Hair Accessories : how to wear and what to combine

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hair ornaments accessories are universal, and can be used in any situation.Today, hair ornaments are available in all shapes, colors and sizes, any woman can choose something to his liking.

  • Peerless, creative, traditional ...
  • Hair jewelry: variety
  • Elastics for tail
  • pins and clips for hair
  • Feminine wrap with options
  • pin or hairpin
  • Wandor needle hair
  • Funny "grasping" crab
  • story of hair ornaments
  • How to choose a practical decoration

Peerless, creative, traditional ...

hair jewelry: variety

Elastics for tail

This is one of the most popular types of jewelry used by women.Most often it is a beautiful lace tape or fabric tape.Elastic bands are of different sizes and colors, from bright to muted tones.They are used to hold not only the hair into a ponytail, and braided in a braid.There are elastic bands of different styles, from simple elastic gum, velvet ribbon with metal or wood inserts, to gum handmade, made-to-sketch.They can be printed or beaded pattern.Made

of natural fabric, gum do not spoil the hair, easy to use.These accessories are perfect for girls who love simple hairstyles, which simply and quickly tie to fix the hair.

pins and hair clips

functional decoration is snapping clamps used to hold the hair or a part of it.Sometimes it can be used to make interest too simple hairstyle.Pins made of plastic, metal, wood.It is extremely popular in the use of hair ornaments, light, available in different sizes, shapes.

Feminine wrap with options

Worn around your head, it is intended to hold unruly hair together to prevent unwanted ingress of strands on the face.Hoops exist in different sizes, widths, colors.Depending on the material, they can be simple or decorated with beads and braid.The basis for the Hoops is an elastic material - metal or plastic.They carefully looked at her hair, harmoniously complement the image.There are hoops for different situations: for official receptions, and for a beach holiday.

pin or hairpin

This handy little device that is used to hold the hair together, as well as stylish, decoration hairstyles.They are made of bendable metal, shaped like the letter «U».Typically, studs are made of natural colors (either black or brown, or steel), not to stand on the hair, and enhance the overall appearance of the finished hairstyle, while being invisible.There hairpin decorated shiny pebbles, beads, flowers, but they are designed for special occasions (weddings, parties).

needle sticks or hair

delicate hair ornament that helps tighten the hair in particular bundle of French.The rods may be machined from metal, from wood.They have thin, sharp tapered tip designed for easy fixation of hairstyles.Design options may be the tip of the upper flowers, string beads, pearls, etc.

Funny "grasping" crab

use it to collect the hair together, it is ideal for hairstyles that require hair curl.Crabs have few teeth, the expandable gripping hair.There are a variety of sizes (from tiny to huge centimeter that can hold all the hair) and styles (from daily and sports to the formal and frivolous).

story of hair ornaments

Most modern jewelery came from the usual ladies' hats - a necessary subject in previous times, the cover from the sun and adds to the growth of a few centimeters.The hat was really practical and versatile element of dress, bearing and aesthetic load.Women's hats decorated with feathers, natural and artificial flowers, decorative netting and ribbons - all of these elements and are used today for hair ornaments.Of course, many people simply do a hairstyle from the daily clips, rubber bands, without worrying about elegance and style.And it is the details form a complete image, it is difficult to imagine an elegant and well-groomed girl, do not think about their hair.

tradition of decorating the hair originated before our era, and did so both men and women.In ancient Egypt, for example, the pharaohs wore head to products made of gold and precious stones.Tiaras, crowns of gold and decorated with fresh flowers hair beauties of ancient Greece.

Special sticks fastened hair woman in Japan, such studs and today are popular, male samurai hairpins were used as weapons of war, as-needle pins were made of solid metal with a pointed end that at the moment of danger to run them at the enemy.

Slavic women like to decorate their traditional braids with ribbons, flowers weave.Also wore hoops kokoshniki, wreaths.

court ladies decorated hairpins hair, combs, ribbons with precious metals and stones.In Europe in miniature ornaments Renaissance practically disappeared hair, but there were huge construction wire-frames and hoops that are kept extremely high hairstyles.These structures were decorated with precious stones, feathers, ribbons, tortoise-shell combs, pins and beads of silver and ivory.

How to choose practical

jewelry accessories feathers of birds, present or metal with stones, give the image of softness, elegance, create a bright asymmetry of the composition, dilution is too nice a simple, dull or strict dress.This also applies to a great decoration of glass and stones, fastened by a thin rim.Picking up shoes with similar elements can be given even very simple elegance along.

Special attention requires a variety of Veins: thin, barely visible decoration or colored silk baskets, elegantly covering most of the hair bundle.Grids fit and owners of thick long lush curls, and those who want to create the effect of severe hairstyles, having thin hair.Lightweight mesh gives the image of romance, softness, mystery, you can use it as a main element and combine with feathers, flowers, beads.

One universal jewelry is dressing, you can wear it as a top bulk of locks (front located on the forehead), and tucking it all the hair (just behind the line of bangs).If you do not have bangs, you can create a small bandage tide near the roots of the hair, but it is necessary to take into account that the forehead, temples remain virtually open.Quite original and interesting option is a bandage with a little bow, it is a wonderful addition to the knee-length skirt or shorts.

If you want to create a truly harmonious way, then you can not do without the original decorations and elegant hairstyle for: feathers, netting, or flowers, in the form of a crown or cap, tiaras or hairpins.One must remember that the thin tight wraps, bandages optically cut too voluminous, big hair, giving it a more sophisticated and elegant look, while Compound bright decorations can help make a beautiful magnificent hairstyle those girls whose hair is lush and long enough.


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