Hand masks at home , and the rules of care for your hands

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hands, even if they are "golden", always require maintenance.As a person, they are more likely to suffer from the weather - wind, cold, sun.In addition, women's domestic work is often associated with the use of chemicals.No matter how we try to protect themselves, the skin eventually becomes dry, chapped and rough.How to deal with it?Can be prepared at home mask hand.They make up for the lack of vitamins and make them soft and tender.You just do not be lazy and deliberately allocate time for this.

  • Features of masks
  • Proven recipes
  • For tired aging skin
  • Softening and refreshing mask
  • with a reducing effect
  • With moisturizing
  • With rejuvenating effect
  • Maskson the basis of potato
  • Video recipe moisturizing masks for hands

by following simple rules every day, we can ensure that the skin on the hands, even in adulthood will look young.

  • best to use warm or cold water, which does not dry the skin cleanser.
  • During homework time, try as rubber gloves can be worn more often.
  • During the month twice, clean the skin with a scrub.
  • Make regular rejuvenating hand masks.

Due to the lack of a large number of sebaceous glands of our "toiler" constantly in need of supplementary feeding and hydration.For this there are various creams and all sorts of masks.

Features of masks

Such procedures should be done regularly, ie at least 1 time per week.However, you will achieve the best effect, if you pay attention to their hands 2-3 times a week.

  1. Depending on your burning problems (inflammation, peeling, redness, etc.) need to pick up the mask correctly.
  2. Keep the mixture should be about 30 minutes, covering your hands with warm cloth or paper for compresses.You can not wash them with hot water.
  3. After the procedure you need to put on your skin cream - nourishing and moisturizing.
  4. When pressed for time, you can leave the mask or cream at night and sleep, wearing cotton gloves on your hands.
  5. cooking the mixture should be from only the freshest ingredients.
  6. conduct the procedure is better at bedtime.So you give the arms a rest and allow healing without interference substances affect the skin.
  7. For greater effect, before the procedure, lower your arms for a few minutes in warm water.Nutrients better penetrate into steamed out skin.

Proven recipes

For tired aging skin

prepared the so - pound egg yolk with 1 tbsp.spoon of honey and 0,5 st.spoons of oatmeal.The consistency of the mixture should resemble the usual cream.Mask rubbed light massage into the skin, then applied on top of another layer of cooked mixture.Wash it in 20 minutes with warm water.After this procedure, the skin becomes silky and becomes smooth.

Softening and refreshing mask

  • she prepares honey and glycerin, which are taken in equal proportions.They need to mix and add 2 tbsp.tablespoons boiling water (you can take mineral without gas).To the mixture was added 1 h. Spoon oat, rye or wheat flour.The resulting "dough" even layer is applied to the hands and wash off after 30 minutes without the use of soap.
  • At home, you can make a mask and hand.Oat flour (2 tbsp. Tablespoons) mixed with olive oil (1 tbsp. Spoon), fresh lemon juice (1 tbsp. Spoon) and glycerin (1 hr. Spoon).The obtained mixture was applied for 20-30 minutes and then washed with water.

with a reducing effect

Curd mask has a therapeutic effect.The skin after it ceases to peel and crack.Take 3 tbsp.Spoon cottage cheese and add the olive oil and grapefruit (1 hr. spoonful).Mix the ingredients and apply the resulting slurry evenly on the hands.After 30 minutes, it must be washed off.You can substitute cottage cheese fat mayonnaise or buttermilk.You can leave this mask for several hours.In this case, put on cotton gloves.

With moisturizing

  • If you need to moisturize the skin, take flaxseed oil and honey (1 tbsp. Spoon), 6-8 drops of lemon juice and egg yolk.Before you put a mask, rasparte hands in a warm potato broth.It can be left overnight.
  • The same effect has a mask of parsley.Take low-fat cottage cheese (3 h. Tablespoons) parsley juice (1 hr. Spoonful) and fish oil (0.5 h. Spoons).The resulting mixture should be applied to the skin and wrap the hand wrap.After 40 minutes, she carefully washed off.

With rejuvenating effect

This effect you'll get if you make a mask with melon.It contains a lot of minerals and vitamins necessary for your hands.The flesh melon triturated in 1 h. Spoon starch and 1 hour. Lemon juice.The composition is applied for 20 minutes, after which it is washed off, and a skin moisturizer.

Masks based on potatoes

This product exists in every home.And if suddenly there was no cheese, melon, olive or linseed oil, the potatoes are always at your service.We offer several options for hands masks based on it.

  • Boiled jacket potatoes (2 pcs.), Rub with lemon juice (2 h. Spoons).You should get enough thick puree.It is applied with a thick layer on your hands and put them on plastic gloves.You can wrap them with foil and wrap a warm scarf natural.Wash off this mixture in two hours and lubricate the skin nourishing cream or a child.
  • can make homemade masks for hands, which remain for the night.Prepare mashed potatoes with milk (2 tuber plus 5-6 Art. Spoons of milk).For half an hour before bedtime, apply it on your hands and put on top of large plastic gloves.In the morning wash off the mask with warm water or infusion of chamomile or calendula.
  • following mask will return the skin soft and make it smooth and beautiful.Rub on a small grated raw potatoes.Add to it the honey (1 h. Spoon) and the juice of lemon, orange, grapefruit, cabbage or carrots (also 1 hour. Spoonful).The mixture was kept on hand as long as the potatoes are dark (about 30 minutes), and then washed.
  • During cold weather will be useful and this potato mask.The mashed potatoes, cooked in their skins, add about 100 ml strong brewed green tea.It is necessary to obtain a homogeneous slurry, which is then applied to chapped skin.

Video recipe moisturizing masks for hands

All of the above masks help to carry out hand care at home.As you can see, cook them very simply.Investing a little time, you can enjoy with your own hands.Do not forget to love yourself!


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