Face mask of peas : the old recipes for the face and hair of pea flour and green peas

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Recently a lot of talk about the benefits of green vegetables and fruits.They contain the "deficit" of a substance, such as folic acid, which is very small in other products.The most accessible of these vegetables is peas.His cosmetic virtues were known in ancient Rome.Women already know a lot about conservation issues of youth and beauty.Invented mask of a face from peas used today.In this article, we describe how such a composition can be prepared by, and also tell you about other people's recipes with this miracle vegetable garden.

  • How to prepare peas
  • Roman mask
  • skin elasticity proven popular recipes for face
  • Video instruction on the preparation of the mask of pea

How to prepare peas

The first question that arises in women is associated with the product choice.It can be fresh peas from the garden, or dry with the shops.Pea facial mask can be prepared from any of them.The difference will be only in the preparation of the product to further "consumption".

  • Fresh and frozen peas must be liberated from the peel, then mash with a fork or use a blender.As a result, should get a soft paste.
  • When the cause is a dry product, it should be crushed to a state of flour or powder.To do this you will need a powerful grinder.
  • second option is more simple, but it takes time.Dry peas soaked for several hours in water and then boiled to end result is a puree.

So, having prepared gruel of "green handsome", you can start compiling therapeutic compositions.We'll start with the most famous mask.

Roman mask

elasticity of the skin is prepared, it is surprisingly easy.Pea flour (2 tbsp) should be mixed with the sour milk, whey or yogurt (2 tbsp. L.).The resulting slurry is applied to the face and neck and décolleté.The time of its action for approximately 20 minutes.When it dries completely, it should be wiped off, and then wash the face first with warm fingers in a circular motion, and at the end of the cold water.

makes the procedure should be lying down, completely relaxed facial muscles.The effect of her striking - the skin is smoothed, it becomes soft, velvety and supple.

proven popular recipes for face

  • For inflamed skin

In this recipe, you can use only a young milk peas.You need to cook it (1 tbsp. L.) And make him a smoothie.Pour it in milk or cream (2 hours. L.), Stir well and apply slurry on the face.After 15 minutes, rinse it with water.This facial mask of green peas makes the skin noble matt, normalizes the sebaceous glands and relieves irritation.After its regular use is tightened jaw line and chin, that is, the person returns to the youth.

  • Wrinkle

Take 2 tbsp.l.cooked pea powder and dilute it with warm water and natural yogurt (for oily skin it can be replaced with yogurt or sour milk).Leave the mixture to swell for about 5 minutes, then apply to face and after 20 minutes rinse with plain water.Because legumes contain substances with regenerating properties, the mask of pea-wrinkle well restores skin elasticity.To obtain the effect of the procedure should be done for 1 month 2 times per week.

  • acne

You need to pour 0.5 cups of pea flour with boiling water and allow it time to cool and thicken.Add to it the cream (100 g) and mix well.Clean the face, apply it on the prepared slurry, and after 20 minutes rinse with warm waters.This facial mask of pea flour perfectly cleanses the skin, moisturizes and is protected from the harmful effects of the environment.It is recommended to do 2 times during the week.

  • Hair Care

Pour the flour of peas with warm water and leave for the night, so she insisted.In the morning, apply it on the hair and wash off after half an hour, using warm water.Pea hair mask at the same time is a great natural shampoo.It perfectly washes away oil and dirt, as well as a beneficial effect on the appearance and health of curls.

Many therapeutic compositions came to us from the past, but today they have great reviews.If you use them regularly, you will soon forget about her hair and skin deficiencies.Be beautiful!

Video instruction on the preparation of the mask of pea


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