not turn white, so after the session can dramatically lighten stand;
  • blue tooth, which appeared as a result of treatment failure - the only way to get rid of this shade is intracanal bleaching;
  • natural tooth color gray or brown - these colors are almost impossible to influence.

Traditional methods to achieve white-toothed smile

All methods of tooth whitening folk remedies at home can be divided into three groups:

  • Mechanical;
  • chemical;
  • mixed.

mechanical way to lighten the enamel

Achieving the desired effect is due to the maximum possible removal of pigmented coating.For this purpose, extensive use baking soda, wood ash, and charcoal.

soda to put on a cotton ball and carefully clean the surface of the teeth on all sides.Alternatively, the ash can be added to a toothpaste.In the process to avoid excessive application of force.

wood ashes used for cleaning teeth even before tooth powders and pastes.To obtain it, you can burn the match, after removing it from the sulfuric head.Then you need to dip a finger in the wet clean ash and massage their teeth.

charcoal tablet is recommended finely crushed and the resulting powder was used as well as or soda ash.

All these methods pose a threat of significant damage to the enamel, so they need to practice very carefully, and not more than once a week.

Chemical bleaching and disadvantages

funds available as part of various acid or peroxide (peroxide) hydrogen cleave colored plaque and dental tissue is clarified.This explains the frequent use in folk medicine, apple cider vinegar, berry compresses and rinsing the mouth with peroxide.

moisten cotton swab in hydrogen peroxide and wipe them all accessible surfaces of the teeth.Another method of application - be diluted in a glass of water tablet of hydrogen peroxide solution and rinse your mouth every day for a week.Be sure to remove the remnants of tools with warm water.This procedure is fraught with the loss of tooth enamel density and repeating its provisions can not be longer than the time.

After the morning cleaning the teeth is recommended to rinse them apple cider vinegar diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 1.Vinegar can be replaced with natural lemon juice.With rinsing with plain water to wash away the acid is important.The method can enhance the teeth response to temperature change and taste of food.Using them more often than 1 time per week, it is prohibited.

The same principle developed recommendations on how to whiten teeth folk remedies - strawberries or strawberry.In the summer season are advised to as much as possible to rub their teeth.However, there also need to be careful - it is necessary to rinse your mouth after each bleaching and not get carried away by their frequency.

Combined tool to remove yellowness

Mixing several tools in one helps the one hand, to accelerate the process, and on the other - multiplies the risk of side effects.

  1. saucer squeeze a small amount of toothpaste and add a pinch of salt, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.The resulting home-made pasta to brush your teeth in the morning during the week and do not forget to rinse them carefully with plain water.
  2. Mash a strawberry juice and brush her teeth.After 5 minutes, with a toothbrush applied paste mixture of baking soda and water.After rinsing with warm water to complete the cleansing of regular toothpaste.
  3. To add lemon juice, tea tree oil in equal proportions.After this fragrant mixture used for continuous cleaning of the teeth (at least 5 minutes).

On reviews, teeth whitening folk remedies does not always lead to the desired result.Therefore, the first step to become an attractive smile should obtain professional advice and proper treatment of all teeth.The second - the creation of habits for quality daily oral care.And then, in consultation with your dentist, you can start whitening procedures.