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outrageous, creative, extraordinary, colorful hairstyles in the style of mods that have become a way of protest against the dull gray of everyday life in the 40-60-ies of the last century, captivating and modern fashionistas who are not afraid of bold experiments with style andappearance.With such "zachesonami" do not get bored!They are able to paint a juicy cheerful colors even the most dull and joyless day!As a colorful symbol of outstanding youth subculture, whimsical "stilyazhnye" cutting and styling were able to grow up to honorable status of classics of hairdressing.

  • Secrets "stilyazhnyh" hairstyles
  • «Stilyazhnaya" story: shtatniki, beer, sugar, jelly
  • create hairstyles in the style of mods: 2 win-win
  • «Pretty Babette»
  • «fly High »

Secrets" stilyazhnyh "hairstyles

Today hairstyles mods style can be found on the use of the crazy popular retro parties, corporate parties, birthdays, weddings, various celebrations, and even in everyday life.This is the perfect style for

girls who love to shine in all its glory and be in the limelight, love to shock and shock clothing, hairstyles, makeup, manners.Deliberately stand out against the background of faceless gray mass laying in the mods style disperse melancholy outstanding locks, fleece, braids, vortices, and their parting imaginable variations.

«Stilyazhnaya" story: shtatniki, beer, sugar, jelly

youth subculture mods, received in major Soviet cities, widespread since the late 40s to early 60s, became a kind of a spontaneous protest against the "shovels" stereotypesbehavior, uniformity of dress, music and lifestyle.

themselves dudes called themselves "shtatnika" - adherents of an American-style clothing.The concept of "dudes" came into use after the publication of the same name in feuilleton "Crocodile" magazine.It is believed that the term is borrowed from the jargon of jazz musicians, where the word "Stiliyan" (happening or from the English steal - stealing, or by style - style) meant someone copying someone to emulate, to play in a strange manner, and the performeraccordingly, called a hipster.

Hair mods were indeed copied.Soviet youth willingly borrowed fancy shapes and images of the banned Western films and magazines.stilyagi Hairstyles were very diverse, they hit performance skill and ingenuity, but in our mind they are mainly associated with the elegant "halo world", lush and luxurious "Babette" causing "boxes" and "poluboks" cocci parted and without,bushy tail, gorgeous chubami a la Elvis, outrageous "speed tubes".No less interesting and complex ways to create these works of hairdressing.What do you think, what funds were used for fixation - mousses, gels, varnishes and foams?Far from it!To give the hair volume and persistence in the course went the beer and sugar, and gels instead of modern hair smoothness was used ordinary petroleum jelly!Surely all whose youth fell on the crazy nineties, at the mention of beer with sugar remembered "oak" bang-Carlson, "firmly" fixed sugar water

«Iron Curtain», designed to chop off all contact between Soviet citizens and the West, and at the root of throttleall bizarre, bright, original, colorful, netak, out of the general gray canvas, and could not hold back for the progressive youth.But then for stilyazhny outfit could be expelled from the university, or even arrest, but, despite everything, dudes continued to stick to their line, bizarre and unexpected ways making the world more colorful, varied and happier.Today, we are free to choose what we like, express and "perverted" as we want to, shocking, and the spirit of protest is also more than enough, but not enough for a modern trend makes it so bright and cheerful as a "stylish style mods."

create hairstyles in the style of mods: 2 win-win

inspiration for his hairdressing masterpieces can be drawn from the cult films, and fashion magazines of the last century.In the old days, to pass for a hipster, a girl was bright enough to be painted, put on tight skirts tight hips and wear hair "world beater" - hair curled around her head, and laid in the shape of a crown, collected into a single beam of curly locks securely in Grease.In general, all kinds of beams enjoyed enormous popularity.They can be collected not only from above but also from the side or back of the head.A great option - braids, braided and various variations or short hair, arranged a la Marilyn Monroe.Curly hair can be backcombed or just decorate wrap with a pretty bow, or tie a ribbon to match the dress - and you dude!If awakened spirit stilyazhny asking something such, try to build something more complicated and poeffektnee.

«Pretty Babette»

Probably the most stilyazhnym female version without any reservations can be called a cult voluminous hairstyle "Babette," borrowed from the movies featuring the legendary and inimitable Brigitte Bardot.Starring in the film "Babette Goes to War," Bardo is not just to create a vivid and memorable image of reckless and fun character, but has become an icon of style, which sought to emulate millions of girls and women around the world.This spectacular and stylish hair does not lose its appeal and captivating charm to this day - graduation party, club party, dinner party, wedding - an excellent opportunity for Babette in style mods.

Create high volume and can be Babette and her forces.To do this, we need to stock up brasherom or brushed fleece, a pair of combs, a lock to make the amount of pins and invisible.Hair it is mandatory to wash and dry the hair dryer.To start creating hairstyles should be only when the dress is already wearing.

hair divide into two independent parts drawn through the top of the horizontal line from temple to temple.Front of curls by fleece gives volume and accurately displace hair 'roll. "Wind hair on large curlers, you can warm up their hairdryer.The resulting shape is fixed by pins.The rest of the hair wound on the curlers wide, sprinkled with varnish and heated with hot air with a hair dryer.Releasing locks of hair curlers, gently tease them, we turn gently curls into a smooth "shell" and fix all invisible.Babette ready to go out!

On thin hair of medium length to construct a bulk consignment Babette help chignon.The front part of creating hairstyles on the principle described above, and the rear - gather in a ponytail and fasten a rubber band.Under the very base of the tail puts a chignon, masking his tail fluffed.As a result of this manipulation, we should get the volume and highest form, which we fix studs and fasten with hair.

An essential attribute of Babette and style mods - tape.Instead, you can use a wide ribbon and colored rim.For the most solemn occasion such as a wedding or prom, perfect diadem.

«Fly High»

applied to the strands of thermal protection spray and pull hair iron.On the crown highlight of the strands and the hair on the back and whiskey distillery at the back anchoring invisible crosswise.To create a volume gently tease the hair at the crown and fix them spray.Leaving on the crown volume, smoothly comb backcombed locks.For glowing effect finished laying fix spray with glitter.


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