tea tree essential oil to whiten teeth : use and methods of application

Category Dental Care | August 12, 2017 18:00

unlikely that you find a dentist who will advise the essential tea tree oil for teeth whitening as the only effective way.However, its use in combination with additional treatments is possible.In addition, the available method would be quite low, and most importantly, effective: it is most often chosen for domestic use.Try to see this first hand.

  • therapeutic benefit and efficacy aromamasel
  • Tea Tree guard snow-white smile
  • Standard recipe for bleaching tooth enamel
  • Side effects of tooth whitening procedures

therapeutic benefit and efficacy aromamasel

Many essentialoils and compositions are used by mankind since time immemorial.For example, for compresses, or inhaled as aromatherapy procedures.Someone takes a bath with oil of juniper or lavender to calm the nervous system and prepare for sleep.Others choose the inhalation of lemon oil to relieve coughing or treat wounds using the essential oil of geranium.

there among aromatic oil compositions, which is characterized by the br

oadest spectrum of activity:

  1. Its distinctive features - a strong antiseptic and antibacterial effect.
  2. It treats pimples, blackheads and acne, helping skin look clean and smooth.
  3. free from infection of upper respiratory tract, if you use it as a basis for rinsing.
  4. considered potent immunostimulant, strengthens the immune system of children and their parents.
  5. is used for restoration of hair and nails, treatment of fungal infections of the skin.
  6. Among other things, successfully operated by dentists in their practice, as well as at home teeth whitening.

All these characteristics has an aromatic tea tree oil.More should discuss its unique properties bleach the tooth enamel.

Tea Tree guard snow-white smile

The effectiveness of tea tree oil in teeth whitening due to the following properties:

  1. Firstly, it cleanses the enamel from plaque and tartar, subject to regular use.
  2. Second, long freshens breath.
  3. Third, heals sores in the mouth and gums by eliminating bleeding.
  4. Finally, tea tree oil - an excellent prevention of upper respiratory tract diseases, oral cavity and upper respiratory tract.

Standard recipe for bleaching tooth enamel

tea tree essential oil for tooth whitening should be used regularly.Only in this way will be able to achieve a perfect result: a radiant smile and fresh breath, which will continue for a long time.In order not to burn the mucous membrane of the throat and the mouth is not recommended to use more than 2-3 drops of the oil.And the more it is not necessary to swallow the rinse solution.

standard procedure for cleaning the teeth from plaque and calculus is:

  1. First you need to clean their usual toothpaste.
  2. then need to drip 2-3 drops of aroma oils directly onto the brush and walk a few more times on the tooth enamel.
  3. At the end of the procedure must rinse your mouth without swallowing with water.

Initially, everything seems very easy, but teeth whitening tea tree essential oil is often a torture for people.It's time to talk about the side effects and contraindications of the procedure.

Side effects of tooth whitening procedures

matter how affordable and easy it may seem, this method, aromatic oils for teeth whitening is able to cause considerable discomfort to patients, with reviews of it can be very different across.One such procedure is necessary in handy, because in the past month the application you can see the real result: thanks to its unique composition, bleached enamel, tartar and plaque disappear and breathing becomes fresh.Others say the presence of side effects, among which are:

  • numbness in the tip of the tongue, the lower or upper lip or gums;
  • individual intolerance (allergy) in the form of swelling and rashes;
  • extremely unpleasant taste that lasts long in the mouth.

To avoid negative feelings during a whitening session can be during the first procedures only dribble one drop of oil on the toothbrush.So you will be able to evaluate the impact of funds on your own body and avoid the manifestations of allergic reactions.Alternatively, the preparation may be a solution for mouthwash: a glass of warm water will need only 2-3 drops of aroma oils.This mixture is necessary to rinse the mouth immediately after brushing.

Remember one important rule: the essential oil should be operated with extreme caution, because it is a concentrated product.

This method has some contraindications and undesirable adverse events.Therefore, if you are in doubt about the appropriateness of such a tool, you should consult your dentist before the course starts.