The mask of blue clay : recipes from cellulite and acne

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Blue clay - a wonderful healing agent containing trace elements in which we all need.In it are located, and in an easily digestible by the human body shape, phosphates kemnezem, calcium, magnesium, iron and silicon.Masks of blue clay have whitening and anti-cellulite effect, cleanse, relieve acne, tighten and regenerate the skin.Therefore, the beneficial properties of blue clay have long been used in cosmetics.

  • What is the blue clay
  • Application in cosmetology
  • Medicinal properties of blue clay
  • Clay wraps as a remedy for cellulite
  • Recipes for face masks

What isblue clay

clay - this is the smallest particles of rock formed by weathering.In addition to blue, there are white, yellow, black, green and red, but blue or Cambrian - the oldest and the most useful.People have learned to use it for medical purposes when there is not even the word "medicine".

dilution with water, it differs from other clays its creamy, soft and smooth texture.This is because the blue clay was formed

before all other clays, and consists of the smallest particles, a kind of clay dust.

blue color is due to the content of a rare chemical element radium.In small quantities, it is necessary for an organism as having antitumor activity.Radium clay enters the body in a natural manner and in optimal doses.

deposits of blue clay very much, so it is quite inexpensive.Each country has its own place of production of this valuable mineral resources.Therefore, it makes no sense to buy cosmetic clay brought from a distance, for example, from Israel - perhaps in your own or in a neighboring area is extracted is the same.

The sale means enters the lump, powder and paste form.The slurry is immediately ready for use, the dry diluted immediately prior to use any liquid (water, milk, tea, coffee - depending on the recipe) to a creamy consistency.Lumpy, you must first be soaked for about an hour.

Application in cosmetology

Antimicrobial Properties of blue clay were known thousands of years ago.Because of these properties, it is now used in cosmetics for the treatment of inflammatory acne vulgaris and having a bacterial origin.It dries a bit oily skin, helps with cosmetic problems with the skin is not worse than the pharmaceutical agents.The tool is able to lighten freckles, improve the complexion, reduces muscle fatigue, make the skin fresh and velvety.

In cosmetic purposes is used in the form of masks, compresses and wraps.Clay wraps differ from chocolate, honey and all other topics, it is not necessary to wrap the body of the film to create a "sauna effect" with them.Clay talker herself well kept on the body for an hour, does not freeze, do not turns into a shell, it does not drip down.Wrapped in cellophane, in this case more for the convenience of receiving the procedure that he did not have to stand for the entire session.If

wraps can be made to each, the masks are only useful at a problem, fading and oily skin.If you have dry skin of the face clay mask can be applied only on the T-zone.Also for dry skin lotion can do on the problem areas.

Medicinal properties of blue clay

Clay wraps as a remedy for cellulite

blue better than other clays helps fight cellulite due to its strong toksinopogloschayuschego action.

The spa mud wraps do after antitsellyutnogo massage.Those who do not like to go to salons, are free to carry out the procedure at home.The drug is diluted with water to a consistency kashitseoobraznoy mixture should be warm (35-40 ° C).Gruel is applied to the problem in terms of the place of cellulite, keep 30-60 minutes.Sometimes, to enhance action paste is added powdered algae.Film is used as desired.

in a clay mash for the best effect can be made additives:

  1. Cold wrap.The powder is diluted with a solution of hot coffee grounds.Add 5 drops of essential oil of peppermint (it cools the body).
  2. Hot Wrap.The powder is diluted with hot coffee, as in the previous version, and instead add the mint pharmacy tincture of pepper or chili powder.

Both of these wraps are made on the cleaned, preferably poskrablennoy skin.The mixture is applied to problem areas - usually the thighs, buttocks, abdomen.Body wrap film, you can roll the food or any other plastic, wrapped with a cloth top.Keep half an hour - an hour, then wash off.If you feel discomfort to wash off immediately, and subsequently put fewer mint or pepper, their dosage depends on individual sensitivity.

Cold and hot packs can not be done with a propensity to spider veins.

Recipes masks for face

  • face mask for acne.In half of Art.tablespoons of blue clay to dissolve a tablespoon of milk.Add just a little bit of olive oil.Stir with a wooden stick until smooth.The mask is ready.Apply with a brush for 10-15 minutes.
  • Purifying Mask with milk and chamomile.Take a tablespoon of dry clay and milk, mix well, add 2 drops of lemon juice, mix again.Apply on face for 15 minutes.Rinse with infusion of chamomile.Dry skin with a cotton swab and apply a night cream.Do it once a week.
  • Whitening Mask.A pinch of salt Beat one protein, add 15 grams of clay.Keep on the face for 15 minutes.Then rinse with water and apply a nourishing cream.
  • firming and whitening mask.Take a tablespoon of clay and the same amount of vegetable oil, protein, and one half of fresh cucumber.Cucumber rub on a grater, add the whipped protein with clay, oil and mix well.Keep on the face for half an hour, rinse with warm water.Making twice weekly.

low cost, natural, effective in addressing many of the problems associated with the skin - this precious quality of blue clay.Before you start buying expensive creams, you should consider whether they are necessary, if the same effect can be achieved by ordinary clay.


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