Vacuum massage cellulite - an instrument of the new century to fight the orange peel

Category Winning Cellulite | August 12, 2017 18:00

«Orange peel" spoils the beauty of every other woman.On the one hand, it is - a tragedy, but on the other - is good news.Why?It's simple: common ailments that afflict many people, always paid more attention, so victims of the disease can count on effective ways to treat a wide variety of healthful recipes and wonderful instruments.One of the best ways to combat the "orange peel" is considered to be a vacuum massage.So what is cellulite vacuum massage to choose from, whether it is possible to do this procedure at home?

  • Video familiarity with cellulite
  • Miraculous vacuum force
  • What are massagers
  • The price
  • instruments little about the limitations
  • salon procedures
  • Vacuum self-massage

Video introduction to cellulite

Miraculous vacuum force

If we argue in a scientific way, the vacuum is an environment where the air pressure is significantly below normal - atmospheric.According to the laws of nature the internal pressure in the cells of the human body, including cellulite

, is no different from an external indicator.In this state, as they say, everyone is pleased with its comfort, including the "orange peel".But as soon as we artificially lower the pressure inside the tissue, everything changes: the fat cells, which visually appear as lumps or clusters of beads, simply burst - about like a balloon.

Because of these microscopic internal "explosion" of the excess fat from the body is displayed, and "approved" by his nature a portion is returned to its place - under the skin in a thin layer.The skin surface is leveled, it becomes more elastic, returns healthy complexion.

What are massagers

Apparatus for vacuum massage is divided into two types:

  • professional (designed for salons and cosmetic surgeries);
  • amateur (oriented and self-use).

In turn, both types of "devices" are, both electric and manual.

The price

devices Models for manual use are relatively cheap (but not because of poor performance).But the cost of electric models sometimes rolls over and is very different.Why are the prices for electric vacuum massager cellulite so different?It's all about the brand machine, and consequently, the reliability of the machine, equipment and, of course, speed rate - higher than they are, the stronger the unit, hence, more efficient process.If you are running a form of cellulite, it is better, of course, choose a powerful electric "device" known manufacturer, because you have to fight with dimples, "hidden" deep under the skin.

little about the limitations

Alas, vacuum tumbler of cellulite, there are contraindications.Use this method to combat the "orange peel" can not:

  • patients with varicose veins;
  • suffering from swelling of the tissues;
  • lady with heart ailments;
  • those with damaged skin in the affected area;
  • high blood pressure;
  • pregnant.

salon procedures

If you decide to entrust your body to the master, be wise, since only the salons can not afford to buy a very expensive anti-cellulite massager vacuum that kill "orange peel" just 5-10 procedures.

So, how is the process?Beautician cleanse the skin in the affected areas ailment, then cause a special tool and go to the "warm-up" - hand-kneading the tissues, which lasts a few minutes.Further, the process is connected, in fact, the handset itself.The wizard configures the device and a nozzle (massage bowl) will start to drive on the skin.At the same time you will feel that the tissue in the problem areas are sucked inside.Movement during the session are circular, zigzag and straight - it all depends on the affected area and the apparatus itself.Master anyway operates according to instructions.

Depending on the impact area, the procedure can take 20-60 minutes.If handled in stages several parts of the body, or even more.Vacuum massage can not be called pleasant, since because of the special pressure having soreness.Some ladies even appear small bruises.Meanwhile unpleasant experience fully redeemed the miraculous effect of the distance cycle procedures.

Vacuum self-massage

At home you can buy as an electric vehicle (certainly not as powerful as in the cabin), and hand-held device - a special bank.Apply vacuum massage cellulite at home should be strictly according to the instructions according to the model purchased.

Do not forget to clean the skin before the procedure, and after - to moisturize the treated area.To defeat the "orange peel" will require more sessions than in the cabin, but you will save money and time on the road in the interior.

Vacuum Tumbler - the best weapon in the "battle" with the hated cellulite.