Homemade face masks anti-wrinkle : how to remove wrinkles on the face and around the eyes

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appearance of wrinkles - not always a sign of the natural aging of the body.Often wrinkles arise from improper care of the skin and its lack of moisture.This is especially true of the skin around the eyes.If she does not get the right amount of moisture, it becomes dry, stretched, resulting in wrinkles.Knowing how to get rid of wrinkles, you need to start to look after eyelid skin in his youth, using a light hydrating gels and creams for this part of the face.

  • causes of wrinkles
  • products to combat skin flabbiness
  • methods and techniques to combat wrinkles
  • Bread mask and oil cream
  • Nourishing honey and egg mask of wrinkles
  • Oatmeal mask for fadingface
  • Recipes proven home masks
  • Video tutorial for those wishing to make a mask
  • The importance of correct position during sleep
  • basic rules to get rid of deep wrinkles
  • Video announcement operational method wrinkle removal


The skin around the eyes is very delicate, thin, so the first changes appear

here.Skin loses its elasticity, facial swelling occur, unsightly fine lines, dark circles, puffiness.This natural process of structural changes in the skin under the eyes.There is almost no subcutaneous fat layer, as well as sebaceous glands, almost no muscles, which have to maintain skin elasticity.Necessary to maintain the elasticity of the collagen fibers around the eyes like a mesh, stretch in all directions, and the soft tissue explains the tendency to edema.

can not change the structure of the epidermis, but can be carefully, carefully look after your skin.Such care will tell you how to remove wrinkles, postpone the unwanted effects of aging in the distant future.Often the cause dryness issues, fine wrinkles, swelling, circles, skin irritation, along with natural factors, becomes incompetent care of the thin skin around the eyes and an unfortunate choice of industrial cosmetics.

wrinkles under the eyes, if the skin is very dry, can occur in a very young age.Goose foot deep in the corners of the eyes are due to high activity in the facial features of the structure of the eye muscles.

First you need to exclude a family history and health problems.Especially affect withering skin allergies, heart disease, endocrine, kidney.In addition to diseases, causes of premature wrinkles can be maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle, the inept handling of cosmetic products or the use of poor-quality cosmetics.
applies also work, especially if it is associated with a strong eye strain Reasons for early appearance of wrinkles on the skin.But the main causes of wrinkles under the eyes are age, smoking, sun and stress.

Remember that forever impossible to apply the cream, which you use for your face.Because the skin around the eyes is very thin, and a face cream may be too heavy for her.Improperly selected cosmetic products lead to the formation of wrinkles.

There are wrinkles that occur due soschurivaniya eyes.This may be the work of facial muscles from different emotion or eye protection from glare.In sunny weather, be sure to use protective glasses.

Stress and poor diet - also the shortest way to wrinkles.Skin fade, wrinkles become more visible, especially around the eyes.

products to combat sagging skin

With increasing age the natural collagen that supports the skin's structure can not fully make up for its losses, especially with a lack of essential substances that usually come with food.Therefore, high-quality high-grade, balanced diet plays an important role in maintaining the natural beauty and preservation of freshness and youthful skin.
Here are some tips for getting rid of wrinkles, changing diet:

  • need to add the grated carrots in sauces, salads.Carotene contained in carrots, - an excellent source of nutrition for the skin;
  • can add fresh spinach leaves in green salads.Spinach contains more carotene than regular salad;
  • regularly need to eat fresh fruit.The most effective in a constant struggle with the appearance of wrinkles fruit, orange and red vegetables.This red pepper, tomato, grapefruit, apricot, peach, mango, papaya.Fruits contain many vitamins, minerals, nutrients;
  • often need to enter into the diet of broccoli (even frozen), it can be extinguished with vegetables, added as a garnish to various dishes;
  • every day it is desirable to have a fruit salad made with fresh, frozen or canned can be fruit;
  • often need to drink fruit juice, rich in carotene.It's orange, apple, carrot juices and drinks of papaya, mango.

methods and techniques to combat wrinkles

If you have wrinkles under the eyes, folk remedies or industrial creams and masks will help to smooth them, reducing the number.

Will help remove wrinkles under the eyes of the media: this herbal decoctions for washing, masks.

to the skin around the eyes shone with freshness, you need daily to wash decoction of parsley or green tea at room temperature.And you can pour them into molds and freeze.Such ice washing perfectly tones the skin and significantly reduces the number of wrinkles around the eyes.

Perfectly moisturizes the skin century egg yolk.It must be applied for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.If the under-eye wrinkles is already there, mix the yolk with vegetable oil in equal proportions.

Bread mask and cream oil

To prepare the mask, moisten a piece of white bread in a little warm vegetable oil or butter, place the pulp under the eyes.Rinse with warm water after 25 minutes.

oil as vegetable and butter also helps to remove wrinkles under the eyes - folk remedies based on it are very effective.You can use oil as a night cream under the eyes.It is necessary to put it on the skin before going to bed and wash off in the morning only.

But the most effective popular wrinkle cream is prepared as follows.Done a decoction of half a tablespoon of chamomile flowers and the same amount of linden blossom on a glass of water, leave for 15 minutes.On the 2 tablespoons of strained broth is added 1 tablespoon butter, and, optionally, a teaspoon of castor.The resulting creamy composition can be used for a century before bedtime.Cream is stored in refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Nourishing honey and egg mask of wrinkles

Take one egg yolk, add half a teaspoon of melted honey and a teaspoon of oatmeal.All mix well.If the mixture is very thick, you can add the warm milk.The mask is applied under the eyes for 10 minutes, wash off with warm water.

Oatmeal mask for fading facial

This mask is especially good for aging skin.The effect is noticeable already after 2-3 uses.Crushed oatmeal pour hot milk.When oatmeal swell, a mask is applied to the eyelid skin for 20 minutes, rinsed with water at room temperature.
very effectively helps to prevent and reduce the appearance of wrinkles already appeared camphor oil.Though it is better not to use concentrated camphor oil, and a special cream with camphor.For the preparation of tender homemade camphor cream especially for dry skin around the eyes need to take 50 milliliters of melted using a water bath unsalted fat, can be visceral, pork, and 50 milliliters of camphor oil.The ingredients are mixed and poured into a glass bowl.Every three days it should be lubricated cream thin skin around the eyes before going to bed.

Recipes home masks proven

1. Mask of stale white bread: it is necessary to make a crumb of stale white bread, pre-soaked in cow's milk, for 20 minutes.The course of a month, apply every other day.
2. Cool the infusion to prevent the appearance of spider veins in the corners of the eyes, from the leaves of birch: a glass of fresh leaves pound, pour a glass of cold water, to insist eight hours strain.Infusion used as a compress.
3. The mask of wrinkled mesh: it is necessary to melt one tablespoon of part-lime honey, add one teaspoon of wheat or oat flour and beaten egg white.The mask should be held until it dries, then rinse can be.
4. From sagging eyelid skin aging cold broth: chamomile, sage and mint are mixed in equal amounts.Then you need to take a tablespoon of the mixture, pour a partial cup of boiling water, hold about 20 minutes of steaming.Then the broth cool, strain.The cooled fluid can be applied on the eyelids for ten minutes.
5. The mask of wrinkles from fresh parsley: it is necessary to put the powdered green grass on the eye, then cover gruel soaked in the juice of parsley tampons hold for 15 minutes.

Video tutorial for those wishing to make a mask

The importance of correct position during sleep

puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes are sometimes associated with the wrong posture during the night.Very high pillow prevents venous outflow in delicate eyelid skin and promotes the appearance of bags.Sleep, in which the face is pressed against the pillow, helps to increase the number of ray of deep near the eye.Sleep should be low on a flat pillow or do without it, you can enclose a neck cushion oval.Good to sleep, lying on his back, on his side, but not on his face.
very important for beautiful skin on a regular basis to get enough sleep.It is advisable to sleep eight hours a day in a carefully ventilated room, and the room should be no radiation sources - computer, TV.

basic rules to get rid of deep wrinkles

1. Wash with cool water should be, then it will be better the circulation.You can try ice cubes special cold plastic-based mask and the gel.
2. Apply the necessary minimum amount of any cream, evenly distributing it on the mobile eyelid skin with light, subtle, dotted brushstrokes.Cream should not just smear and drive padded ring finger, because they are less developed and can not greatly deform the skin.
3. It must be remembered that the majority of special creams and gels applied in the morning.At night, use only the special tool with lifting, lifting effect.Moisturizing and nourishing cream, superimposed on the night, can cause severe swelling.
4. Do not apply the cream, even a very high quality, designed for the face, on the eyelids.
5. Decorative cosmetics should be forever cast too lightly.
6. It is necessary to apply special creams for the skin around the eyes, containing special UV filters, it is necessarily active during the summer sun.
7. Cosmetics should be replaced every five months, to avoid addiction and allergy.
8. During the spring and winter, it is desirable to take supporting vitamin complexes.
9. It is necessary to spend more time in the air exercise.

Video announcement surgical wrinkle removal method

Knowing how to get rid of wrinkles, when they began to appear, it is possible for a long time to preserve youth.


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