Selection of hairstyles for all occasions for face shape

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Sometimes it is not easy to define your style.And the most difficult given the selection of hairstyles.After all, this choice is influenced by many factors.This hair color and their natural height, and the structure and shape of the face.Let's try to learn to make the right choice.

  • Video with the results of the ideal selection
  • selection of hairstyles by face shape
  • hairstyle as a way
  • correction Pick up women's hairstyles
  • selection options for each day
  • Hairstyle for the image of the bride

Videowith the results of the ideal selection

selection of hairstyles by face shape

The most important factor is the shape of the face.For oval, round, square, oblong, pear-shaped, heart-shaped, triangular face fit completely different hairstyles.How to determine your shape?It is necessary to pull the hair back, revealing the person as much as possible.Look at yourself in the mirror, try to match your face shape with a pattern.You can not 100% define its shape?Try to catch at least a

fleeting similarity.At the same time remember that the shape of the face - an important but not the only factor that affects the choice of hairstyle.Consider their growth, especially hair, color and length.

The purpose of the selection of hairstyles by face shape - creating the illusion of the perfect face shape with the help of haircut or styling.

  • girls with an oval face is suitable to any style of hair.The shape is considered ideal, so every styling will look great.It can be worn long or short hair, asymmetrical haircuts and do experiment with color.
  • You have a round face?Suit hairstyles with volume on top.This will help to visually make the face look thinner.Well let down locks on the ears and cheeks, as well as collect the hair on one side (asymmetric hairstyles).You want to wear a bang?Better zachёsyvat it to one side.Completely cover the forehead should not be.This will make the person even more round.
  • If your face is shaped like a square, in the hairstyle make emphasis on the forehead.This will help as much as possible to raise it visually.When hair falls over his forehead and cheeks, the face becomes narrower, and the strands impart softness.Bangs and side locks can otfilirovat.For this face shape ideal asymmetrical hairstyles.
  • Oblong face is shaped like a rectangle or an elongated oval.If you have a form, add the amount of the line of cheekbones, do focus on the bangs.This will visually shorten and widen the face.
  • If you have a pear-shaped face, you need to have hair cut so that the largest amount was at the top of the head.Strands of hair on the cheeks should not be voluminous, and it is better that they are non-existent.This enlarges the forehead, so the face becomes more refined form.
  • person resembling a diamond, also called a diamond.Girls with this face shape should wear hairstyles that are as open line of cheekbones.This creates additional volume on the forehead and chin.Do not do very short haircuts.
  • person who is shaped like a heart, should frame the soft strands.Bangs are best divided into two parts, even parting.The center of the forehead should be slightly open.Girls with heart-shaped face ideal medium hair length - to shoulders.

hairstyle as a way of correcting

Proper selection of hairstyles will help hide some flaws and highlight the merits.For example, to change the shape of the face.With the help of hair can hide large ears or too high forehead, visually lengthen the neck.Experienced master immediately see what hairstyle is perfect for you personally.Therefore constantly look for your stylist if you can not find on their own hairstyle.

attention from a large nose can be distracted bulk thick bangs.If the nose is small, try to abandon bangs.Too long neck and big ears?You'd better have long hair.

On selection of hairstyles and affect the growth of man.Younger people are not recommended to do voluminous hairstyles.They are more suited to high.But at the same volumetric haircuts for tall people should not be too long strands.So people will seem even higher.

is necessary to take into account the direction of hair growth.If this is not done, the bad haircut will retain its shape.Long hair heavier hairstyle.

We select women's hairstyles

Stylists can apply all their skills, making the hairstyles of the fair half of mankind.One need only look to any directory hairstyles to see this.Simple and intricate hairstyles, short hairstyles, different color options for hair ornaments - the choice is rich and varied.

selection options for each day

choosing hair style, remember that it must be in harmony with your style of clothing.Some women prefer short haircuts, some - the classic hairstyles.Short haircuts do not require special care.Lover haircuts do not spend much time on hair care and styling.They have no problems in the cold season with wearing hats.

Selection of hairstyles for women with short hair - it is a choice of different hairstyles and chёlok.For example, bangs, which falls slightly over his eyes, emphasizes femininity, makes a mysterious look.In recent years, it became fashionable bangs that start almost from the top.Women aged short hairstyles help to look younger.

Women who like long hair, prefer the classic style.Of course, care for long hair requires time-consuming, but if a woman likes long hair, it means she loves and care for them.Hairstyles complement the image, or create it, in some cases, to hide flaws appearance.There are women who dream about long hair, but they are not given to them by nature: the hair grows no more than shoulder-length, and then become brittle and split.Modern technologies allow to build the hair.

Hairstyles to his shoulders like wearing romantic woman.Such haircuts make it possible to cover the neck, if it is too long.Thanks to modern methods of hair styling, you can simulate any haircut, give your hair any form.But hairstyle for every day should not be difficult, otherwise the hair will lose their natural strength and health.They should be laid in the direction of growth.If you are going to lay in the opposite direction, you will have to use a lot of styling, perhaps hot tongs or hair dryer.This can be done periodically, but on a daily basis - not recommended.

Want to change the hairstyle?You do not have to resort to radical methods.It is not always justified, for example, the transition from long hair, boyish haircut.What if a new hairstyle will have to not like it, then for a long time will have to wait until the hair grow back again.Consider a variant changes the hair color and hairstyle leave earlier.The new color will refresh your image.

Hairstyle for the bride

image Wedding Hairstyles occupy a special place in the life of every woman.After all, in this day I want to be not just beautiful, but very charming.Bride Hair styling - one of the main components of its image, so it is advisable to carry out the selection of hairstyles in advance.Wedding hairstyle can be simple or complex.But most importantly, that it is in harmony with the dress, makeup, and, of course, I liked the bride.Unusually look feminine hairstyle with long curls.Brides with short hair are advised to collect the hair up.Traditionally, the bride's hair decorated with flowers, tiaras, strings of pearls.Choose hairstyle will help skilled master.He will be able to advise and intensive hair care, so that the woman could look irresistible in the most important day of his life.


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