Cosmetic facial masks for skin care at home : a review of and recipes

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Cosmetic facial masks - an important component of comprehensive skin care.Depending on the type and composition, they are smooth, clean, moisturize, nourish and regenerate the skin.Funds are also valued for excellent smoothing properties and tightens.The expected effect can occur after the first session, or have a sustained action - it depends on the composition and compounding agent.The mask can be applied not only in a beauty salon, but also at home.

  • Classification of cosmetic masks kinds and types
  • Brief description of the main types of masks
  • Homemade masks - a great alternative to ready cosmetics
  • Kaolin: the ideal solution for problem skin
  • Red clay: how to help dryskin

Classification of cosmetic masks kinds and types

Manufacturers producing cosmetic formulations for owners of dry, oily, sensitive, normal and combination skin.In a separate category should include products targeted at combating age-related changes.Depending on the achieved effect, care products fall into se

veral categories:

  • moisturizers;
  • nutrients;
  • bleaching;
  • absorbent;
  • soothing;
  • tonic;
  • pull-up;
  • anti-aging.

Names beauty treatments speak for themselves.Modern masks are comparable to multi-component product, consisting of primary and secondary elements.Therefore, in practice it turns out that the product provides not one, but a whole range of effects.

As a part of these funds can be found plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, waxes, vegetable and essential oils.Sometimes there are unfamiliar and exotic ingredients among the ingredients.There are tools on the basis of black caviar, gold and silver.Just how effective costly ingredients, there's a lot of controversy.

finished cosmetic facial masks are classified in accordance with the consistency.Accepted provide the following types of funds:

  • gel and cream;
  • film;
  • paraffin;
  • silicone;
  • collagen;
  • tissue;
  • alginate.

Brief description of the main types of masks

first kind of masks - creamy, they are released in tubes and jars, used in beauty salons, cosmetology offices and homes.Manufacturers offer in the form of cream and gel moisturizing agents, cleansing, rejuvenating and regenerating compositions.

main component of the mask film is a latex.Also as part contains ingredients with anti-aging, firming and moisturizing effect.The mask is applied to the skin is removed and a thin layer of a solid film, which is converted by means of a time.

Paraffin mask cosmetologists recommend to apply before cleaning person.Apply them with edematous and sagging skin for a face-lift loop, as a means of smoothing.

Silicone masks are produced in the form of a powder, a mixture of concentrated or ready-elastic substance.Apply for an extended period of time in the form of a bandage, fixed on his face.Under the action of the active ingredients improves blood circulation, skin tightening.

collagen mask is a plate of protein protein subjected to the method of vacuum drying, soft.This method of processing keeps the most useful properties of the substance.Masks enrich active additives, to solve a range of skin problems.By type of exposure are cleansing, moisturizing, whitening, anti-inflammatory, nutrient.Before applying the collagen sheets impregnated with purified water.

Cloth masks made in the form of textile plates impregnated with a specific composition.The specific recipe defines its purpose.Among the popular consumer textile preform with moisturizing, nourishing, firming impregnation.

Alginate mask is produced in the form of minute powder, which is diluted with water to form a gel-like consistency.The resulting substance is applied to the face, where it quickly hardens.Remove the skin like a film mask.Cosmetic means has a pronounced antibacterial, moisturizing, lifting effect.

Homemade masks - a great alternative to ready cosmetics

Many women prefer a ready means and salon procedures to do cosmetic facial masks at home.Using natural ingredients, you can prepare an effective means for cleansing, hydration, nutrition, skin rejuvenation.The active ingredient in many formulations is a cosmetic clay - a natural and safe product.

Kaolin: the ideal solution for problem skin

White Clay returns a healthy and well-groomed appearance problem skin.Mix in equal proportions of kaolin, vodka and lemon juice until creamy consistency.The resulting mush apply on face, avoiding the area around the eyelids.After 10-12 minutes rinse with cool water.

fading skin elasticity helps to find a means of equal parts of white clay, honey, sour cream, lemon juice.Mix all ingredients, evaluate the consistency - it should be like sour cream.If you get the thick, you can add milk.The mixture is applied and removed in a standard way.

Red clay: how to help dry skin

for owners of dry flaky skin salvation becomes soothing mask that is easy to cook at home.In half a tablespoon of clay pour heavy cream to make a thick mixture.Add two teaspoons of aloe juice, mix until a smooth consistency without lumps and pellets.Massa put on the face for about quarter of an hour.

Mix in equal parts clay, olive oil, add egg yolk and a few drops of essential oil of orange.The resulting mixture is a good means of weekly care for dry irritated skin.

ladies who are prone to allergies, you should consider the choice of ingredients with particular thoroughness.Do not interfere with caution and using a ready-made products.Beauticians recommend before the procedure to put a little money on the ear and make sure there is no redness of the skin.


Our reader recommended tool that copes with wrinkles better than any "national" mask, and not inferior to efektivnosti salon treatment: nourishing the skin, smooths wrinkles and removes puffiness, and the effect of her words is noticeableafter the third application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result, which was achieved without boteks and operations - the person was under the age of 12 years!Therefore, we want to share a link to an entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to do it.Hopefully it will be useful to read more & gt; & gt;

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