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Curly beauty rarely go unnoticed.Selection of successful haircuts for curly hair that will tame unruly curls, cleverly turning them into luxurious curls - it is daunting.Cleverly arranged curly hair attract the admiring glances of the opposite sex and the envious - pryamovolosyh tribeswoman, who at the sight of such luxury as soon as there is a desire to go to the hairdresser and make a perm.That's just they do not even know how much effort, time and nerves is his mistresses curb and tame those unruly and wayward "sheep" who and pulls up to mischief and frolic.Curly hair is very rarely require minimal care.Even the owner of curls sometimes do not know, it is a gift or a punishment.That side looks so at ease and naturally requires daily attention to itself.For many persistent efforts with curls turn into a real test, because the haircut and styling curly hair - is an art.

  • How to style curly hair
  • structure of curly hair
  • The variety of hairstyles for curly hair
  • Short haircuts for cur
  • haircuts for medium length hair
  • Haircuts long wavy hair
  • Subtleties of carecurly hair

How to style curly hair

structure of curly hair

structure of wavy and curly hair is very different from straights.Curly hair are porous and the hair itself becomes a kind of "loose" due to the nature of its growth: the hair shaft, bending, leaves uncovered a large number of scales, cuticles and natural moisturizers do not reach the hair shaft.The structure of wavy hair depends on the shape of the hair follicle: if a kidney - curly hair, oval - curly.The section under the microscope curly hair looks like a slightly curved flat oval.Wavy hair is more vulnerable, they are cut by more and more prone to breakage.Degree wavy and curly is directly dependent on the thickness of a hair: the thinner the hair, the more intense it will curl and the more problems it will bring its "happy" owner.Most flat and thin - Negro hair, which is stronger than all winds.The main advantage of curly hair is that they are significantly less zhirneyut, so they have to be washed infrequently.Their main disadvantage - disheveled and split ends.

The variety of hairstyles for curly hair

Short haircuts for curly

Butch - not the best option for curly hair.The truncated version they tend to stick out in different directions pushatsya after drying the increase in volume and appear untidy, distorting the shape of the hairstyle.This length gives them a neat appearance, because of its own weight a few curly hair are pulled down.However, this does not mean that short hairstyles for owners of curls and curls have become a taboo.Just ask if the soul is a short cut, it is necessary to stock up means for stacking and be ready for the daily "ukrotitelnym" procedures.Even a very short, but well-chosen and laid a haircut will look at curly hair stylish and sexy.The main thing is that it fit the type of person.Because this is exactly the case when it is necessary to measure seven times and cut only once before to let her curls under the scissors, carefully weigh all the "pros" and "cons", consult with the master.Note correct the error will be more difficult than straight hair because of optically curls curly hair grow slower.

haircuts for medium length hair

hair of medium length - the best option for curly hair.Here interesting variants significantly greater than in the case of short hair.Choosing a hairstyle, it is important to take into account your individual style curls.Cascades, small steep curls look at the most interesting asymmetrical haircuts with short neck and playfully falling face locks.Wavy hair is the most advantageous to look in a stylish spectacular "bob" up to the chin.Remove annoying curls from her face to help wire rims stealth.To mop of curly hair did not look like a Christmas tree, it is best to opt for a layered haircut.Free medium length curly hair always looks a bit frivolous, easy, playful and flirty, making its possessor a charming and desirable.

Haircuts long wavy hair

well maintained and skillfully arranged long curly hair - a true feast for the eyes!All the efforts and the efforts paid off handsomely stunning effect of luxury flowing curls and curls.Long wavy hair is not only look superb with proper care, but also provide a large space for the flight of imagination and creative hairdressing experiments: one can form neat curls and waves, bold curls and curls, or using modern methods, straighten the entire length.If you aspire to emphasize curly luxury, size and splendor of long curly hair, then it is better to cut the deepest part of the stairs, which will create enough space for all the scrolls and help them nice twist.If your goal - to straighten hair using the ironing, hair dryer and a round brush, do it on long hair due to the greater flexibility and weight will also be easier.Very comfortable and feminine variant hairstyles for long wavy hair - braids, arranged "a basket".Always impressive with curly hair look and high romantic hairstyle with flowing locks and curls.

Subtleties of care for curly hair

No matter how perfect was not cut, but without due care curls will still look presentable, and curly hair due to the nature of its structure require good care more than other hair types.

By nature curly hair tends to dry, so it is like a sponge to absorb moisture from the air.This causes the cuticle to expand, which leads to the cross section of the tip.To cope with this annoying problem help Conditioner, leave-in conditioner and styling products based on silicone.Once a week, use a deep conditioning action, after a shower Apply leave-in conditioner, and when laying use silicone-containing serum.

better hair dry naturally, without a hair drier.For quick drying, use a hairdryer with a diffuser: dry the hair from the bottom, his fingers going through and separating curls.

best friend holders of curly hair must be wooden or plastic comb.Short hair comb from the roots, long - from the ends, gradually moving to the roots gently.Wet hair is better not to comb general, and carefully separate the strands with your fingers.

never reproach her curly hair behind her rebellious nature.Love them, care about them, treat them as the greatest gift, and they will respond to you in return, crowning you with luxurious curls and curls.


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