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Bob or quads?Four of a Kind or Bob?For many it is the same thing.Of course, bob haircut closely connected with the square and, in fact, is his brainchild, but in contrast to the millennial bob, bob appeared only in the twentieth century as a modernized variation on the good old square.

Haircut enjoyed no less popular than her eminent ancestor and is considered one of the sexiest women's hairstyles of all time.No wonder its so fond of show business stars.At different times, this hairstyle decorated with star head Victoria Beckham, Liv Tyler, Katie Holmes, Natalie Portman, Eve Langor, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Nicole Ritchie, Kira Knightley, Kym Marsh, Uma Thurman, Rihanna.

  • technique of classical and innovative bean
  • main differences from the square
  • History of haircuts bob
  • Benefits popular hairstyles
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technique of classical and innovative bean

main differences frombob bob haircut

actually performed based on the square and very like him, but there is one importa

nt but distinctive - in a pod strands are shortened and lengthened at the back of a person.Also classic bob is often carried out without a bang, but with a bang version is also not excluded.Hair length can vary the length of the classic bob up to the middle ear.

History of haircuts bob

Many attribute the appearance of bean great and inimitable Coco Chanel, in fact bean appeared in 1909 with a light hand of the French hairdresser Antoine de Paris (Antoine de Paris), inspired by way of Joan of Arc.Antoine, whose real name Antek Kierplikovsky, was born in Poland, but not glory waiting for him at home, but in Paris, and later in Hollywood.

As you might guess, the early twentieth century haircut was more than revolutionary.Decide on a hairstyle could only the most daring, bold and liberated person, so it is not surprising that became mega strizhechka, primarily among the ladies free behavior.Rumor has it that the Queen of the United Kingdom requested the secular fashionistas, when choosing a hairstyle bob, wear a hat and cover the bare neck.In America, the 20s, when she was not yet so frivolous as it is now, with the impish bob haircut could lose their jobs or get to the nuts from the faithful, but it did not stop the women.Then, they are women!Who would doubt that the last word will still be behind them!

This bean boom experienced in the '60s, when Bob appeared in the starry sky of the legendary model Twiggy.Today stylish haircuts a la Bob does not shrink, and the strong half of mankind.

Benefits popular hairstyles

Versatility - Bob is suitable for any face shape and any type, whether it is a romantic young person, business woman or scandalous socialite.For every woman there is a variant, the benefit of which there are a great many.Bob is friendly even curls.Popularity curly-headed bean brought in due time Jane Fonda.

Practicality - requires minimal effort to care and styling, saving a lot of precious time.

Paradoxicality - young persons makes more feminine and adult women gives lightness and youthful mischief.

Sexuality - recognized by experts one of the sexiest, being hateful stylish eclectic sensibility and adventure.

Yes, bob haircut - this is definitely a thing!And it is not just a thing, a thing worthy of the stars of the first magnitude.And what we are worse ?!The more so because it is such a luxury available to each of us.

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