Orange oil for cellulite : the description of medical procedures

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Cellulite - a nasty attack, spoiling female beauty, mood, destroys personal lives and plans.Women know that you can overcome the disease, but the process is time-consuming and sometimes costly.Go wiser way engage the female cunning and experience of our ancestors: the fight to the enemy with his own weapon.To kill the "orange peel", entered into an alliance with the "Mr. Orange".How?It's simple: buy orange oil for cellulite, use it according to the instructions, and your skin will again become perfect.

  • properties of orange oil
  • The use of orange oil
  • Methods for lazy lady
  • Baths
  • Sunny massage
  • manufacturing orange cream recipe cellulite

orange oil Properties

Why use orange oil for cellulite is so popular?How does it matter?

Some cosmetologists say that "solar nectar", like a scalpel, relieves the female body not only from bumps and and stretch marks, acne marks and other disfiguring skin "ornaments".

using orange oil for cellulite, as a reward you will get a lot more of

other improvements in the appearance and health, for example:

  • weight reduction;
  • strengthen metabolism;
  • improvement in skin elasticity;
  • normalization of blood circulation;
  • prevent drying of the skin;
  • improvement of skin color;
  • activate lymph flow;
  • restoration of the horny layer of tissue;
  • receive smooth and beautiful tan;
  • elimination of depressive disorders;
  • acceleration excretory processes;
  • improvement in mood;
  • increase immunity.

should pay attention!Meanwhile, essential oil of orange cellulite is not recommended for use in pure form.Due to the high concentration in the skin may appear irritation, redness, and other adverse changes.Use the "nectar of the Sun" only as a supplement to other oils (base) or other anti-cellulite agents.

The use of orange oil

How to use the "nectar of the Sun" in the fight against cellulite?Method, there are many, but choose the one the one that will seem less troublesome and more enjoyable, do the procedures course and buy a ticket to the sea - to show off on the beach and enjoy the beauty had returned.

Methods for lazy lady

If you do not like the hassle and lengthy procedures, the trick laziness.Take the orange essential oil on cellulite and one of the base, for example, peach, grape seed, and even a simple - olive.Mix them in a ratio of 1 drop of essential oil to 1 spoon (tablespoon) of the base.This should be done in a glass or ceramic jar.Apply the resulting product after water treatment or before going to bed, and cellulite slowly begins to recede.


This procedure will not take too much time, especially if you love to lie in the bath.Just add water to a healing composition containing "solar nectar" and enjoy the process - the oil will run without your intervention.

So, the best recipe with orange oil for cellulite.Mix a cup of milk, a couple of tablespoons of sea salt and 5 drops of "solar nectar."Add the warm water (about 37 degrees).Climb into this wonderful solution, and distract from the whole 20-30 minutes.If you wish, massage your problem areas.It is possible that you will feel a slight tingling, this is normal.After the bath, dry your skin and apply the cream.

Sunny massage

orange oil for its usefulness can compete only with honey.So why these two wonderful means not mix ?!You want to achieve a stunning effect and get rid of cellulite in a short time?Get ready to work.

So what should you get for implementation of the procedure:

  • orange essential oil;
  • homemade honey;
  • anti-cellulite cream.

How to mix for massage?The amount of disability depends on the affected area of ​​the body.As a rule, for the treatment of thighs, buttocks and abdomen takes about 7 tablespoons of honey.Each spoonful of this you are free to add a drop of "solar nectar."Stir means better in a glass jar.

Before the massage the problem areas to be cleaned.You can just take a shower.Do not forget to dry the skin before the procedure.The mixture was put on a selected area of ​​the body by means of massage.You can pinch a little skin.Then simply "paste" hand to the body and its tear off sharply.And so on for 5 minutes each of the affected body areas.In the process of massaging the honey will become a white foam, as it should be, then you're doing it right.The skin may be red, you may feel tingling.Do not worry, this response indicates that you have all turns out.Keep up the good work for about a month, repeating the procedure a few days, and the ugly bumps will be over.

manufacturing orange cream recipe cellulite

«Arm» orange oil and start the battle for beauty!