Teeth whitening at home: folk remedies and proven methods

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methods and features of dental care vary from year to year.Development of new dental procedures, improved toothpastes.It will not hurt us, and to update their knowledge about oral care.Talk also about teeth whitening at home.

  • brush What do you need?
  • Will the frequent cleaning to whiten your teeth?
  • Mini brush by Colgate
  • New products for teeth whitening at home
  • Folk remedies for teeth whitening
  • Side effects of home bleaching
  • How to keep teeth white?
  • Videos on proven methods of whitening
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brush What do you need?

used to be that a brush with soft bristles produced only for children, adults also need a stiff brush.Now the presentation has changed, and the brush is recommended to choose according to the individual characteristics of the teeth.Modern dentists are increasingly recommend soft brushes.After all, the bulk of bacteria is around the gums, and brush with stiff bristles only compresses plaque, eventually turning it into tartar.At the same time try during tooth

brushing is not to clamp the brush in his hand - so you will put pressure on the brush.Keep it as you would hold a pen.Then your tooth enamel will not suffer, and the bristles on the brush will function longer.

Will the frequent cleaning to whiten your teeth?

Previously recommended to brush your teeth after every meal, and now dentists are sure to brush your teeth immediately after eating - it is harmful.Why?If you brush your teeth immediately after eating, food acids are not removed from the teeth, but will only be pushed deeper through the enamel, penetrating into the tooth structure.Therefore, brush your teeth can be no earlier than an hour after eating.Suffice it to brush your teeth twice a day - morning and evening.And for cleaning the teeth from food residues end the lunch, an apple, and then rinse your mouth.

Mini brush by Colgate

These disposable mini-toothbrush from Colgate's called Wisps.They will help you with oral hygiene, regardless of your location.These brushes come in handy on the road, at work, at a party or on a business trip.Small package fits in purse.The brush floss has a view from one side and the mini-brush on the other.Dentifrice toothpaste is not required, since the paste is impregnated in advance.

New products for teeth whitening at home

  • PA brush

Through sound wave significantly accelerates the movement of the bristles, so it cleans the teeth, gums and the edge of the gaps between the teeth.Brush your teeth at least 2 minutes in the morning and evening.Sound brushes typically have three modes of cleaning - massages, mild cleansing, intensive cleaning (eg, toothbrush Curaprox Hydrosonic).

  • whitening strips

Decades consecutive dentists in one voice asserted that the home whitening is impossible - it is completely ineffective.Perhaps before just was not worthy of funds in the market.But now, many doctors do recommend bleaching at home, because it has modern facilities.Whitening Strips really work!

use them no earlier than 6 hours after brushing for best results.Before applying dry teeth (remove the moisture with a paper towel).If you use a strip of 30 minutes a day of 20 consecutive days, you reach the professional whitening effect.The whiteness of your teeth persist for up to 1 year.The main ingredient of the strips is hydrogen peroxide.That it lightens stains and tooth enamel.

  • Economy option: whitening peroxide directly

But the concentration of peroxide to be watched - a safe and effective whitening solution is considered to be 10%.The procedure is simple.Dampen the cloth and wipe the peroxide in teeth.

  • Whitening toothpastes

They are not as effective as whitening strips, but the use of whitening toothpaste helps prevent new stains on the teeth.As part of such pastes - a mild abrasive element silica.

Folk remedies for teeth whitening

The people most popular remedy for tooth whitening is baking soda.It acts as an abrasive.Most dentists agree that soda is absolutely safe for health, effective teeth whitening.To whiten your teeth at home, just sprinkle baking soda on your toothbrush and brush your teeth.You want to reduce the salty taste of soda?Mix baking soda and toothpaste.

Another popular recipe for teeth whitening at home - a mixture of baking soda, salt and vinegar.It is proposed to prepare a mixture of ½ spoon of salt, ½ tablespoons of vinegar and a pinch of salt.It will look like toothpaste.The mixture was put on the teeth for 1-3 minutes, then rinse.It is not hard to guess what a devastating effect on tooth enamel has a means, but the people who have tried it claim that teeth whitened really - bacterial plaque and dark spots are removed, and this means a lot cheaper whitening strips.But it is not known in any dental problems may result its use, particularly frequent, and how much you have to pay for their decision.Therefore, we only tell you about folk remedies home bleaching, and to use them or not, it's up to you.

mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide wonderful whitens teeth.Take the necessary number of baking soda and add 1-2 drops of hydrogen peroxide.But to apply this mixture on your teeth can be no more than once a week.

Another method of whitening - cleaning dry rubbed sage leaves.They certainly will not cause any harm teeth or gums.

Side effects of home bleaching

may appear irritation of soft tissue (often this happens in the interdental papillae and the gum), increased sensitivity of the tooth enamel.Sometimes the side effects can cause severe discomfort, in this case, immediately stop the procedure and see your dentist.If problems with the gums have observed not only with the teeth sensitive to heat and cold, these sensations are usually after 4-5 days.

If you decide to whiten in economy mode (soda or peroxide), better choose peroxide.Soda literally peels the top layer of the tooth enamel.Brushing your teeth with soda can be no more than once a month, enamel thinned quickly.

How to keep teeth white?

If you can whiten your teeth at home, this is only half the battle.You must save more and the resulting white to more or less long term.To do this, remember a few simple rules.

  • Be careful with drinks dark

Coffee, tea, berry juice, cola - all this makes teeth darker.Try to drink more plain water.Generally a day for an adult should drink 8 glasses of water.Wash down with water all of these drinks.This will help prevent darkening of the teeth.Another welcome - drink beverages through a straw dark.But it is unlikely you'll have it with hot coffee or tea, so remember zapivaniya water.In addition, straw cosmetologists are not advised.They argue that because it may appear superfluous wrinkles.Neutralize coloring can be added to tea or coffee a little milk.

  • Red or white wine?

Many people think that white wine is safer for teeth than red.However, it has a more acidic environment, so white wine - the main enemy of teeth.And to be red behind him.Perhaps the wine is better to refuse.

Videos on proven methods of whitening