Blue clay from cellulite do masks and baths against orange peel

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be treated using natural remedies is doubly useful.Firstly, you are protecting your body from all sorts of "chemistry".Secondly, you expend reasonable family budget.This means that you do not appear in other diseases as "pobochek", and the savings can buy something nice, for example, a new outfit, or a trip to warmer climes.Let's talk about the clay - the best ally of women, fighting for the beauty of the body.For example, the blue clay of cellulite makes it better than any other "foreign" assets sold in beautiful flasks for fabulous sums.

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  • Familiarity with blue clay
  • advantages of natural resources
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clay Benefits

Since ancient times, mankind has used clay for construction purposes and for the production of pottery.In the process, people have made an unexpected discovery.Do builders, potters, artisans, contiguous to work with clay, wounds, scrapes, burns

and other skin injuries heal faster.In addition, representatives of these professions rarely sick, were always full of energy and in a good mood.Thinking people realized that building material is capable of more.

So vitalizing mask of blue clay of cellulite and other misfortunes "born" in ancient times, mankind has simply not fully be aware of the type of opening committed.Unfortunately, subsequent discoveries of medicine and cosmetology mercilessly pushed away clay treatment into the background, and only a couple of decades ago people began to return to the popular methods of combating diseases.Treatment clay grows in popularity, it is used both for external procedures, and for oral administration.

Cosmetology also took over the "armed" this ancient method of preserving the beauty and health of women and invited the whole extravaganza procedures based on different types of magic powder.Among the many varieties of the best benefits from excess weight and cellulite is blue clay from which we take a closer look.

Familiarity with blue clay

This kind among his own kind is the most useful, versatile and popular in removing skin blemishes.The structure of many recipes of cellulite login blue clay.This is not surprising, since it is suitable for all skin types and contains a whole spectrum necessary for normal vital functions of the human body trace elements and salts.

Check out the list of basic substances such:

  • iron;
  • magnesium;
  • silicon;
  • calcium;
  • aluminum;
  • sulfuric anhydride;
  • silica;
  • radium;
  • phosphate.

advantages of natural resources

Why in an age of advanced technology improvement of the body and appearance correction returns the popularity of such a seemingly primitive method of treatment?Why cellulite blue clay on the potency is equal to the strange devices that acquire newfangled clinic?

It's simple: statistics says that half of emerging diseases in humans - is the result of treatment with the help of technological methods.To those include surgery, drug therapy, as well as hardware and exposure studies.That is, the disease generate new diseases.And so a vicious circle.Medicine and cosmetology sometimes treats any problems to the detriment of the general state of the organism.Is it any wonder that on receipt of a "chemical cocktail" of skin defects on time can be eliminated, and then return to the doubled number.

So cellulite.From taking any medications he may "pretend" defeated, but then it becomes clear that it is only lurking, hidden in the depths, and as soon ceased to feel a threat to their livelihood, so again he emerged from the "underground" and started a "kids" -such as nasty as himself, balls.

All of mud anti-cellulite treatments

It's time to move on to the practical part: how to make bath and mask cellulite blue clay?Let's start with the simplest - baths.

Therapeutic baths

So blue clay against cellulite for the lazy or too busy lady.In order to "kill two birds with one stone" take a bath - and not lose time, and do not overdo it.

It's important to know!Clay baths doctors advise to take immediately after a meal, wait at least an hour, and then "dive."

for procedures you need to add in the bath 100 g of powder and a liter of milk.The first session is recommended to do short - no more than 5 minutes.Then gradually increase the duration.But not in life-giving nezhtes solution over 20 minutes as the procedure provides the load on the heart.Repeat the bath twice a week is recommended.Minimum treatment of "orange peel" - 10 sessions.Completing the procedure beauticians recommend contrast shower and applying the cream (ideally - anti-cellulite).


prepared mask cellulite blue clay is very simple, but the "carry" it for yourself - troublesome.Some beautiful joke that hour become statues, and, as in the visual relation (if you look in the mirror), and in their own feelings, because with a mask on the body is difficult to move, it seems that just about any piece will break awayor fall down the dust.Meanwhile, you can always outwit mask, turning it into a mask-wrap.Simply wrap the treated areas of the body in plastic wrap, and do not be afraid that the mask is split into "parts."

And now the lineup.It should take 5 tablespoons of blue clay and dissolve the powder in the mineral water, to give a composition that resembles thick cream.Add half the coffee (or three times less cinnamon) and 5 drops of juniper or citrus oil.All can be applied.Do not forget in an hour to take a shower and moisturize the skin.

Video course how to remove cellulite at home

Blue clay - the best natural "cure" for cellulite.Use of health!