Braces : review of modern braces for teeth correction and their Features

Category Dental Care | August 12, 2017 18:00

beautiful smile is a part of the image of a successful person - smooth healthy teeth help you to achieve success not only in their personal lives but also in the professional field.Achievements orthodontics leveled the possibilities of those who are forced from childhood to hide their deficiencies with those who were lucky enough to be born with a perfect bite.Modern braces not only work wonders, but did not spoil the appearance of the correction.

  • Braces and their ability
  • Overview breketnyh systems
  • What is the basis of corrective braces
  • see the results of hidden features
  • Two approaches to
  • correction How to prepare for the installation of braces

Braces and their ability

dry language of medicine called a non-removable orthodontic braces devices attached to the outer or inner surface of the teeth.Due to the fact that nature gave teeth motor ability, breketnye systems can draw, tilt or rotate your teeth in the right direction, giving them the desired position and eliminatin

g shortcomings.

correction can not be called a rapid process - the treatment lasts from 8 months to two and a half years, but the result is irreversible - fixing in position remain for life.

breketnye price of the system depends on the type and clinics, some centers offer prices from 50,000 rubles., But you can find the price brackets from 9000 rubles, while the quality of expensive counterparts, they will be no different.

Overview breketnyh systems

Braces to classify for the manufacture of the material, a process for their installation and mounting type.

Metal braces

What is the basis of corrective braces

today in orthodontics using braces from:

  • metals (including precious);
  • plastic;
  • sapphire;
  • ceramics.

most popular in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities are accessible metal system.For people prone to allergic reactions, are ideal staples of titanium and ceramics.Fans of non-ferrous metals offered the status gold bracket.

Sapphire correctors converted medical device in jewelery - especially such staples like girls.For their production using sapphires medical devices grown on technology similar to the sapphire production for the jewelry industry.Under the influence of saliva, such braces are virtually invisible during smiling.

sapphire brackets with a white arc

see the results of hidden features

By type of installation bracket system can be external and internal.Conventional external clips mounted on the outer surface of the teeth, so they can see the whole period of correction.

For those who by the nature of its business or for personal reasons can not afford to carry any visible braces, lingual braces came up - they are placed on the back side, thus eliminating the only negative - an aesthetic problem.In addition to the preservation of beauty, this kind of treatment makes it easier to monitor the process of alignment of bite and control changes in dentition.In addition, according to statistics, lingual braces are less likely to cause inflammation of the gums.

Internal braces

Two approaches to

By way of compensation effects on teeth braces are ligature and bezligaturnymi.More recently, widely used ligature clips have received its name from a member of the ligature structure holding the arc.These devices are well proven, but they have one drawback - the need for regular replacement of the elastic elements.

Bezligaturnye braces - a relatively new concept in orthodontics.These designs are equipped with sliding clamps to facilitate the replacement of the arc and minimize discomfort.Such systems are called self-ligating, their advantage in slow motion and a more natural movement of the teeth.Bezligaturnye brackets do not require frequent visits to the doctor - just visit the clinic once every two or three months.

Youth colored braces

How to prepare for the installation of braces

If there are no contraindications, you can begin to prepare for the installation."DentIdeal" Specialists clinic, having vast experience in the creation of charming smiles, it is advised to start your path to beauty with a visit to the orthodontist.The doctor will select the best clips, considering lifestyle requirements and the state of the client's mouth cavity.For more information about all the stages of preparation can be found on the Center's website: http: // / services / orthodontiya /

stages of preparation for independence should include dental health - before you put braces, you need to treat all the teeth from caries and eliminate gum disease.The rest is to rely on the professionalism of doctors.

Do not think that giving your teeth a beautiful form is possible only at a young age.Increasingly, people are turning to clinics over 40 years, and sometimes patients declare their desire to smile broadly after 60 years - not a reason to abandon the achievements of modern medicine, but also to delay the visit to the orthodontist is not worth it!