Emo hairstyles and haircuts for boys and girls : photo and video examples of leadership

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Today it is difficult to find someone who does not know who the emo.They can be like or dislike, but to ignore them is simply impossible, because of the crowd Emo kidov allocates special demeanor and inimitable style, in which the creation of emo hairstyles and haircuts play a key role.Colorful youth subculture emo originated among the eponymous musical direction of fans.True emo-boys and emo-girls differ very emotional and sensitive, they are not afraid and do not hesitate to show their emotions, can easily cry, and for them it is quite natural and normal.It is this feature of the members of this subculture and is reflected in the "emo" title - an emotion, emotional.Free expression of emotions - generally №1 for Emo, who are often vulnerable natures, prone to depression and spleen.

  • Characteristics of hairstyles in the style of emo
  • General trends for girls and guys
  • girly emo hairstyles
  • Variations for long hair
  • emo hairstyles for short hair
  • style emo hair of medium length
  • If emo himself hairdresser

characteristics of hairstyles in the style of emo

General trends for girls and guys

Specific emo kidov haircuts and hairstyles may be different hair length and shape, but they need to have an importantattribute - bang.In the classic version is oblique and ragged, reach the tip of the nose and closes one eye.As the style became permitted direct, continuous and short bangs that, depending on the shape of hair and length of hair hanging over his eyes, either combed to one side.

Preference is given to the environment in emo stiff straight jet black hair.This is a classic black base hair color for Emo kidov both sexes, although now unusual to find and very stylish emo blondes.For girls, in addition to ultra-black, the basis for hairstyles can serve as a dark chestnut color.With self-coloring, the hair does not become bluish-purple, do not pick the darkest color, it is better to use a natural black or dark brown.

However, one color for the full expression, as a rule, emo is not enough, therefore, to the rescue comes a whole range of bright colors.Leading position takes the pink color that reflects the joyful moments and denies the connection with the Goths emo.Popular shades may also include orange, yellow, red, blue and purple.There are two variants of color emo haircuts in bright colors: Coloring "feathers" and painting one half of the hair black, and the second - in any other.In the case of the second option when installing obtained very interesting and unusual combinations.front bangs and hair are usually made longer than in the back.Beveled or, alternatively, straight bangs is an integral part of the emo hairstyles for boys and for girls.

their identity emo-boys mostly express original haircuts, which necessarily contains attributes such as color and black fringe, but they differ significantly greater restraint than stunning styling girls.The haircuts guys used a calm color palette and rarer contrast staining.An important factor in the "right" emo haircut is the total lack of symmetry, which plays a key role in the creation of a special form and "aura".It is imperative that color was also asymmetric.Asymmetrical coloring or hair weave allows each Emo Kid to be unique.

emo hairstyles for girls in color and shape are very diverse.They can be created on the hair of any length.In addition to the use of different methods of laying and exotic color, emo-girls often use a variety of accessories: bright hair clips, headbands, bows.Emo Hairstyle - one of the ways of self-expression, which not only helps to create a certain image, but also to accurately convey the current mood and state of mind of its owner.

brash and impulsive girls perfect classic emo haircut with uneven bangs on the floor face, slightly irregularly stacked hair and lots of randomly distributed pins.Show your sensitivity and vulnerability help hateful image of a mermaid with long hair, behind which should be slightly shorter than the front strands and sad eyes.To give the image of childlike helplessness and lavishly decorate hair naive and cute bows, ribbons and hairpins.

Laying can be carried out either on straight hair, when some form of set to be the haircut or fleece, which is firmly fixed with varnish.The main thing that in itself haircut and styling felt the soul and the emotional state of its owner.

girly emo hairstyles

Variations for long hair

The emo hairstyles for long hair long lower strands are combined with shorter top.The main emphases - bang, color and additional volume at the crown.It is best to look at the extended version of the girls with thick hair, which does not need to resort to all sorts of tricks to create the volume.

emo hairstyles for short hair

Haircuts Emo short hair differ markedly asymmetrical, impressive shaggy, ragged edges and a wide color palette combined with basic black, dark brown or Blondie.Perform such hairstyles may vary, but generally, it is a haircut with long strands, bangs and sideburns in the face and the back of the short.

bangs can be both long and short.The best thing in the shortened version looks torn oblique bangs.Very stylish look and ultra-short haircuts emo sharp split-level locks.Especially interesting and unusual look emo hairstyles for short hair coloring with the person pryadok contrasting shades or contrasting wide strand in the back of the head.

To give hair "acute" form, it is necessary to shake up the back hair, cover the mousse strong hold, and then "flatten" against the direction of their growth.Short haircuts with not very long asymmetrical bangs fit well as a comb: comb hair from the crown in advance to the person formed a kind of corner, anchoring gel or varnish strong fixation.

achieve spectacular asymmetry can not only form the most hairstyles, but also by combining smooth and tousled strands: on the top of the short hair "shake up" and a person, on the contrary, smooth, can ruffle her hair and all over his head and bangsutjuzhkom smooth and treated with a special serum that will make it silky.

style emo hair of medium length

most convenient and practical option - emo haircuts for medium hair, which provide the greatest scope for bold experiments with color and styling.It can be widely use greased back hair and a variety of decorative elements.The most gentle and touching romantic look emo hairstyles for medium length hair.

best basis for hairstyles in the style of emo - the right haircut, which can be done only master.Note, however, that not every hairdresser is well versed in all the intricacies and peculiarities of subcultural styles, so be sure to properly prepare for the march to the salon: make photo galleries vending you, an emo haircut from the Internet or magazines.

Also, be sure to consult with a specialist about ways of styling and hair care, for even the most ideal haircut or hairstyle will not be able to transform the dull and lifeless hair.And do not forget that the main thing in emo style - this is not the show-off and self-expression.

If Emo himself hairdresser


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