How to weave braid fishtail : Equipment and options weaving

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Perhaps the most popular kind of spit is by far the "fish tail", which resembles a tail limb aquatic life.Today we not only tell, but show how to weave a fish tail and become a real goldfish, which is not a "fisherman" wants to catch in their nets.Kos - girlish beauty.So it was, is and probably it will be so.Options netting more than enough, ranging from normal spikelets and ending afrokosichki mischievous, but not every braid can be compared with the stunning effect of a fish tail.At first glance it may seem that to create it will need a special skill and a lot of experience.Of course, without good intelligence and dexterity can not do, but in fact the technique of weaving the fish tail is very similar to the classic spikelet, only much easier, because it creates only two strands.A pair of training before the mirror and you are the master, which easily can braid the braid and myself, and a friend, and younger sister, and everyone, from the rebound that will not be exact.Well, we learn?

  • Video tutorial for those who want to braid your own
  • Braid Fishtail for all occasions
  • How to weave braid fishtail
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Video tutorial for those who want to braid your own

fishtail braid for all occasions

Externally Spit actually resembles a fish tail - at the base of it is wide, and by the end of weaving narrows considerably.Despite its odd name, created with the image of the hairstyle is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.Anyone who has mastered the technique of weaving fish tail, not regret the time spent, because it is one of the most versatile hairstyles of all time.She has never let down and no one.With it, you can safely and at school, and in the gym, and a business meeting, and the beach, and to the party, and shopping, and on a date and at a dinner party, and to a beauty contest, and in the garden, but at least onwedding!And with a simple summer dress and stylish jeans, and elegant evening dress fish tail will look just fine!For hot summer days more comfortable hairstyle is generally difficult to come up with - all the hair collected, nothing prevents, and most importantly - it looks more feminine, noble and effectively than conventional braid or ponytail.With such laying very comfortable to play sports without fear that it might fall apart.Even dressed in grungy jeans and a biker jacket, with a fish tail, you are still a delicate and feminine.

How to weave braid fishtail

Tools required: massage hairbrush with natural bristles, gum (pins, hair clips, ribbons), hair spray (mousse, leave-in conditioner or plain water).

  1. Before transgress directly to the weaving, comb the hair well, moistened with water, spray, mousse, or air-conditioning - it will not electrify hair and entangled, as well as give them more brilliance and shine.
  2. combed back hair.Select one strand of hair in the temporal lobe of each zone.The thickness of each strand has to be up to 2.5 cm.
  3. selected strands drifts back to back and are crossed right over left.
  4. Tangled strands stick with one hand and the other on the left select the next strand of hair of the same thickness.Intersecting a new strand of the left to the right, putting it at the top and pressed to his head with his left hand.
  5. your right hand, grab a new strand is now on the right side and intersecting it with the left.Alternately, highlighting strands from the right and left side, plait the hair in a braid before hairline at the nape.
  6. Now we have to spit coming out of her "ponytail".Choosing from strand tail under desired thickness alternately on the left, the right side, similarly to keep their cross previous stages.When he reached the tip, fix the end of the spit gum, barrette or ribbon.

Yourself weave a full fish tail, beginning almost from the top of the head, it is difficult.Alternatively, you can begin to weave braid fishtail on the above-described scheme, gathering the hair into a low ponytail and secure with a rubber band.Without help, it's best to weave side version fish tail.

weaving Options fishtail braids

be accustomed to weave fish tail in the classic version, you can start to experiment.For example, braid plait not tight or from one side to the other, effectively moving its shoulder.It looks great fish tail encircles his head in the form of a wreath: this weaving braids start from the temple on the one hand, and end up with another to braid twine face.Two braids, twins, braided with the left and right side of the head, the young ladies are perfect for creating a playfully romantic image.Very nice styling will look created with some feigned nonchalance when braid braided too tightly and it sputtered from the individual strands.Gives hair volume will help to weave fleece made.

Weave fish tail is perfect for bridal hairstyles, especially on curly hair: plait two braids from the temples, back of the head combine them into one, weaving strands with little take out, creating the effect of lace, decorate the finished hairstyle sparkles, sequins or flowers.

If time is nowhere to go, and the patience and endurance, too, more than enough, no need to be limited to one or two pigtails - try to weave a three, four, and how much heart desires, creating a tank on his head.In addition, you can begin to weave fish tail not on the temples and forehead, or bang in the middle on the top, from the hairline or at the back, it is possible from the temples, but both at once, combining on the neck of one.Moreover, before reaching the hairline, you can lock the braid, leaving the tail free of weaving.You can also try to weave fishtail not two, but three basic strands.Interestingly, the beginning to weave a normal braid sudden release of her fish tail.Use your imagination, you can be original, inventing something fresh, new and unique.Just do not forget the sense of proportion!In practice the best often turns out to be the easiest and simple option.

To fit fishtail braid

With the technique of weaving and options we have understood.But whether this hairstyle is right for you?The perfect fish tail is obtained in the long straight hair.At least it will look nice and curly, and thick and thin, and rare, and thick hair.Curly and curly hair will suit braid strands with disheveled air.In addition, to help enhance the beauty of hairstyles highlights - thanks to the intricate weaving, strands of different colors will be more noticeable.A special way of weaving individual strands in a braid even undyed hair make luchitsya of brilliance.

How to decorate the fish tail

tightly plaited braid, and so it looks stylish and impressive.Trying to make it even more beautiful is not worth it.In this case, it is running the rule: the smaller the excess, the better.It is enough to pick up the tone elastics, barrettes or ribbons.Best decoration for a hairstyle - healthy, shiny hair.Free Weaving, on the contrary, gives a free hand to all sorts of liberties and daring experiments with decorative elements - multi-colored ribbons, chains, cords, flowers, rhinestones, feathers, intricate pins, rubber bands, pins.Do not be afraid to change!Having mastered classics will certainly try the something of such things!


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