New hairstyles : spectacular styling and original decorations for the meeting in 2015

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New Year - the most coveted, long-awaited and still coming holiday unexpectedly.Every year, we vow to myself that much this time to prepare for it exactly as it should, it is done in advance all the shopping and cooking, and as a result spent the last hours of the year in the turmoil of the queue.Since autumn eyeing elegant dress, finding fault with every detail, as a result of the content with that just came on the size.We swear to enroll yourself and barber manicurists in advance and before leaving hastily are building something yourself, unsuccessfully phoned a dozen artists have been added work.As a rule, it is slightly more complicated version of casual hairstyles, because at the last moment all the good ideas somewhere to run away.Alas, but it boasts a truly festive laying on a party can only be the most prudent.They are the ones who chose us and tried to create his own head various options for hairstyles for the new year, long before its occurrence.Accordingly, in order to shine on holiday ball,

it's time to decide on a hairstyle, hair color and styling.

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  • Three variants of hairstyles with curls for the New year

festive hairstyle: secrets irresistible

New year - a rare case when with the appearance you can create anything you want.No one could blame the owner of immodesty in a bright blue wig and do not look at the crooked middle-aged lady, decorating children's head bows.To attract attention and cause envious looks possible and without resorting to shocking, show enough imagination share.

New hairstyle on long hair

It seems that owners of long hair are in the advantageous position, because it is available the greatest number of options for styling.But the choice - this is the hardest.Curl curls or straighten the strands to braid or put up, to create a bouffant or hide her hair under a bright turban - how to choose from the many options best ?!

hairstyle for the new year 2015 should be neat and well laid.This approach to the entire image dictates the mistress of the coming year - blue wooden goat.From the options with her hair, it is desirable to give up yet because of low practicality of such installation.After 2-3 active competitions it comes to clutter, and photos taken in the morning and all will be upset.Stop on a variant with her hair long length can be used only if the event is guaranteed to finish viewing the "Irony of Fate" in the company of older family members.There are also pluses: the tenderness and loveliness of the image with the curls will certainly appreciate the grandmothers and great-aunt, when the evening will spend it in their company.

most practical version of New Year's hairstyles for long hair - weaving.Moreover, dense mesh, braids "spikelets", "dragon" and "corolla" stand more than one day, allowing no additional effort look good in the morning and, if a party on December 31 is planned with a smooth transition to the tea party on January 1st.You can combine these techniques and tightly gathered and left occipital region of the hair free.It looks this Christmas hairstyle elegant and romantic, "cascade" confidently keeps its shape from the evening until the next evening.

festive styling hair of medium length

For medium length hair volume is important.High fleece, fluffy perm and tight fixing in advance to try out styling products allow the evening to look luxurious.If it seems like it's too casually, you can experiment with painting.Trusting his best professionals, as New Year's Eve is not the time when it is possible to correct the effects of low-quality work.You can freshen up a little color can dramatically change it, you can promelirovat otkolorirovat or individual strands, and you can decide on a fashionable gradient coloring.Gradient - a smooth transition of several colors.This technique requires skill masters, will take time, but it certainly will not go unnoticed by guests Christmas party.

eve can not only do a perm.It is characterized by an unpleasant odor that persists for several days, during which the head can not be washed.It will spoil the mood of not only the possessor svezhezavityh curls, and other guests.

Fancy styling for short haircuts

Short hair does not require a lot of time to care and styling, but also the attention of such a hairstyle should be given.Firstly, the need to refresh the hair cut, bringing it in perfect shape.Second, select the type of presentation, which for the sake of the holiday can be a surprisingly asymmetrical.Third, check for resistance styling products as well as a small length can not be expected to commit additional strands.

hair extensions for a holiday party

Hair Extensions - quite popular the last few years the procedure, and it is the new year for the first time many of the girls will go to that wanting to become the queen of Christmas ball.Of course, the benefits are obvious: you can build almost any volume, any length, which will realize the dream of long hair, not waiting for the fulfillment of this desire to Santa Claus.At the same time, there is little detail is the essence of the procedure and aware of its consequences.

Hot Hair Extensions

Hot or capsule capacity - the most time-consuming and costly procedure.In no case can not only trust such manipulations unqualified master, but also to pick up materials on their own, with no experience.The result, at best, be an unpredictable reaction of artificial strands for humidity, temperature, or attempt to wash your hair, and at worst - low quality buildup will affect the density of native hair.Decides on the need to build hot no later than the beginning of December, to allow time for the selection of a point fiber and a certified master record.About Hair regrowth is also impossible to forget, set in the middle of November to the strands of the new year will require the correction costs.

Tape hair extensions and fixing locks barrette

more gentle method - tape capacity, is to "sew" the hair strips to the roots of its own.It, like the mini-strand binding combs, requires no temperature effects, and therefore practically does not damage the structure of natural hair.Attention will require only the selection of fiber, which can be both natural and artificial.The cost of such material is not small, so the purchase is performed under supervision of the master, which will carry out the procedure, or in a specialty store, where consultants versed in the specifics of its range.

Strands barrette

absolutely safe for the hair ornament - strands barrette.Hairstyle fixed with a bang in the bright strand of fishing line or with crystals in the zone of the temples it looks spectacular, elegant, unusual, and is created for 1 minute, clip-little "crab."

techniques of decorating Christmas hairstyles 2015

idea to decorate hairstyles can be gleaned from the Internet and from magazines, and in the study windows with loose hair products.But not every accessory is appropriate for the meeting of the new year.

Jewellery and Accessories

A year of wooden goat, it defines a set of recommended astrologers ornaments.From rhinestones and bright plastic will have to give, but the bark and wood barrettes and combs will be very helpful.Even if the house did not find anything like this, the old grandmother's necklaces combined with simple studs in 10 minutes can be fashionable and relevant accessory.Faded luster easily restore a normal colorless nail polish.

By the way, if in the box with paint turned up another jar and crumbly Blesok, it's time to put it into action.On moistened stacker gel strands can be applied to any lip brush, pre-closing piece of paper remaining volume of hair.You can also decorate the edge of the fringe and just maknuv shines in the hair ends, wet sticky gel.

Temporary hair coloring to the aid of those who are unlikely to be solved on a long-term hair coloring comes cosmetic industry.The most popular means for temporarily coloring - colored mascara for the hair and will be on sale recently crayons.Bright hairstyle will last till the first shampooing, but the consequences of this and no staining.Besides, it is one of the few ways to create acceptable hairstyles for New Year's baby, and therefore the problem of "how I want my mother!" Will be solved.

Oh, this New Year!Suit, gifts and sweets for children and souvenirs to colleagues, tickets to the Christmas tree and prepare Olivier obligatory calls to congratulate all the relatives, manicure, make-up, and even New Year's hair ... so much trouble and expense for one night, a pair of corporate, several trips to the guests,and a dozen videos, hundreds of pictures and memories for the whole year.After all, this night is worth it to carefully prepare for it ?!

Three variants of hairstyles with curls for the New Year


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