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Colorful Greek theme, inspired by the images of either descended from Olympus, whether emerging from the sea foam goddesses, never ceases to excite nor arbiters of fashion, nor the inhabitants.Clothing, shoes, jewelry, hairstyle in the Greek style, do not descend from the pages of glossy magazines and red carpet.This is understandable, since the Greek haircut combines romanticism, elegance and simplicity, perfectly fitting into a very wide range of styles.

  • What attracted Greek hairstyles?
  • To fit hairstyle in the Greek style?
  • Types of Greek hairstyles
  • Divine Greek node
  • spirit of freedom in hairstyle hetaera
  • majestic pride lampadiona
  • Traditional Greek Spit
  • Romantic bow of Apollo
  • Classical Greek tail
  • Slices of melon
  • modern variation on an ancient theme
  • Accessories for Greek hairstyles
  • Technique original version

What attracted Greek hairstyles?

It is solemn, but not mannered, refined, but not prudish, sensual, but not frivolous.Everything in moderati

on and with style!It's just a win-win situation for a romantic date, party, prom, going to the theater, a dinner party or wedding.Hairstyles in the spirit of the mythical goddesses are very diverse, so the appropriate Greek version, you can pick up and for every day.

If you recall the image of the ancient Greek women or films about ancient Greece, it will certainly appear before the eyes of girls and women in white robes with elaborate bomber long curly hair.That long tresses are the basis of any of the Greek hairstyles.However, the soft flowing locks should never be left completely free.genre law requires that they have been partially or fully assembled: braided, twisted into a high roller or not too tight bundles, recorded double or triple hoop ... This not only gives hair a special charm, but also makes it convenient and practical.

Greek haircut - the perfect option for those who are not accustomed to sacrifice beauty for the sake of convenience: curls delight enthusiastic eyes, but nothing reaches into his eyes and does not interfere.Yeah, I know a lot about the goddess hairstyles!And to create a masterpiece of hair does not have to be a professional.Due to the simplicity of laying Greek hairstyle is much faster than the other evening options, and look at this simply stunning!

To fit hairstyle in the Greek style?

As a highlight of the Greek hairstyles are curled ringlets, especially impressive it will look at the nature of the curly hair.If straight hair - no problem!We arm styling products, hair curlers, tongs and let's go forward - to create waves, curls and curls!Greek option - an excellent choice for owners of long hair and hair of medium length, but the lover of short cuts in this area are out of luck.Well, if you really really want to short cut to bring the divine Greek notes, hairstyle can be decorated hoop or ribbon.

Benefits of Greek hairstyles:

  • hairstyle in the Greek style will accentuate cheekbones and oval face, and in the presence of the Greek dress and even the beauty of the hands, neck and chest;
  • hairstyle a la Greek Goddess excellently combined with almost all kinds of jewelry and a wide variety of style of dress;
  • manifold variations packings allows you to choose the right hair style for every type of person;
  • bomber hair do not climb into the eyes, do not interfere, allowing you to feel confident, free and liberated;
  • airy styling and flowing locks do not give a reason for the excitement because vybivsheysya strands of hair styles.

Types of Greek hairstyles

Variations on a Greek theme among pilings there are so many, but they all have in common the presence of luxurious flowing curls.By the way, dark-haired Greek preferred to discolor the hair with the help of sunlight and alkaline soap.

Divine Greek node

Greek node or the so-called "korimbos" is performed on the waves curled, long hair, separated by parting.Since in those days the fashion was a small forehead, her hair done with an overlap on the forehead so that it opened just two fingers.In modern Greek hairstyles compliance with this rule is optional.Hair started up along the cheeks, lifting and putting back in a resilient beam - knot that fastened narrow ribbons and pins.

spirit of freedom in hairstyle hetaera

hair going back in a bun and placed in a special net-cap, referred to as the Greek Stephanie.Classic style involves the implementation of Stefana gold cords.Today Stefana can be decorated with precious stones, crystals, pearls strands, also use hand-embroidered silk Stefano.The hair around the mesh must be finely curled, and it is desirable that was slightly covered his forehead.

majestic pride lampadiona

quite complicated female greek hair in the form of tongues of flame.First of all, it is necessary to divide the hair parting.In the middle of the head at the nape choose one strand that tight bandages taped to the bottom.Then, twist the strands and frizz in elongated curls.In the same way the rest of the tips curled hair, divide into separate strands, fix that hair is not broken up, and leans back.Hairpin hair fastened to the base of the main strands, and collect all the tips in the beam.

Traditional Greek Spit

Greek Spit - ideal not only for special occasions, but also for everyday life.Modern upgraded stylists braided in the face and neatly wrapped around the head of the Greek Spit, creating an incredible array of options for weaving, for example, instead of a single braid weave several small, woven into a braid of hair strands in a contrasting color, experimenting with parting.

Romantic bow of Apollo

Also, this hairstyle is known as "cicada", because it resembles the bow of hair light cicada wings.The line of the forehead is covered in part by deflating it on both sides of the two waves curly tresses to be collected back together with all the hair.

Classical Greek Greek

tail tail is simple.The basis - the same Curly hair that is collected at the top of the crown, and down on his back in a chic long tail.To get a really Greek, the entire length of the tail is caught several times with beads or ribbon.

melon slices

hair curl and stacked vertically, from the hairline to the neck, large pieces that are going back two ribbons.

modern variation on an ancient theme

Creative barbers and stylists really like to experiment with Greek-style haircut, making classics a fresh, unexpected, and sometimes shocking innovation: hairstyles complemented by artificial tails and braids are fleece, remain free stackscurls combine seemingly incongruous styles, for example, Greek refinement and ragged grunge.

Accessories Greek hairstyles

basis of the Greek style - simplicity and brevity, so initially such placement is not replete with decorative elements, except those that are directly needed for the creation and fixing hair.Upgraded divine Greek themed variations are not constrained by such rigid framework.Hairstyles lavishly decorated with sequins, stones, strings of beads, tiaras, hoops, ribbons, pins, wreaths, mesh, lace, delicate chains, natural and artificial flowers and all that allows you to more clearly express the divine essence of a woman, her personality and unique image.Important in case with ornaments, not to overdo it, to not look vulgar.

Technique original version

Greek hairstyles - divine luxury available to every woman!


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