How to remove cellulite on the legs : an integrated approach to the problem

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If you are the owner of slender and beautiful legs, you can be envied.The clothing of any length you'll catch yourself admiring glances of passersby.You will surely feel everywhere, even where accepted to go in shorts and a bathing suit.But in a moment everything can change!Even slender legs can lose the appeal and the reason for it - cellulite.It appears unexpectedly and always brings sorrow.That's why before every woman sooner or later, the question may arise as to remove cellulite on the legs.This will be discussed further.

  • Orange women's issue
  • How to get rid of cellulite on legs
  • Changing lifestyle and eating habits
  • correctly use cosmetics
  • Connect sports
  • session anti-cellulite massage feet

Orange women's issue

We must honestly say that the cure for this "disease" does not exist.The good news that he is not some serious disease.Most doctors believe cellulite cosmetic defect or external imperfections.It is not hereditary and is not innate.As a rule, it is acquired wit

h age.Much to our chagrin, this problem affects only weak part of humanity.

Due to the anatomical features of the male body, in practice, not subject to the formation of cellulite can not be said about women.With such a nuisance can touch any of them - a magnificent woman and slender girl.The most offensive, that the ugly become sexiest places - hips, buttocks, breasts.To bring them back to normal is a lot of effort, as well as to minimize cellulite on the legs.

How to get rid of cellulite on legs

To resolve this problem requires a comprehensive approach.It covers various aspects of life and involves the following activities:

  • a balanced diet;
  • massage;
  • use of cosmetics;
  • special exercises for the legs;

In any case (and not just when there is a disruption in the hormonal system) before beginning active operations should consult with the family doctor.

Important! Learn how to properly treat the problems.Trouble in life can lead to the formation of cellulite, because in times of stress is a violation of metabolism.

Changing lifestyle and eating habits

outer skin imperfections can not be resolved without changing lifestyle and eating habits.You need:

  • adhere to a special diet that eliminates all fatty, salty, fried.You can not get involved in carbonated drinks and sweets.
  • Make regular trips on the air or replace their outings during the weekend.
  • not forget about the need to move, especially in sedentary work.Arrange yourself a small charge every 2-3 hours.Most likely, you can find like-minded employees who have the same problem.

Simultaneously with the introduction of useful action to get rid of bad habits, namely:

  • Quit Smoking .Nicotine leads to vasoconstriction and, as a consequence, the skin poorly supplied with oxygen.As a result deteriorates metabolism and undesirable changes occur in the subcutaneous layer.
  • Stop snacking between meals.Remember that even a small amount eaten chips, cookies or candy will result in extra kilos.They also contribute to the appearance of cellulite on the legs and other body parts.
  • deciding how quickly to remove cellulite from the legs, remove from her wardrobe tight pants and jeans.Because of the tight fitting clothes blood circulation and muscle tissue is compressed, so the pursuit of fashion is not always beneficial.

correctly use cosmetics

Cosmetic products, with which you can remove cellulite on the legs should be used wisely.For example, anti-cellulite cream or gel can not be applied to the body at any time of the day.This is done after taking a shower or a warm bath, after which the skin massage is performed with the brush.These procedures help to improve blood circulation and a better penetration of the active substances to the lower layers of the skin.

How to achieve the best effect?It is necessary to use not only the anti-cellulite products that burn body fat and eliminate the appearance of "orange peel".Along with them, use creams that tighten the skin and give it elasticity.

Connect sports

To cope with cellulite, it is necessary to load the muscles of the legs.There are ready-made set of exercises and video tutorials that will help to do them correctly.If you do not have such a possibility, it would be a good alternative to jogging in the fresh air and at least a 5-minute charge.They can be done in the morning and in the evening.

For those who are so busy that he could not afford even this, there are the usual steps.Running up and down several flights of stairs, you will restore the lost muscle tone.If you live in one-story house, then get the opportunity to buy a step-platform.Tread on it, as you can - you can do it while watching TV.

most simple exercises that help to get rid of cellulite on the legs, and that you can do at home:

  • Mahi feet. They can do forward, backward and in different directions.The starting position is different - you can stand on all fours or on the floor.
  • Bike.This is the name known to all legs rotation resembling pedaling, which is lying on the floor.
  • Stretching . For example, it may be alternate lunges with one foot forward.
  • Squats . They need to do in different positions - leg stand together, shoulder-width apart and wider than shoulder width.
  • Squat on one leg . second leg during exercise extends forward, reminding pistol.Exercise for physically prepared.
  • Jumping . Can jump in place or in addition to use a rope.

intensity, which made these simple exercises, each chooses.But give yourself some slack still not worth it.

Another way to get rid of cellulite on legs - it dances.They are only to help cope with this problem, but also contribute to weight loss.Dancing not only strengthen the muscles of the whole body, but raise their overall body tone and mood.

session anti-cellulite massage feet

If you care about the beauty of your feet, then these tips will help make them more attractive.The main thing is not to create systems where there is no reason for them!