Facial cleansing at home: the compositions of masks and scrubs with application details

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Cleaning person - a procedure that should be performed once or twice a month to ensure that the skin remains clean and fresh.It offers all the beauty parlors (in which you can select manual or hardware cleaning), but there are regular visits to the beautician while not every modern woman.It is possible to carry out cleaning of the face in the home.The main thing - do it right.

  • Preparation for the procedure at home
  • Masks and scrubs for face cleaning
  • Alternative methods of cleansing
  • Contra self cleaning
  • Facial cleansing household masks
  • Pros and cleaning Consface
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Preparation for the procedure at home

for face cleaning procedures must be at least an hour and a half time.You must know exactly what you no one will interfere.Remember that with any cosmetic procedure is effective only if the skin was pre-cleared.Remove make-up, wash or wipe the face with a cleansing tonic.

upper stratum corneum is best removed with a light peel.You can use the scrub.Apply it

on the skin, massage for two or three minutes, and then rinse with warm water.It is not necessary to complete the habit of skin cleansing scrub by washing with cool water.Immediately proceed to the steaming process.

you need to steam the skin very well.It's very simple: it is necessary to boil water in a saucepan and keep the face over the steam, covering your head with a towel for 10-15 minutes.Better yet, make a decoction of herbs: for dry and sensitive skin - yarrow, wormwood and rosemary, for oily - horsetail and chamomile.Then blot the face with a clean towel.Actually, this is the beginning of purification, because under the influence of steam the pores open, and outdoor pollution leave your face without additional assistance.

  • Getting rid of blackheads

until the skin has cooled down, you need to proceed to the removal of "black spots", sebaceous plugs and eels.They gently squeezing lightly pressing on both sides about the need nadkalyvaya acne thin needle, pre-treated with an alcohol solution.All actions must be carried out with clean hands, the ideal is to wrap a bandage fingers, dipped in a one percent solution of salicylic acid.Wounding the skin is also desirable to disinfect lotion on alcohol or hydrogen peroxide trёhprotsentnoy.

Masks and scrubs for face cleaning

If the skin is in good condition and the only problem is the dead skin particles and "black spots" in the T-zone, squeezing is required.In this case, immediately after the steaming process the skin scrub.The fine abrasive particles themselves vyskrebut dirt from the pores, and face zadyshit freely.Scrubs can take factory production, or produce themselves.

Very good scrub of coffee finely ground with sour cream - it makes the skin soft and velvety.If you need a very careful and delicate peeling, can be used, for example, a scrub: take on half a tablespoon of chopped pulp of banana and apple.Add a tablespoon of heavy cream, as much crushed in a coffee grinder oat flakes and a teaspoon of honey.If there are sores on the face or any acute acne exfoliating contraindicated.

When well cleaned pores, blackheads and purulent inflammation are removed, you need to take care of the natural protection and restoration of the skin.Apply it on your favorite moisturizer, and even better - make a mask.For example, this: two tablespoons of cottage cheese rub with half a teaspoon of honey.Add one egg and beat well.After 15-20 minutes rinse with warm water, then wipe the skin with ice.This mask tightens pores and tones the skin.

As you can see, everything is simple.However, there are contraindications.Clean face in the home can not be performed in women with very dry and thin skin when many pustules on the face and other inflammatory cells, and if the blood vessels are close to the skin surface.In these cases, safer to turn to a professional cosmetologist.

Alternative methods of cleansing

above described classical way of cleansing your face at home.But sometimes permissible and alternative methods.It should be remembered that the cleaning of the face in any way should be done with great care, it is better to first try a small area of ​​skin.

  • Method one: salt and soda

Squeeze a little liquid soap in a jar.Add a quarter teaspoon of salt "Extra" and a quarter teaspoon of baking soda.Moisten a gauze pad in hot water and apply the mixture to the places where black dots moving in a circular motion.Rinse with warm water after 2-3 minutes, wipe the skin lotion.The procedure caused irritation?Then it should be completed dusting of talcum powder.

Most often comedones appear on oily skin, but sometimes they occur when "thick" seborrhea.If you have a problem, before cleaning, apply on your face some oil mask, and after cleaning, do not use alcohol or lotions.If you have oily seborrhea, home facial cleansing should be done in a day.Replace its usual washing with soap and water.Do this until a noticeable improvement, and when it comes, spend facial cleansing once a week.

  • Method two: hot compress

Dampen a towel with hot water or a linen cloth, wring out and apply to face.A hot compress is applied for half a minute, without closing the mouth and nose.The procedure should be repeated 4-5 times.Thereafter, a gauze pad soaked in 3% hydrogen peroxide and thereafter immersed fine salt, processed skin with black dots.Make a light circular motion.Rinse off the salt must first warm, then cold water.Then wipe the skin lotion and powder the it.This treatment should be carried out 2.3 times per week until until such a marked improvement, and after brushing the face as required.

  • Method three: Wheat and oat bran

If easy to do facial massage with wheat or oat bran, a marked effect occurs in a week.If you have normal skin, mix bran with milk if the fat - with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.Mix bran with liquid to form a slurry, wipe it comedones accumulation place for a few minutes.Then wash with warm water, rinse face with cool water and treat the lotion or tonic.If the feeling of tightness of the skin, after cleansing, apply a nourishing cream.But it is better to do it immediately, but after half an hour after cleaning.Such cleaning can be repeated every 7-10 days as needed.

  • fourth method: for the most decisive

This is a simple and affordable way to quickly remove the comedones.The person should be carefully lather shaving cream or soap and water, after 2-3 minutes the foam with layers of fat and comedones removed using a knife to cut the paper, which is wrapped with a thin layer of cotton wool (it is possible to wrap the blade with a cotton pad).Push the knife tightly and remove the foam in the direction of the face center to the periphery.The treatment ends with warm and cool facial cleanser, tonic or lotion.Repeat as needed to be, but no more than twice a week.Be careful when using the knife!Make sure that it does not come off with cotton wool, and you do not accidentally cut the skin.

Contra self cleaning

The most effective way is considered to be a mechanical cleaning when the grease tube extruded through a variety of tools and accessories.But in the home is not recommended for mechanical cleaning, because there is a risk of injury to the facial skin and making unwanted bacteria.If you have not helped the methods described above, it is better to consult a beauty shop.

Naturally, black stoppers in the mouths of the sebaceous glands to remove necessary.If you do not do it in time, the conditions for the emergence of atheroma.But if you have ulcers or inflamed acne, facial cleansing undesirable conduct.Better get reduce inflammation using anti-inflammatory creams, and only then carry out the cleaning procedure.

Some people generally contraindicated cleaning at home.If you have herpes or eczema, hypertension or asthma, epilepsy, these cosmetic procedures can be done only under medical supervision in a hospital setting.

household cleaning face masks

Besides the mechanical cleaning of the face, you can use other tools that help cleanse the skin gradually, but permanently.If you will indulge yourself masks regularly, your skin will be grateful and will give you a smooth and silky.If you are already familiar with the mechanical cleaning of the face, you know that this procedure is effective.But it should not be done too often because the very high risk of skin injury.

most effective mask - soap-soda.Preparing it is very simple.Lather in a jar cosmetic or baby soap.Apply foam on the skin and apply a layer on top of the baking soda.React with soap, soda cleanse the pores of the skin.You may feel a slight tingling.Do not worry, it will pass quickly.The mask should be washed off with warm water after the tingling disappears.Mask Repeat as necessary, but no more than twice a week.

Another mask, which can be easily made at home - a mask of cream and salt.Take a moisturizer (you can use an inexpensive face cream or baby cream), add a teaspoon of salt and 5 drops of tea tree oil.Apply a thin layer mask to the face, hold for 10-15 minutes.Note: masks and scrubs on the basis of salt can not be used when the inflamed skin, high likelihood of burning.

Opponents squeezing blackheads using special cleansing mask industrial or home-cooked.However, their effect is not so noticeable as the mechanical cleaning.There is also a special adhesive that helps get rid of blackheads and comedones.Its effect is more noticeable if the patch is applied to the steamed face.Usually it is put on the chin, nostrils, forehead.If your skin is prone to the formation of blackheads and pimples regularly, morning and evening, clean it using a cleanser or cleansing milk.End the procedure tonic or lotion.

for greater efficiency in your tonic lotion or add a few drops of salicylic alcohol or essential oil (depending on your skin type).Mint makes the complexion more even and beautiful, magnificent antiseptic is tea tree, bergamot struggling with excess fat discharge.But keep in mind, and that the daily use of oils cosmetologists do not recommend.The skin should rest at least 2-3 days.

Pros and cons of face cleaning

home If you've ever done the mechanical cleaning of the face in the beauty salon, you probably know about the side effects.extrusion procedure is quite painful after a few days it face sore and red.Many beauty salons can not even hold back tears while cleaning person.Of course, if you squeeze home torture yourself you will not.

positive aspect of mechanical cleaning is considered that blackheads are removed completely, and not only removed the top layer, as in the cleaning facial scrubs.But the question of this positive moment quite controversial, because it is impossible to know for sure until the end of embossed acne or still incomplete.Everyone who makes mechanical cleaning of the face as necessary Note: the more often you clean, the more quickly the skin pores become clogged again.


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