Face mask of red currants : useful properties and recipes

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On the application of a red currant for medical purposes has long been known.It helps in the treatment of certain diseases, and is also used for the preparation of cosmetics.For example, these berries make excellent anti-aging, vitamin, toning mask.Thanks to its beneficial properties, the mask for the face of the red smorodinysposobna work wonders and give beauty.In order to test its effect on yourself, you can not go to fancy beauty salons.After all, these masks recipes are fairly simple and everyone can prepare them at home.

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Videorecommendations on the use of masks currant

Features facials from red currants Useful properties

to fully appreciate the beneficial properties of the mask for the face of a red currant, we should recall the rich in vitamin composition of these delicious fruits.Because vitamin A, there is a restoration a

nd regeneration of damaged cells.In the fight against inflammation takes vitamin C, it is also responsible for rejuvenation.

Besides these berries contain trace elements, organic acids, dietary fiber.For example:

  • ascorbic acid - helps remove inflammation;
  • organic acid - deeply cleanse and destroy bacteria;
  • dietary fiber - will make the skin silky, soft and gentle;
  • potassium - would not dry out the skin, it is sufficient moistening.

important to know that this mask is suitable only for people with oily and combination skin types.


choosing any cosmetic product, we strive for the best result.To derive maximum benefit from the use of the mask of red currants, should adhere to certain recommendations.Such care is associated with a high content of fruit acids in this little berry.

  • To make the mask fit fresh or frozen fruit.
  • Currants can cause allergies.So it is important before applying the prepared mass to the face, to test it and evaluate the response.
  • useful to know that currant masks have sufficiently strong coloring effect.Therefore it is not recommended to keep them longer than 10-15 minutes.
  • Thanks to the rich content of various acids, the mask of red currants can solve the problems of oily skin and eliminate rashes.For moisturizing dry or shelled faces suit black currant.
  • Usually this cosmetic use no more than once a week.

currants Recipes masks

To skin had a healthy appearance, was firm and had no greasy, homemade recipes suggest using masks.Everyone can learn something useful to solve their problems.

  • Whitening

Mash currants, add a little vegetable oil.If the skin is combined, applied only to the forehead, nose and chin.Wash off with cold water after 10-15 minutes.

  • Cleansing

This mask will narrow pores, cleanse the skin and removes shine.It is necessary to add to frayed currant spoonful of flour.You can also use freshly squeezed juice.

adding another component, it is possible to achieve a deeper cleansing.Take a teaspoon of cosmetic clay and currant juice.Such a cosmetic product can be left on your face no more than 20 minutes.

  • Refreshing

Berry juice mixed with mineral water and lemon juice in equal proportions.Then freeze.After waking up to wipe the face with ice cubes.

  • Tonic

perfectly raises the tone aging skin this mask.A tablespoon of red currant pound with a teaspoon of honey.Within 10 minutes post face.Then rinse with cool water, to narrow pores.

  • Moisturizing

Need a radiant appearance and freshness of the skin?We need to take fresh cheese (1 tablespoon), add honey (1 teaspoon) and mix.To the resulting mass pour currant juice (2-3 teaspoons).The thick slurry was applied for 10-15 minutes.Then rinse thoroughly with cool water.

  • Vitamin

This mask can be done all day.Fresh currant juice mixed with boiled water (1: 1).Moistened cotton pad to wipe the face.

  • Nourishing

add yogurt or sour cream, stir in the mashed red currants.You can leave on your face no more than 15 minutes.

proposed currants recipes masks help to solve cosmetic problems and to put in order the person in a short time.Follow our advice and stay healthy!


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