How to make a bundle of hair : 7 creative and elegant hairstyle options

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beam - one of the simplest and most elegant hairstyles for long hair and hair of medium length.A brilliant combination of simplicity, comfort and elegance!How to make a bundle of hair for everyday and special occasions?A beam perfectly combined both with the sports, business and casual style, as well as an evening style.The main thing - to choose the correct version of the beam and accessories.Creating a beam does not require special skills and effort, so it can be done in absolutely all circumstances, even on the road or in the field.Using various techniques, modest and simple beam can be easily turned into a luxurious hairstyle for a reception, a wedding or a romantic date.

  • universal solution for any hair
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  • beam How to make a bundle of hair
  • 7 variants of the popular hairstyles
  • Traditional simple beam
  • Stylish "astrakhan" bundle of flagella
  • Elegant classic beam
  • festive version with rims
  • bundle of wavy hair
  • Exquisite beam with decorations and accessories
  • Smooth lateral beam
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universal solution for any hair

beam - a win-win for absolutely every situation and style of clothing.Having collected hair in a bun, it is convenient to do sports (think of the famous athletes and dancers) and household chores, go shopping or walk the dog, and at a business meeting or dinner party you'll be on top!Most importantly, you'll not only look superb, but also feel comfortable and confident, thanks to secure the hair.

Who should do beam

Variations on the beam, there are more than a dozen.Due to this diversity, this hairstyle can be called universal, because every woman if you want to be able to choose your ideal bunch.However, despite the diversity and universality of all, we should not forget that the beam, just like any other hairstyle can emphasize not only the dignity of women, but also its disadvantages.Elegant and refined beam - the perfect hair style for slim lady with swan neck and regular features.In this combination, even slovenly and sloppy beam looks like a king!If your neck is hardly a swan, below the beam better to do, not focusing on the neck.

From high beams on top is to give girls and tall.A short soft beam will brighten up too long and thin neck.Owners occiput flattened shapes are perfect lush high beams: flat, voluminous, curly, and in the form of eight.Fragile young women do not fit the massive bulk of long hair tufts that look at least ridiculously.It is better to make a tight bun, decorated with curlicues of curls, or two small on each side of the beam.For located high on top of the beam is important to growing hair on the neck were not too tight.

How to make a bundle of

Hair Long hair and hair of medium length - ideal for creative hairdressing experiments, from which you can "build" anything.The beam - great for work, does not require special skill, effort, luxury styling and clever devices.In addition, he almost never goes out of fashion, and the variety of variations on the theme of classical beam, allows lovers of this hairstyle always be different and unique.

To make a bundle, gather hair at the back or top of the head, where they are rolled and secured with pins, forming a knot.If you need to give hair volume, you can use different pads, for example, a foam roller or a chignon.The beam can be tight or loose, "sleek" and neat or deliberately careless, high or low.

7 variants of the popular hairstyles

Traditional simple beam

Make an ordinary beam easier than ever: comb your hair, gather them back in high or low ponytail, twisted into a bundle is twisted in a knot and fasten the studs so that they wereimperceptible.Instead of pins, you can use a long hairpin in the form of forceps.To diversify and several embellish an ordinary beam, the beam can be left at the bottom of a pair of thin strands.Twist their flagella and lay on top of the beam.The tips in the flagella turn off rings and attach to the hair invisible.

Stylish "astrakhan" bundle of flagella

Horizontal divide the hair into 4-5 equal portions.At each site collect hair in a ponytail and tightly twisted into a flagellum, to form a loop-like scribbles and designs.Get Stylish "astrakhan" bundle of flagella fixed with pins and invisible.This hairstyle always looks original and modern!

Elegant classic beam

Divide the hair into three parts.Occipital do more than the other two.Two front part is better to divide the side parting.Front locks of hair for easy anchoring clamps.The main part of the occipital hair carefully comb, to lift the crown and contractible tight rubber band, making the tail.Curl hair loosely plait and wrap it several times around the base of the tail.We leave a small loop, which is passed the free tip of the tail.Firmly tighten knot and hide it in the ends of the strands.Fix the beam pins and all sprinkled with lacquer.Now with two side pieces of hair clips and remove the comb them.The left side of the beam strand we start over, beautifully laid her on the ear, and fasten it invisible, leaving the ends of her hair free.We do the same with the right side portion.Elegant bundle of hair is ready!Excellent choice for business hairstyles business woman.

festive version with rims

Apply to wet hair styling means that during drying, they can be perfectly pull.Dry and straighten your hair with a hair dryer and brush, collect them in a free pony tail, fingers in front of a little loosening the tension of the hair.Tail transform into a free beam, not too tightly securing it invisible and pins.Then take two rim.One is worn on the head, placing it at a distance of 4-5 smot hairline.The second ring have two inches from the first.The finished hairstyle sprinkled paint where you want smoothing strands.

bundle of wavy hair

simple in execution, but very glamorous hairstyle.To make a bundle of wavy hair, damp washed hair we put foam styling.With the help of a hair dryer and a round brush and dry them straighten hair.Take the pliers and the large strand of the strands wrap around the hair, but do not heal, or rings are obtained, and we only need a wave.Ready to pick locks and tightens loose tail rubber band.The last time passing through the hair elastic, leaving them free to sag in a loop.The resulting loop wrapped around the gum, sending it down.We fix her hair pins.This bundle option will look great with matched in tone to the shoes and dress pins lacquer and satin ribbons.

Exquisite beam with decorations and accessories

Familiar everyday beam is easily converted into a luxurious evening hairstyle with accessories and hair ornaments: beautiful original pins, flowers, brooches, clips, combs, ornamental hairpins.The main thing - do not overdo it, especially with metal pins.It will look tasteless, to the same "mind" the abundance of metal can cause headaches.

Smooth lateral beam

Videos how to make a bundle of hair


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