How to make a bow out of hair : step by step instructions and video tutorial

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wondering how to make a bow made of hair like Lady Gaga or Paris Hilton?We will tell and show!A gentle, romantic and naughty bow out of hair will not let you get lost in the gray faceless mass.So how can such a hairdo go unnoticed or indulge in sadness and sorrow?Excluded!Cute bow will certainly cheer up you and all who are lucky enough to meet you on your way.Curious glances you just guaranteed!How nice to be a source of smiles and megapozitiva!Stylish bow can be restrained and modest and boldly-shocking, and it can be placed on top, at the back or on the sides, experimenting with styles and images.His version of the hairstyle "bow" must exist for office, study, Romantic, fun shopping in the company of friends and tusy club.The best part is that the build out their own hair a chic bow is a snap.All you need - manual dexterity and curiosity.And because the bow itself is a wonderful decoration, it does not require additional accessories or intricate decor.

  • Effective component of romantic h
  • How to build a bow on her hair
  • forces Creating an elegant bow out of hair at the nape
  • How to make hair "bow" of the two tails
  • How to make a bow out of hair:video tutorials

Effective component of romantic hairstyles

How to build a bow on her hair

forces to create hairstyles "bow" we need:

  • two gum
  • invisible
  • studs
  • varnishhair strong fixation

first decide the manner and style that you want to create.What will it be: a strict bow at the back, which does not enter into a coma your business partners or teachers at the university, bold surround bow at the very top, designed to surprise and shock, or perhaps a doll-side perky bow?With the location and form clear.Now we should pay due attention to their head of hair to hair does not look shabby.Owners of curly hair definitely need to get rid of their restive curls, waves and curls by using utjuzhkom or any other available method of hair straightening.

But if the nature of your "reward" thin hairs and liquid, have to work hard and give them volume.How to do it?Screw locks on large curlers.they will not curl too (this, we just do not need), but perked up noticeably and become more elaborate.The right?Excellent!Now comb the hair thoroughly, sprinkle them spray, treating the gel-balm or mousse for hair styling, they are easier to comb and were more pliable.The preparatory phase is completed.Curls are prepared and can now safely proceed to the creation of a bow.

Create elegant bow out of hair at the nape

  • Step One

On temechko highlight triangle in the form of letter V - it is our bangs.To give hair extra volume dedicated strand is screwed onto large rollers.A similar trick perform with strands in the temporal part.If you have bangs, and so, in addition take the hair is no need for it.Simply divide the front half of the hair parted into two parts.

  • Step Two

collect remaining hair back in a low ponytail tight.If curls too restive and disobedient, and tail now and then threatens to fall apart, put your hands on a little wax or gel to make your hair more pliable and hair neat and tidy.At the top of the tail, and select a small section of tail stabs invisible so that it is not interfered with us.We will come back to it later.

  • Step Three

Take a second elastic and fasten it at the bottom of the tail.Hair, located between the first and second band, divide into two equal parts, of which we form a neat bow and fix its bolts.Curls must bow evenly spaced on either side of the center of the tail.The remaining hair tips divide into two parts and cleverly hide in the left and right halves of a bow.If the tips of the previously little to comb, the bow will be more voluminous and impressive.

  • Step Four

Now is the time to remember the strands that we have separated from the tail in the beginning.With its help, we'll make a nice bundle between the halves of the bow.At the base of the tail with two strand fasten invisible, we put it in the middle of a bow and fix the bottom, hidden inside the bow tips.

  • Step Five

return to the strands in the temporal area.Remove the curlers, gently tease the left and right lock, curl loosely in tow, to conduct a bow, anchoring pins and the tips of hiding under the bow.

  • Step Six

As a final touch laid bangs wave, fix invisible and varnish strong fixation.After 5-10 minutes, gently remove the invisible and admire his reflection in the mirror!Similarly, the bow can be in any other of the head.

How to make hair "bow" of the two tails

Step One: choose to bow position.In our case it is the head.Vertical hair parted share in half.Gather hair into two pigtails, located exactly on the same level.Every intercept eraser, but not too tight.

Step Two: bottom of each of the tails again intercept eraser.Try to fix the gum at the same level, so that a bow turned uniform curls.

Step Three: bend left tail, forming a neat half bow, and a few pins to fix the gum elastic band.Similar actions Do the right-hand tail.Tips to hide the halves of the bow.It's simple and fast!To build this bow can be a few minutes.

If your hands even more so from the meta grow, go to the hairdresser - there you will bow at the highest level!Alternatively, you can purchase a hairpiece in the shape of a bow, which is simple and can be easily attached to your own hair.Hairpiece help out in cases where the length of the hair for a full bow enough.A more interesting option - to buy a consignment tail and forming a bow out of it by experimenting with different techniques and images.

How to make a bow out of hair: video tutorials


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