Short haircuts : video and photo review of fashionable hairstyles for short hair

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My friend at school has always been a short-haired."Why do not you grow a little hair and do her hair for medium or long hair?" - I asked her.- "What do you like so short haircuts and hairstyles?" To this the friend replied: "Girls with short hair boys are afraid of less than elegant, stylish, long hair owners.I have to just "a guy!»

Many years later, becoming a successful business woman, girlfriend, however, his style has not changed and still sports a short hairstyle."You would not believe how much business rescues short hair!" - As she said.- "Time for packing - at least, has always retained an elegant look, and business partners - a man I trust more than the long-haired" business tricks »

Well, arguing with his girlfriend, I did not, all the more so in some ways!it is undoubtedly right.In the business rhythm of our crazy life always be well-groomed, elegant and very stylish it may help short hair!

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short haircuts 100 years ago and today

More recently, women's short hairstyles marked its centenary.Once upon a time, before the effervescence of the emancipation of women and indiscriminate enthusiasm with the new and revolutionary, representative of the beautiful half of humanity could decorate their appearance only long hairstyles or, in extreme cases, medium hair.And they did so, it must be said, always with great success.

But progress does not stand still, and the first cars, airplanes, women were equal to men to conquer the heavenly spaces, active travel.Undoubtedly, the short hair in field conditions were much more comfortable!Yes, and began at the dawn of the twentieth century World War forced many women who have served in the military and field hospitals, to make a short cut - time to elaborate invention of long hair is simply not enough.

Anyway, short haircuts have become part of our lives, and from a convenient became very fashionable and stylish.

Short haircuts for fine hair

Owners silky, air, but not very thick hair often ask, "Can I pick up the hair is hair of this type?" Without a doubt, such hair - the personification of femininity and romanticism - deserve the best, and webe sure to give the necessary advice!

  • Best length short hairstyles for fine hair - a line from the lower edge of the ear to the chin.If short haircut - hair style can become too "sleek".
  • Grooming thin hair, remember that you do not fit the usual shampoo, should also be avoided, and shampoos with conditioners.Choose a special line just for your hair type, where part of the funds includes vitamins, minerals, gives hair strength and healthy shine.
  • For your hair is very useful hydrating mask and scalp massage that improves blood circulation, better oxygen supply of the hair follicles, and as a result, better hair growth.
  • Do haircut only in the professional salon, do not skimp on beauty!A true master will not do with your hair the manipulation that may harm them or worsen the appearance because of the fact he is a professional to see at a glance what a treasure in front of him!
  • With its variant hairstyles that runs hot scissors - this technique allows you to "weld" the hair ends and helps to avoid premature excision.
  • Take a sample of stars - note that they did not suffer because they have no different hair density and make a short cut, creating the image of the independent, modern and naughty girls.Haircuts, which are Emma Watson and Halle Berry, are neck and delicate oval face in the most advantageous light.

options short haircuts for curly hair

The most common mistake made by holders of unique curly hair - are cut as short as possible.Before you let your locks "on a pair of scissors," a few times and always think carefully consult with the master.An experienced professional will take into account the degree of elasticity of your curls to give you the right advice on the selection of styling, as well as make the cut, taking into account the direction of hair growth.After all, if your hair has a special "Whirlwind", to fight with them to put in the right direction, it is very difficult.

  • Very short hair - not for you.Your version - haircut with hair subjected to grading and milling strands, original version of "elongated" short haircut.The fact that your curls by nature can have varying degrees of curls "twist", so after clipping some strands may be shorter, some - longer.To avoid such a result, just use Scale - haircut at different angles, creating the effect of airiness and cascading.
  • Bang - is also not your option.Curls on the forehead to keep "in check" all day is quite difficult, because any increase in humidity can return your curls disobedient in pristine condition.
  • If the haircut is made taking into account all the individual characteristics of curly hair, you can use the very existence of curls in their favor, because this hairstyle will require you to at least care, styling and looks very impressive.
  • Keep landmark celebrities - they use their curly hair to create a unique image for the full program.Whitney Houston and Meg Ryan provides us a vivid example of haircuts, which is slightly longer than the usual haircut "a boy", however, they look at the same time very elegant and feminine.

Haircuts short hair on the hard

If you have coarse hair, you do not know firsthand that this elasticity, volume, strength and shine.Any stylist will tell you that such hair - the dream master, creating a short cut.However, not all as easy as it might seem at first glance.What are the main points you need to consider going short haircut?

  • all types of Bangs, oblique, straight, long, short - they are perfectly suited for your hair!
  • In no case do not give up on the styling, because coarse hair often have a "naughty", and give them the right direction is not so simple.Yes, and the volume at the roots to create a never hurts!
  • From straight and level lines should be abandoned, and the usual bob bob can be at the ends hang unattractive, because the hair styling such as yours, are very complex.
  • This season, the rage - asymmetry, and on your hair to create it easier than ever!Use all advantages of your hair shiny and elastic to create a modern and stylish way, and you will be provided always in the spotlight.

Councils wishing to make a short cut

And finally - a few tips to anyone who is going to make a short haircut and a short haircut.Be sure to check with them and follow them, if you want to always look perfect!

  • When you walk out of the salon with a short haircut, you will immediately feel the increased attention to your face.No wonder, because now your face has become more open.Therefore - as carefully do your make-up, bring in perfect order eyebrows.
  • With short hair you will no longer be able to instantly collect hair in a "tail", dart away from home.This hairstyle needs a daily laying, but there is in this a positive thing - making such installation very quickly, simply wash your hair, dry it and put a hairdryer using a suitable tool for the case.
  • very short hair open general review your neck and shoulders.Are you ready for this?If not, we advise you to leave the neck veiled smooth waves.
  • at least once a month you will need to visit the salon to save the desired shape hairstyles.Remember: the best short haircut that which trim in the cabin around do not notice!

Deciding to make a short cut, pre-to try on yourself this way.Make it very easy - on the internet can be found on the selection of hairstyles program and determine whether you just a short haircut fit.Good luck!

Video directory charming short options


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