As the chosen hairstyle for square face shape : tips and photos

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Fashion whimsical and changeable.It does not tolerate boredom and it all quickly tired.She is always looking for self-expression in new and unexplored.Nevertheless, and this wayward, whimsical and sophisticated ladies have their pets have become a cult classic that is always in fashion, always subject always to the point.It is in this category of untouchables and got the good old square.Naturally, over time, a few bob haircut is modified and transformed, filled with new fresh notes, but its essence remains the same as thousands of years ago.Yes, yes, thousands!In each season, the master hairdresser's art tries to surprise us with something of such things, but as a rule, all this creativity is extremely short-lived, and the square was, is and will be!

  • advanced technology classical haircuts
  • Kare ancient and youthful
  • versatility and diversity
  • What is the secret of popularity
  • bob haircut for me!
  • Option spectacular styling

advanced technology classical haircuts

Rack of old and young

Even if you do not eat a special interest in history, at the mention of haircuts bob You probably still pop up in the memory of ancientEgypt, the pharaohs and of course, the very queen Cleopatra ... with a penalty.Simple square, clipped on one line just below the ears straight thick fringe looked more regal than betraying Cleopatra mystery, grandeur and magic charm.Was it her real hair or a wig special irrelevant.

Long bob with tips relating to the shoulders of the Middle Ages was popular among men, but for women's luxury short haircuts became available only in the twentieth century emancipated.And now, almost a century square, without exaggeration, is a hairstyle number one in the world.

versatility and diversity

Distinctive features classic bob haircut - smooth texture and strict geometric lines, but one classic world is large enough.There are a lot of variations on the theme of the square: the direct square, asymmetric, cap, square on the leg ... absolutely fine for any face shape and for all age groups certainly find your quads.It is only important to get off to a good master to help find the perfect option for you from all the infinite possibilities of the sea.

bob hairstyle has another great advantage - it looks spectacular even on fine hair!In fact, the thickness of the hair does not affect the quality of the execution of a penalty, because in order to achieve the volume of strands made of different lengths, while the top should be the longest.It is this technique and gives a distinctive hairstyle shape for it.Make the extra volume, lightness and style bob helps coloring or highlighting individual strands.

What is the secret of popularity

Kare - a golden mean, organically combines all the advantages of long hair and all the convenience and practicality of short haircuts.

Probably one of the reasons that this haircut enjoys such great popularity lies in the fact that it fits perfectly in the strict business everyday life, and in a solemn and informal casual refinement.The minimum paving funds and time, a touch of fantasy, a few deft movements of the hands and restrained office square is transformed into an enchanting evening variant.

bob haircut for me!

try a little bit to figure out which version of the square is suitable for different types of appearance, accentuating all the advantages and disadvantages skillfully hiding.

  • Young and young lady with a thin neat features can safely bet on the short bob with an open neck.It looks very stylish!
  • best option for round face with large features - graduated bob with jagged tips that, framing the face will smooth out some heavy features.
  • For long face with a high forehead perfectly fit the square just below the chin with a thick fringe, which will make the face look proportionate.
  • Emphasize the beauty of the face with high cheekbones, a neat, slightly pointed chin and soft features help square-ball tucked inside tips.
  • too long neck balances the long straight hair cut to her shoulders.
  • harmonize and soften the broad face with a heavy jaw would elongated version of a graduated bob with side parting, oblique bangs and strands that covered several angular jaw.

Option spectacular styling

Katerina Bagatskaya


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