Mask eyebrow : the subtleties of home use

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you know that now in vogue thick, lush, bright eyebrow, as if untouched by the tweezers, to some extent, even "wild" ?!"What do you do, just recently been relevant thread, and now to" go to the people "need thickets ?!" - indignantly exclaim you.Early in panic.Fashion is only at first glance offers unimaginable solutions, it is actually quite trendy trends can be put into practice in the short term, without prejudice to the budget and the nervous system.The main thing - to know the right "path."Make eye fashion will help revitalizing treatment for eyebrows - a mask based on natural "medicines" such as oil, aloe, eggs, some fruits and vegetables.

  • video educational program from the expert: Eyebrow restoration and eyelashes
  • What spoils
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video educational program from the expert: Eyebrow restorationand eyelashes

What spoils eyebrows

Before making masks for the growth of eyebrows, you will agree, it would be nice to know

what destroys the beauty of the decoration arc face?Get acquainted with the list of enemies of beauty eyebrows:

  • starvation, exhausting diet;
  • addictions (hobby alcohol, smoking);
  • abuse sunny suite;
  • lack of sleep, nocturnal;
  • fatigue;
  • stressful situations;
  • unbalanced menu;
  • abuse of drugs;
  • disruptions of the endocrine system;
  • excessive love of decorative cosmetics;
  • ignoring the rules of hair care;
  • use of expired / low-quality cosmetics;
  • unprofessional correction of the form;
  • frequent staining;
  • wrong to get a tattoo.

Wisdom returning Beauty eyebrows

should be understood that the mask eyebrow - a kind of "first aid".To achieve the density of the hair is not so difficult as to keep the achieved results.So, in parallel with the development of masks recipes and change some of their habits and diet, so to speak, beat the enemy on all "fronts", then you'll be able to fix the resulting effect for many years.

change plan:

  1. Let's start with the most simple - food.Increase in the proportion of the diet of the gifts of nature - fruits and vegetables, especially green and yellow hues that abound in beta-carotene, causing hair growth.Dairy products, wheat germ, organic honey, dried fruit, especially prunes and dried apricots, nuts - they are also beneficial to the thickness of eyebrows.Eat and become fashionable.
  2. second unit - a way of life.Is it worth anything to clarify this issue?You yourself know that the active schedule, walking in air, passion for sports and restful sleep can work wonders.
  3. And the third important point: trust your eyebrows only to professionals.Coloring, shape correction, tattoos and other manipulations - all this must be carried out perfectly clean, special tools and the hands of a master.Pets "experiments" or beginner hill Services cosmetologists can lead to tragedy.

recipes Bag Now that we have conducted the identification of enemies of beautiful eyebrows and met with their best friends, time to move on to the creative part - the production of compositions for the restoration of the ideal form.

So, the best mask density eyebrows.

  • Night Mask

protein mask for the growth of eyebrows suited for those who are ultra busy or lazy.All manipulations will take about a couple of minutes.So, remember.The best time for making the mixture - evening.Fresh whipping protein, apply the foam on the hair and go to bed.In the morning just to wash.

  • Magic duo

said that the best ally of the beautiful eyebrows - castor oil.For sale this product in any of the pharmacies is "pennies."Connect a spoonful of castor oil with a couple of drops of fresh juice of aloe.Treat a mixture of hair and wait fifteen minutes.Then remove residues with a paper towel.

  • oil mix

One oil - well, two - better, and three - all wonderful.Yes, oil eyebrows, imagine not spoil.Mix in equal proportions castor oil, linseed oil and camphor."Mix" slightly warm, preferably in a water bath, but you can in the microwave oven.Then with a brush, apply makeup to hair and forget about it somewhere on the hour.Blot with a tissue residues.

should pay attention!In fact, all of the recipes are also suitable for the eyelashes, so do not waste time, and at the same time treat them, because, as you know, long lashes make eyes look more sexy, which reduces men mad.

  • Mask of parsley

This procedure is recommended to do in the summer when the garden is found curly "guest", and the eyebrows are suffering from an overabundance of sun.Crush a few sprigs of parsley (you can in a food processor, a mortar or a cut).Add a few drops of gruel fresh juice of aloe.Hairs (can and eyelashes too) treat vitamin mixture and lie down minutes 20. Wash.The water should be slightly cool.

  • Oil-vegetable mixture

In the fight for the beauty of the eyebrows themselves well established not only parsley.Suitable also cabbage, celery, carrot, apple, orange.Prepare a vitamin mixture.The juice of these products in equal proportions, mixed with castor, linseed or conventional - olive oil.Proceed according to the scenario of the previous recipe.

What mask eyebrow you start introduction to the fashion trends of the season ?!


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